YUCHIP Stage LED Wall can be divided into indoor curtain LED screen and outdoor ultra slim rental LED screen. YUCHIP stage LED screen is designed for outdoor and indoor applications,widely used in TV studio,theaters,disco bars,night clubs,public places of entertainment and outdoor stages etc.

YUCHIP LED stage LED wall utilize SMD technology for indoor curtain LED screen to deliver sharpest images at widest viewing angle,so audience can enjoy a clear and vivid imaginative effects without having to face to the LED screens. The ultra slim outdoor rental LED screen is utilizing DIP technology to deliver high contrast for a clear and vivid image with highest brightness,even under direct sunlight.

YUCHIP stage LED screen is designed with aluminum,extruded aluminum ultra slim cabinet,these stage LED wall main features as below:
1. High refresh frequency for TV studios and live broadcasting that exceeds 4000HZ,insuring a fidelity images free of flickering;
2. YUCHIP LED rental LED screen is incorporated a rapid rigging system with fast lock mechanism,cabinets can be assembled in short set up time, and whole screen is seamlessly connected securely;
3. Ultra slim rental LED display design makes stage LED screen nicer appearance.So it not only provides sharp and smooth image,vivid and brilliant colors bring amazing visual performance,the screen itself is a beautiful and attractive scene;
4. Light weight LED screen design benefited a lot for easy and fast installation and dismantle,saving much cost in operation and shipment;
5. YUCHIP die cast aluminum LED display is built for durability and can withstand frequent rounds of mobilization and installation.
6. Normally stage LED screen is equipped with video processors like 820C, LVP603s,LVP605S etc to realize multiple signal input requirement and image effect. Equipped with professional audio and video system,stage LED Wall can create virtual scenes and vivid color effects.

YUCHIP stage LED display screen represents vivid prospects and able to create illusive effects for film studio and digital stage. With our stage rental LED wall impact imaginative solutions,would engaging customers and enhancing audience experience whatever the event.

Stage LED Display Structure Diagram

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