Stadium Perimeter LED display is designed with unique structure and being widely used as football perimeter LED screen,basketball sports LED display, stadium LED scoreboard and multi-function sporting LED screen etc.

Designed for different sports match fields usage,YUCHIP LED is supplying stadium LED display mainly in three fields and each model is incorporated with its special requirement structure.Below will specify each model main features:

Football perimeter LED screens main features:
1.Soft module mask is equipped to project players from being hurt when hitting on the outdoor LED screens;
2.Soft pillow on top of each LED display cabinet,insuring no hurt will happen when players crash into the advertising LED screen;
3.Adjustable back brackets on each football sports LED screen around the ground. This structure makes it possible to adjust screens lean angel to realize wider viewing angle and reach more audience that brings more sports enjoyment and advertising revenue;
4.High refresh rate frequency.During a sports match,television camera and live broadcasting is widely applied, and frequency up to 9600 HZ guarantee all these activities are flickering free.So audience that wasn’t on-site can also enjoy a fantastic football match experience.
5. Dual computer control system.For sporting LED screen project, two computers are connected to ensure interruption-free of the LED display advertising image and videos. If one computer turn off due to technical issues during the sports match,the other one will automatically act as a backup computer to insure stadium LED display working well.

Stadium LED display scoreboard main features:
1.High refresh frequency to insure flickering free images and videos effect during live broadcast;
2.Utilizing DIP technology to deliver high brightness effect even under direct sunlight;
3.Waterproof cabinet design of IP65 to realize waterproof,moisture proof etc.
4.Software specially designed for different sporting matches like basketball,soccer and baseball etc;

Multi-function sporting LED display:
LED screen is being an morden advertising media nowadays.We can imagine that all advertising agency are thinking and planning how to use a LED display efficiently at biggest value.This is really a valuable study!

YUCHIP LED is supplying the outdoor LED screens that equipped with both rental LED display and stadium LED displaystructure.Whenever there is a sporting match,this screen can be moved to stadium and assembled around the ground as football perimeter LED screen.The moment this match complete,the LED wall can be packed into flight case and moved to other site and used as events LED display,stage LED screen etc.

In general,this model LED screen main features as below:
1.High refresh rate frequency to insure flickering free image and videos for television camera and live broadcast during a sporting match, and this is highly important for football perimeter LED screen;
2.Soft module mask and soft pillow on top of each cabinet,adjustable back brackets structure.The soft pillow is movable and can be taken off after stadium LED display use, also brackets can be retracted to LED wall back door.After these steps, the screen can be used as rental LED screen;
3.Hanging up structure for rental LED screen use through hanging bar and gantry;
4.Fast lockers on each cabinet top and bottom,left and right for quick installation and dismantling;
5.Flight case package.This makes it more convenient and secure to move these outdoor LED screens from one site to next.

For any of your stadium LED display project needs, please feel free to contact we YUCHIP sales representative and we will provide a suitable solution that meet and exceed your requirement.

Sports LED Display Structure Diagram
Soft LED module veil

Soft pillow (soft beam) on top of each LED cabinet 


Adjustable brackets on back of each LED cabinbet



Football perimeter LED screen application

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