Led Dance Floor Could be used indoor and outdoor environment such as hall, exhibition room, stage, party and so on, the weight capacity is for 1.5 ton, equal to a car. The performance of water-proof is good,and with high image fidelity,good evenness,brightness and large view angle.

LED Video Dance floor is a new digital terrestrial.YUCHIP Led Dance Floor uses a high strength resin Mask, the support of solid aluminum die-casting equipment, big load-bearing capacity , easy to connect, can be directly stampede with highly performance protective structure, can be connected seamlessly next panel, random combinations.



Led Dance Floor Applicable to rental and fixed installation.Strong rubber mask with very good light transmission, mainly for anti-slip, water-proof, satin resistant; Buffer damping design, no noise, long-time operation;

Led Floor Lights Point to surface supporting design, burden capacity over 2000kgs/m2, ok for car to drive on it;Fanless cooling by aluminum plate near the PCB and IC;Used as floor and video wall.

led dance floor for stage-3

led dance floor for stage-2

More than 13 bit gray level processing and 3500 CD/m2 as brightness make picture more realistic and clearer.Mainly used in indoor and outdoor, government buildings, halls, enterprises and institutions hall square, showroom, stage, and party scene; It can be made into different shapes, such as ceilings, T-stage, arc and stair shape, and is suitable for fixed installation and rental use.

LED Dance Floor Video:

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