10 Mesmerizing 3D Billboard Campaigns Of 2023


2023 is about to end. The whole year has been a remarkable year when it comes to innovation and technology. If you could monitor the news worldwide, you’d see many changes and improvements amidst post-pandemic recovery. This year, LED displays have also evolved. This is evident in the overwhelming utilization of three-dimensional billboards. Three-dimensional billboards, or in short, 3D billboards, exhibit improved visual technology. It is widespread, so you may have seen one if you live in big, crowded cities worldwide.

The use of 3D billboards is only one of the many technological breakthroughs in LED display. Though it was introduced in the field a few years back, 2023 has also been a year of full utilization. The campaigns that used 3D billboards have been successful and trendy and have been the talk of the town. Do you want to know the few intriguing movements throughout this year? Tune in below to learn about them and more about 3D billboards.

What Is A 3D Billboard?

3D Billboard

Are 3D billboards real? They may seem very technological, but they’re actual and accurate. Now, what is a 3D billboard?

A 3D billboard is an advanced advertising tool that transforms traditional, flat ads into dynamic, three-dimensional displays. It uses high-quality LED screens and unique 3D videos to create ads with real depth and movement.

The best 3D effect for 3D billboards is achieved with LED screens that are curved, angled, or shaped into 90-degree forms.

These billboards stand out in busy areas, drawing people’s attention and making the ads more memorable by seeming to interact with the world around them. Moreover, these billboards can be enhanced with sensors, sound systems, and real-time technology, making them ads and immersive experiences. They can also serve as informative signs for various purposes beyond just advertising.

This type of billboard offers a unique and engaging way for brands to connect with people, making their message seen, felt, and remembered.

What Are The Benefits Of 3D Billboards To Advertising?

3D Billboards

3D billboards are one of the most innovative and effective methods to captivate audiences and deliver messages. If you’re looking for vivid ways of getting more views and brand sensitivity, a 3D billboard is excellent for your needs. Their advantages are numerous, and their value to brands is becoming increasingly apparent. Let’s take a look at what benefits it can offer.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

A 3D billboard can instantly grab attention. The lifelike graphics and the depth of the images provide an enhanced visual experience that flat, 2D advertisements can’t match. This ensures that your advertising message not only reaches your intended audience but does so with a memorable impact.

Increased Retention

When you see engaging ads outside, do you feel you have not forgotten them immediately? It is not because you have no memory problem but because some studies have shown that audiences are likelier to remember an advertisement if it provides a unique and engaging experience. 3D billboards, with their immersive nature, are more likely to be recognized by your viewers. Therefore, it leads to better brand recall and retention rates.


A 3D billboard offers you a broader canvas to showcase your creativity. Whether it’s a product seemingly leaping off the board, the possibilities for innovative designs are virtually limitless. That means you can work on various campaigns and keep the dynamic vibe of your advertising.

Interactive Opportunities

You can integrate modern 3D billboards with digital components to make them interactive. This can engage your viewers further, encouraging them to interact with the billboard through augmented reality, touch interfaces, or other means. Furthermore, it helps to deepen their connection with your brand.

Competitive Edge

3D billboards can give you a distinct edge. You can position yourself as forward-thinking, modern, and willing to embrace the latest advertising technology. These days, the utilization of 3D billboards has become the talk of the town. Once you opt for this method, people will continue to be impressed with your brand and product. Don’t forget to make an intriguing tagline.


While your initial investment in a 3D billboard might be higher than its 2D counterpart, the return on investment it can give you can be more significant. Given their effectiveness in grabbing attention and making lasting impressions, you’ll have a higher potential for increased sales. Remember that brand awareness may easily justify the initial outlay.

10 Mesmerizing 3D Billboard Campaigns Of 2023

In advertising, there’s always a race to capture attention. 3D billboards are the latest and greatest in outdoor advertising, taking things to a new level. They’re not just flat signs anymore – like sculptures that come to life, using special effects and even augmented reality to make the visuals seem like they’re popping out right in front of you.

These eye-catching billboards will grab your attention and make a lasting impression. That’s why they’re so popular with brands that want to make a big statement. With technology and creativity constantly evolving, 3D billboards are the future of outdoor advertising. They’re the perfect mix of art and commerce and will make you look twice.

So, if you’re looking for the most amazing 3D billboard campaigns of 2023, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten, and they’re sure to blow you away.

Tokyo’s Cat 3D LED Billboard


In the bustling city of Tokyo, a billboard is causing quite a stir. It’s not your average billboard with a flat image – this one’s a 3D digital billboard Tokyo showing a life-sized cat! The cat looks so real that it seems like it’s about to jump right out of the screen.

This impressive billboard is a testament to Tokyo’s love of technology and innovation. It’s also a great way to show off the city’s creative side. So, if you’re ever in Tokyo, check it out!

Shenzhen’s Vivo X80 Billboard


Vivo is taking over Shenzhen with a stunning 3D billboard showcasing its latest flagship smartphone, the Vivo X80. The eye-catching billboard features the phone prominently against a sleek backdrop, highlighting its elegant design and advanced features. Strategically placed in Shenzhen, the tech hub of China, this 3D China billboard will surely capture the attention of onlookers and emphasize Vivo’s commitment to innovation and top-notch quality.

London’s Netflix 3D Billboard


Londoners are in for a treat thanks to Netflix’s groundbreaking 3D billboard. This stunning display in the city’s heart seamlessly blends digital technology with physical elements to create an immersive visual experience. The billboard showcases Netflix’s latest offerings, leaving passersby in awe.

Netflix is like a giant TV library you can access on your phone, computer, or other devices. If you have a good appetite for movies, you’ve come across this app.

Wuhan’s Giant 3D LED


Wuhan’s Giant 3D LED Billboard is a marvel of modern digital advertising technology. Located in Wuhan, China, this expansive display boasts a 3D advertising billboard that appears to float mid-air. It captivates audiences and elevates the cityscape.

Seoul’s Nexen’s R&D Center


Nexen’s R&D Center in Seoul is already pretty cool, but they just took it up with their amazing Infinity Wall. This isn’t your average billboard. It’s a giant 3D masterpiece blends cutting-edge design with high-tech research, showcasing Nexen’s passion for pushing boundaries.

This Korean 3D billboard installation brings you to a movie scene. It’s no wonder visitors and professionals are mesmerized by its unique design.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just looking for an excellent photo op, the Infinity Wall is a must-see in Seoul.

New York Times Square Coca-Cola Campaign


Coca-Cola is shaking things up in Times Square with an epic new 3D LED display campaign! This isn’t just another billboard. It’s an immersive experience that takes you right into the heart of the action, thanks to cutting-edge technology and creative magic.

Imagine crystal-clear visuals, mind-bending depth effects, and vibrant colors that jump off the screen. We can say that Coca-Cola stands with its brand firmly and takes advertising to a new game.

WhatsApp 3D Advertising


Cheers to the new advertising in London with WhatsApp’s 3D LED Billboard Advertising. These 3D visuals and luminous LED display technology elevate brand promotions amidst London’s iconic skyline. The 3D billboard design merges WhatsApp’s vast outreach with the city’s vibrancy. We all know London is crowded and is a favorite tourist destination. So, if you’re a fan of WhatsApp, an avid user, or a vlogger looking for the right content, here’s one for you.

Versace Bag 3D Advertising


Versace is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. They are popularly admired for their bags, which every woman would ever wish or want. To alleviate and mark more of their brand, they installed the Versace Bag 3D Advertising Campaign. This immersive campaign makes the brand even higher regarding fashion, innovation, and public taste.

First-ever 3D Display In The Philippines


The Philippines has unveiled its first-ever 3D display in a groundbreaking technological advancement in a financial business district in Taguig, Metro Manila, Bonifacio Global City.

Being the first 3D billboard in the country, many people visited it during its launch. Even today, it marks a spot for photo ops, vlogging, and more.

Balenciaga And Fortnite


Balenciaga and Fortnite have collaborated to present a 3D LED display, merging the worlds of high fashion and gaming. This innovative display showcases dynamic visuals, blending Balenciaga’s iconic designs with Fortnite’s vibrant virtual environment.

As you may know, Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house, while Fortnite is an online video game.

Tips For Brands Considering 3D Billboard Campaign

3D Digital Billboard

Are you considering getting your 3D billboard campaign? Are you thinking of practical ways to leverage your brand sensitivity? Installing a 3D billboard is an effective method to achieve it. But on the side, you also need to ready your pocket as it may cost a budget. Apart from the product cost, maintenance, and installation can also command high prices.

Location Matters

Location matters the most in all kinds of advertising. Choose high-traffic areas where viewers have time to absorb the 3D effect. Installing them in intersections, public transport hubs, and highways with slow-moving traffic is ideal. Also, ensure the billboard’s placement maximizes the 3D effect from your viewer’s perspective.

Ensure Safety

Ensure the 3D elements are securely fastened to avoid accidents, especially outdoors. Consider the potential for distractions, especially near busy roads. While engagement is the goal, safety must always come first. Also, never forget to familiarize yourself with the local regulations and policies.

Consider Maintenance

3D elements are more susceptible to wear and tear than flat billboards. Factor in the maintenance cost and schedule regular checks to ensure the billboard remains pristine. Get yourself professional maintenance personnel to avoid encountering trouble with the product. Remember that proper maintenance makes the device live longer, and a longer life means higher ROI in the long run.

Consult Professionals

You may also need to consider consulting with design and advertising professionals who have experience with 3D billboards. They can offer insights and expertise to maximize your campaign’s success. These professionals can also help you conceptualize other factors for better branding, such as location, tagline, animations, etc.

Key Takeaway

3D Digital Billboards

2023 has been a groundbreaking year for advertising. It unveiled some of the most innovative and captivating 3D billboard campaigns ever witnessed. These campaigns pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology. Also, it redefined how we engage with outdoor advertising. Furthermore, each campaign tells a unique story, mesmerizing passersby and ensuring the brand’s message is seen and felt.

Among the ten billboard campaigns, which one awed you the most? Which is the best OOH advertising campaign? Well, it is up to you to judge.

These ten campaigns proved that the future of advertising is immersive, dynamic, and bound to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a brand or a marketer, there’s no denying the transformative power of 3D billboards in today’s advertising landscape. In a few weeks, 2024 will open up, and we are sure that more innovations will come to life.

Furthermore, are you seeking a top-notch solution for your 3D billboard needs? Check out the Eco or Eco Pro series from YUCHIP. These LED displays are designed to bring your 3D billboard to life with vivid colors and clear images. The Eco and Eco Pro series offer reliability and high performance, whether for an eye-catching advertisement or an engaging public display. They’re energy-efficient, too, helping you save on costs while being environmentally friendly.

Choose YUCHIP’s Eco or Eco Pro series for a brilliant display that makes your content stand out!

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