10 Mesmerizing 3D Billboard Campaigns Of 2023


As we navigate the digital age, advertising is evolving faster than ever, seamlessly blending creativity with technology. 2023 marks a year where boundaries were not just pushed but shattered, leading to the inception of billboard campaigns that were not merely static or digital displays but multidimensional masterpieces. Dive into this blog to explore this year’s top 10 3D billboard campaigns, each capturing the essence of art, technology, and ingenious marketing.

Be prepared to be transported into a world where advertising meets immersive experience, and brands tell their stories in previously unimagined dimensions. Welcome to the future of visual storytelling.

What Is A 3D Billboard?

3D Billboard

Are 3D billboards real? They may seem very technological but they’re actual and real. Now, what is a 3D billboard? A 3D billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure designed for maximum visibility and impact in public spaces, distinguished by its three-dimensional elements extending beyond the board’s flat surface.

Unlike traditional flat billboards, a 3D billboard incorporates physical protrusions, depth, and often interactive or movable components, creating a more lifelike representation of the advertised product or message.

These three-dimensional enhancements capture attention, improve recall, and enhance the overall visual appeal, offering viewers a more immersive and engaging advertising experience. Constructed with durable materials to withstand external conditions, 3D billboards are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize viewership and are often illuminated for nighttime visibility.

What Are Its Benefits To Advertising?

In the evolving advertising landscape, 3D billboards are one of the most innovative and effective methods to captivate audiences and deliver messages. Their advantages are numerous, and their value to brands is becoming increasingly apparent.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

The three-dimensional nature of these billboards instantly grabs attention. The lifelike graphics and the depth of the images provide an enhanced visual experience that flat, 2D advertisements can’t match. This ensures that the message not only reaches its intended audience but does so with a memorable impact.

Increased Retention And Recall

Studies have shown that audiences are more likely to remember an advertisement if it provides a unique and engaging experience. 3D billboards, with their immersive nature, are more likely to be recognized by viewers, leading to better brand recall and retention rates.

Larger-than-Life Presentation

3D billboards often give an illusion of objects coming from the board or interacting with their environment. This larger-than-life representation can magnify the product or message, making it appear more prominent and reinforcing its importance.

Versatility In Design

The 3D format offers advertisers a broader canvas to showcase their creativity. Whether it’s a product seemingly leaping off the board or an environment that extends beyond the billboard’s boundaries, the possibilities for innovative designs are virtually limitless.

Interactive Opportunities

Modern 3D billboards can be integrated with digital components to make them interactive. This can engage viewers further, encouraging them to interact with the billboard through augmented reality, touch interfaces, or other means, thereby deepening their connection with the brand.

Competitive Edge

In a world where standing out is paramount, 3D billboards give advertisers a distinct edge. Brands that utilize this format can position themselves as forward-thinking, modern, and willing to embrace the latest advertising technology.

Increased Dwell Time

Because of their captivating nature, 3D billboards often cause viewers to stop and take a second look. This increased dwell time ensures the message is thoroughly absorbed, leading to higher conversion rates.

Cost-Efficiency In The Long Run

While the initial investment in a 3D billboard might be higher than its 2D counterpart, the return on investment can be more significant. Given their effectiveness in grabbing attention and making lasting impressions, the potential for increased sales and brand awareness can easily justify the initial outlay.

What Are The Materials And Technologies Behind The Magic Of 3D Billboards?

3D Billboards

How does 3D billboard work? In advertising, 3D billboards have revolutionized how audiences perceive and interact with outdoor advertising content. These three-dimensional displays, projecting realistic images that seemingly leap into the real world, owe their magic to a blend of advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies.

  1. Reflective Surfaces. High-quality, specialized materials create reflective surfaces that can manipulate light. These surfaces provide the depth and dynamic visual effects seen in 3D billboards.
  2. Durable Framework. The structural integrity of 3D billboards relies on materials like lightweight aluminum and reinforced plastics. They ensure longevity resistance to environmental factors and support the added weight of 3D elements.
  3. Flexible Mesh Screens. Used primarily in digital 3D billboards, these screens offer a more dynamic and adaptable display surface, facilitating the projection of changing or moving 3D images.
  1. Lenticular Printing. This technology utilizes lenses (lenticules) to produce images with an illusion of depth or the ability to change/move as one’s perspective shifts. It’s a standard method for creating static 3D billboards.
  2. Augmented Reality (AR). Some 3D billboards integrate AR to superimpose computer-generated images on a user’s virtual and real-world view enhancing interactivity and engagement.
  3. Holography. While still nascent for large-scale applications like billboards, holography uses light patterns to create three-dimensional images that float in mid-air, offering a truly immersive experience.
  4. Advanced Projection Technology. Digital 3D billboards often employ sophisticated projectors that can cast high-definition images onto surfaces, creating an illusion of depth and motion.

10 Mesmerizing 3D Billboard Campaigns Of 2023

In the vibrant world of advertising, the quest for grabbing attention is ceaseless. Enter 3D billboards, an evolution of traditional billboards that transcend the flat plane to engage the audience with lifelike depth and dimension. Unlike their 2D counterparts, 3D billboards utilize sculptural elements, creative design techniques, and sometimes even augmented reality to create visuals that appear to leap out or have depth.

This dynamic form of outdoor advertising captures immediate attention. It leaves a lasting impression, making it a sought-after medium for brands aiming to make a bold statement in the public space. As technology and creativity intertwine, 3D billboards signify the future of out-of-home advertising, offering a captivating blend of art and commerce. Here, we bring you the ten mesmerizing 3D billboard campaigns of 2023.

Tokyo’s Cat 3D LED Billboard


Situated in the heart of Tokyo, the Cat 3D LED Billboard is an iconic and pioneering display that merges advanced LED technology with three-dimensional visuals. This state-of-the-art 3D digital billboard Tokyo offers a lifelike depiction of a cat, seamlessly blending in with the urban landscape while capturing the attention of onlookers.

It is a testament to Tokyo’s innovative spirit and represents a significant advancement in outdoor advertising, setting a new standard for immersive visual experiences. With its detailed graphics and dynamic motion, the cat appears to interact with its environment, providing both locals and tourists with a unique and unforgettable visual treat.

Shenzhen’s Vivo X80 Billboard


The Shenzhen Vivo X80 billboard prominently showcases Vivo’s latest flagship smartphone. Set against a sleek backdrop, the advertisement highlights the device’s premium design and advanced features. Positioned strategically in Shenzhen, this 3D China billboard captures the attention of onlookers, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and superior quality.

London’s Netflix 3D Billboard


London’s Netflix 3D Billboard is a groundbreaking advertising installation in the city’s heart. Seamlessly blending digital technology with physical elements, this dynamic display offers viewers an immersive visual experience, showcasing Netflix’s latest offerings in unparalleled detail. Strategically positioned to capture the attention of both locals and tourists, the billboard represents the pinnacle of modern advertising and a testament to London’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology.

Wuhan’s Giant 3D LED


Wuhan’s Giant 3D LED Billboard is a modern digital advertising technology marvel. Located in Wuhan, China, this expansive display boasts state-of-the-art 3D advertising billboard that appear to float in mid-air, captivating audiences and elevating the cityscape. Integrating cutting-edge design with superior visual performance is a testament to the evolution of urban media and the future of immersive advertising experiences.

Seoul’s Nexen’s R&D Center


Seoul Nexen’s R&D Center Infinity Wall is a state-of-the-art architectural marvel in the heart of Seoul. This Korean 3D billboard represents the confluence of cutting-edge design and advanced technological research, symbolizing Nexen’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The Infinity Wall is a testament to Seoul’s progressive architectural landscape and an emblem of Nexen’s relentless pursuit of excellence in research and development. Visitors and professionals alike are captivated by its unique design, which seamlessly merges the concepts of limitlessness and forward-thinking, embodying the essence of infinite possibilities in the realm of technological advancement.

New York Times Square Coca-Cola Campaign


In the heart of New York’s Times Square, Coca-Cola unveils a pioneering spectacle: a 3D LED display campaign. Merging state-of-the-art technology with creative branding, this dynamic visualization brings an immersive experience to bystanders. Crisp visuals, depth effects, and vibrant colors transform the iconic billboard space, reinforcing Coca-Cola’s legacy of innovation in advertising. Experience a new dimension of branding in the city that never sleeps.

WhatsApp 3D Advertising


Experience the future of advertising in the heart of London with WhatsApp’s 3D LED Billboard Advertising. This revolutionary blend of advanced three-dimensional visuals and luminous LED display technology elevates brand promotions amidst London’s iconic skyline. Tailored for the discerning London audience, it harmoniously merges WhatsApp’s vast outreach with the city’s vibrancy—a monumental leap in advertising against the backdrop of the UK’s bustling capital.

Versace Bag 3D Advertising


Introducing the Versace Bag 3D Advertising Campaign: Experience luxury like never before. Dive into the intricate details and unparalleled craftsmanship of Versace bags, brought to life with cutting-edge 3D visualization. Witness fashion meets innovation, presenting a vivid and immersive glimpse into the essence of luxury. Elevate your understanding of luxury—step into the world of Versace in 3D.

First-ever 3D Display In The Philippines


The Philippines has unveiled its first-ever 3D display in a groundbreaking technological advancement. This state-of-the-art visual platform showcases lifelike images without specialized glasses, marking a significant leap in the nation’s multimedia and entertainment industry. Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, this display is a testament to the Philippines’ dedication to innovation and its commitment to being at the forefront of global technological trends. Visitors and tech enthusiasts can now experience unparalleled visual immersion, setting a new benchmark in the country’s display technology realm.

Balenciaga And Fortnite


Balenciaga and Fortnite have collaborated to present a cutting-edge 3D LED display, merging the worlds of high fashion and gaming. This innovative display showcases dynamic visuals, blending Balenciaga’s iconic designs with Fortnite’s vibrant virtual environment. Designed to captivate and inspire, this fusion of technology and artistry offers audiences an unparalleled visual experience, reflecting the forward-thinking spirit of both brands.

How Much Does It Cost?

3D billboards, an evolution in outdoor advertising, have taken the marketing world by storm, offering a three-dimensional visual experience that captures attention far more effectively than traditional 2D billboards. However, with this enhanced visual appeal comes a different cost structure.

Design & Conceptualization Costs

Creating a 3D billboard requires intricate design and planning. The design phase includes:

  • Artwork & Design Creation. Costs vary based on the design’s complexity and the designer’s or agency’s expertise.
  • 3D Modelling. Turning a 2D concept into a 3D model may require specialized software and expertise, which can increase costs.
  • Prototype Creation. Before the final product is made, a prototype or mock-up is often created to ensure the design translates well into three dimensions.
Materials & Production

3D billboards often use different materials than standard billboards to achieve the desired 3D effect.

  • Material Costs. Premium materials, such as durable plastics, metals, or LEDs, can significantly increase costs.
  • Production & Assembly. Crafting and assembling the 3D components may require specialized machinery and labor, further elevating the expense.

Setting up a 3D billboard can be more labor-intensive and require specialized equipment.

  • Equipment Rental. Cranes, lifts, and other equipment might be necessary for installation.
  • Labor. More workforce specialists might be needed, especially if the billboard is giant or challenging.
Maintenance & Upkeep

Due to their complexity, 3D billboards might require more frequent check-ups and maintenance.

  • Cleaning. The intricate designs might accumulate more dust and debris.
  • Repairs. 3D elements are more susceptible to wear and tear or damage, especially in adverse weather conditions.
Location Premium

Like traditional billboards, the location plays a pivotal role in determining cost. Prime locations in urban centers or along busy highways tend to command higher prices.


The time you plan to have your advertisement up can impact the total cost, with long-term rentals potentially offering discounts over shorter durations.

Licensing & Permits

Depending on the region or city, 3D billboards might require special permits or licensing due to their unique nature, adding to the overall cost.

Additional Features

Some 3D billboards incorporate interactive elements, lighting, or even motion. These features can significantly increase the overall cost and boost visibility and engagement.

Tips For Brands Considering These Campaigns

3D Digital Billboard

As advertising continues evolving, brands consistently search for innovative ways to captivate their audiences. One of the latest trends that has garnered considerable attention in the outdoor advertising space is the 3D billboard. These visually striking displays offer a depth and realism not found in traditional billboards, promising a higher degree of engagement. However, as with any advertising medium, there are specific considerations to keep in mind to ensure effectiveness.

Understand The Medium’s Strengths

3D billboards are eye-catching and offer a depth of realism, making them perfect for products or services that benefit from visual demonstration. They can create a memorable brand experience due to their uniqueness and capacity for visual storytelling.

Location Matters

Choose high-traffic locations where viewers have time to absorb the 3D effect. Intersections, public transport hubs, and highways with slow-moving traffic are ideal. Ensure the billboard’s placement maximizes the 3D effect from the viewer’s perspective.

Keep The Design Simple

The main appeal of a 3D billboard is its visual depth. Don’t overcrowd the space. Stick to a single, clear message to avoid confusing the audience.

Ensure Safety

Ensure the 3D elements are securely fastened to avoid accidents, especially outdoors. Consider the potential for distractions, especially near busy roads. While engagement is the goal, safety must always come first.

Leverage Supporting Campaigns

Boost the impact of your 3D billboard with supporting campaigns on other platforms, such as social media or radio. Encourage users to share pictures or interact with the billboard, then share those interactions online.

Quality Over Quantity

A well-designed 3D billboard can be costly but offers a significant return on investment due to its standout nature. Focus on creating one high-quality billboard rather than multiple subpar ones.

Test And Measure

Just as with any advertising campaign, measure the effectiveness of your 3D billboard. Use tracking metrics such as QR codes, website traffic, or direct customer feedback. Iterate and refine based on the results for maximum impact in future campaigns.

Consider Maintenance

3D elements are more susceptible to wear and tear than flat billboards. Factor in the maintenance cost and schedule regular checks to ensure the billboard remains pristine.

Understand Local Regulations

Before installing a 3D billboard, ensure you know local advertising regulations. Some jurisdictions may have specific rules regarding protrusions from billboards or potential safety concerns.

Consult Professionals

Consider consulting with design and advertising professionals who have experience with 3D billboards. They can offer insights and expertise to maximize your campaign’s success.

What To Look Forward With 3D Billboards In 2024?

The year 2024 is heralding a revolutionary era for the advertising industry with the rise of 3D billboards. These next-generation displays promise an immersive experience that will redefine how brands communicate with consumers in the public domain. Here’s what you can expect:

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Traditional 2D billboards have always been static, with limited engagement capabilities. 3D billboards, however, offer a dynamic and interactive viewing experience. They have the potential to captivate the audience with lifelike representations, making the advertised content more memorable.

Integration Of Augmented Reality (AR)

Some 3D billboards in 2024 are expected to integrate AR technologies, allowing users with AR-enabled devices to interact with the content in real time. This means a passerby could potentially “walk” into an advertisement, further blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

Environmentally Conscious Designs

With growing environmental concerns, many companies are focusing on eco-friendly solutions. Expect to see 3D billboards that utilize sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting systems, and even solar-powered components.

Personalized Advertisements

With AI and facial recognition, 3D billboards could recognize returning viewers or discern demographics to display tailored ads. This brings a level of personalization previously unseen in outdoor advertising.

Enhanced Safety Features

Given the eye-catching nature of 3D billboards, safety remains paramount. Innovations in this arena ensure these billboards are non-distractive for drivers, with features like auto-dimming during night hours or in foggy conditions.

Flexible Design Aesthetics

Unlike their 2D counterparts, 3D billboards can adapt and morph into various shapes and designs. This flexibility will allow advertisers to be more creative and innovative in their presentations.

Interactive Content Opportunities

Brands will have the chance to create more interactive content. Imagine a movie trailer where the characters seem to leap off the board or a car advertisement where the vehicle appears to drive around the viewer.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Campaigns

While the initial investment might be higher, the ability to frequently change and adapt 3D content digitally means long-term campaigns can be more cost-effective, as brands won’t need to replace billboard materials for new campaigns physically.

Integration With IoT And Smart Cities

3D billboards could easily integrate with other smart city technologies. For example, they might display real-time traffic updates, weather forecasts, or emergency alerts, becoming essential to a city’s communication infrastructure.

Data Analytics And Feedback

Advertisers will be able to gain real-time feedback on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Sensors and cameras might analyze viewer engagement levels, providing invaluable data on what works and what doesn’t.

Key Takeaway

3D Digital Billboards

2023 has been a groundbreaking year for advertising, unveiling some of the most innovative and captivating 3D billboard campaigns ever witnessed. These campaigns pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology and redefined how we engage with outdoor advertising. Furthermore, each campaign tells a unique story, mesmerizing passersby and ensuring the brand’s message is seen and felt.

As we reflect on these ten exceptional campaigns, it becomes evident that the future of advertising is immersive, dynamic, and bound to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a brand, a marketer, or an appreciator of cutting-edge creativity, there’s no denying the transformative power of 3D billboards in today’s advertising landscape. Embrace the change, and look forward to what wonders 2024 will bring!

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