Transparent Glass LED Display

Our product is Glass Curtain Wall LED Display (transparent), which can be easily fixed on the surface of the curtain wall, and it is not necessary to change any Building structure.

High Transparent Effect

More than 80% of the perspective effect retains the function of glass lighting perspetive,it almost can not see the existence of LED lamps,and the glass curtain wall near the space is not affected.



Less Space,Lighter Weight

The board thickness is noly 52mm,after installing,the LED display occupies little space,and it does not interfere with the other facilities or structure near the glass curtain wall.LED display’s weight is only 12KG/square meters,which will take tiny change after the installation in the glass curtain wall.

No Steel Frame Structure the Large Cost Savings

The product is directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without changing any structure and,there is a module with special glue on the glass curtain wall behind,which can be cured within 10s,it is convenient and quick,It is not required and supporting stell at all,which can save a lot of installation cost.


Glass Transparent LED Display video show

Transparent LED Display More IMG:





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