Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising

Commercial Advertising LED Display is known as commercial advertising LED screen,and it ranges from outdoor LED screen to indoor LED display advertising application fields.Commercial LED display’s vivid colors and sharp images deliver amazing visual impact and more attract those passing by to maximize the media advertising value.

Commercial advertising outdoor LED screen is always built as jumbo LED display and its main features are:
1.Large video LED display;
2.Rugged and waterproof at IP65 and IP66;
3.High brightness up to 12000cd/㎡,guarantying clear and vivid image effect even under strong direct sunlight;

Indoor commercial Advertising LED Screen is utilizing SMD technology to reach high resolution,wide view angle and more natural color image requirement.By far YUCHIP has involved in development of indoor LED screen pixel pitch 3mm,4mm,
4.8mm,5mm,6mm,6.67mm,7.62mm,8mm and 10mm etc.
We believe that the moment heat radiation issue is worked out,indoor LED display pixel pitch will reach 2mm,1.5mm at stable quality.

Commercial advertising LED screen is widely used as LED billboard to replace traditional advertising billboards on both street sides, advertising in shopping malls,airport,bus and rail stations,visitor attractions,exhibition halls etc.

Commercial advertising LED display screen installation methods:
1.On steel pole.Video LED display is installed on single steel pole or double steel pole,depending on this large video LED screen size and weight;
2.Mounted on building.A steel structure is needed to be fixed on building and LED screen mounted on this structure;
3.Hanging on the building.This method is mainly used for indoor LED screen with screen size less than 10㎡,because it requires screen lighter weight.
4.Fixed on roof of building.The structure should be designed to bear strong wind grade.

To control outdoor and indoor commercial LED display,internet cables,fiber optic and remote control are widely used.For distance between LED screen and control computer below 100m, internet cables would be the choose and signal will be transmitted without delay. For control distance less than 500 meters,multimode fiber optic cables will be the choose and single mode fiber optic cables will be utilized when distance below 20km. When the LED display is farer than 20km from control room,remote control would be a convenient control method.

Commercial Advertising LED Display

How to make a suitable commercial advertising LED display solution:
a.Is the screen for outdoor or indoor use;
b.Is the screen for fixed installation or rental installation;
c.How much size of screen needed;
d.How much distance between LED screen and control room;
With these information,YUCHIP sale representative would provide a suitable solution based on your project requirement.

Commercial Advertising LED Display Structure Diagram

Commercial Advertising LED Screen


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