P8.92 Outdoor Rental Curtain Mesh LED Display

Pixel pitch: 8.92mm
Refresh rate: ≥1920Hz
Brightness: ≥6000CD/㎡
Cabinet Size: 500*1000*70mm
Cabinet Weight: 13kg

p8.92 curtain led display

p8.92 curved led display

p8.92 curved led display

P8.92 curtain led Display with Die casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet;Curved cabinet, ±5°,±10° and ±30° curve angle adjustable;Support hanging up by truss and put an stage stand installation.

P8.92 mesh led display with High brightness,high contrast and High refresh rate, which make the screen without any delay and smear phenomenon. Clear picture without flicker and distortion.

p8.92 curtain led display for rental outdoor10

p8.92 curtain mesh led display

YUCHIP Curtain Led Screen with Advanced cabinet design, seamless, ensuring the flatness of the entire screen.Cabinet thickness is only 70mm.

3 years warranty, easy to install & maintenance. Products is certified by CE,Rohs,FCC etc.

p8.92 curtain led display for rental outdoor

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