What Are 20 3D Billboards Examples To Watch Out In 2024?



As 2024 unfolds, advertising and its forms continue to transform. We notice digital innovations capturing our imagination and engaging audiences like never before. 3D billboards stand out. They turn urban areas into interactive experiences catering to people from different walks of life. These technological wonders mark a better future for outdoor ads, where creativity has no limits and digital illusions come to life.

This article will showcase 20 revolutionary 3D billboards to grab your attention in 2024. You can expect to see stunning visuals that pop out at you and interactive displays that involve you in unexpected ways. These examples illuminate creativity and are remarkable in their features and structures.

What Makes 3D Billboards Unique?

3D Billboards

3D billboards stand out in advertising due to their ability to create highly immersive and engaging visual experiences. Unlike traditional billboards, they employ advanced LED technology and creative design to produce an illusion of depth, making images appear as if they’re extending into the real world or receding into the display itself. This depth effect captivates viewers, making the advertisement more memorable and likely to be shared, thus extending its reach. Furthermore, the versatility of 3D billboards allows for a wide range of creative expressions, enabling you to craft unique, narrative-driven campaigns.

Additionally, their digital nature permits quick content updates without the physical waste associated with traditional billboards, offering economic and environmental benefits. So, it’s no wonder 3D billboards continue to be a trend and will eventually improve and evolve in the coming years.

Why Is 3D Billboard The Best Choice For Advertising New Brands?

3D billboards offer a groundbreaking way for new brands to advertise, blending visibility, engagement, and innovation in ways that traditional ads can’t match. These billboards grab attention by creating stunning visuals that seem to pop out at you, making ads feel more alive and engaging. This catches the eye of those passing by and makes your brand and message stick in their minds, which is critical for new brands wanting to leave a lasting impression.

The immersive experience of 3D billboards isn’t just about being novel; it encourages people to stop, watch, and even share their experiences on social media. This sharing can extend the ad’s reach to potentially global audiences without extra cost. Plus, 3D billboards can easily change content, allowing new brands to tweak their messages based on feedback or change marketing strategies without the hassle and expense of traditional billboards.

Using 3D billboards can also make a new brand look innovative and forward-thinking. In today’s market, how a brand presents itself is nearly as crucial as what it sells. Starting with cutting-edge marketing technology can create a robust and modern identity that appeals to tech-savvy customers and stands out from the competition.

Despite their high-impact appeal, 3D billboards can also be cost-effective in the long run. Their digital nature means there is no need for physical materials, and content can be updated or replaced without much extra cost. This can be especially useful for new brands looking to minimize their advertising budget while maximizing the impact and reach of their marketing.

20 3D Billboards Examples In 2024

Tokyo’s Cat 3D LED Billboard


Tokyo 3D billboard of a cat is a stunning display that everyone wants to see. This 3D cat billboard shows the cat moving around, meowing, and interacting with the crowd below as if it were there.

It’s a creative use of technology and a beacon of hard work for its creators and designers. Indeed, it cost a significant amount!

Tokyo’s Giant 3D Cute Dog


Have you ever seen a giant dog on screen? The Tokyo’s Giant 3D Cute Dog is an eye-catching digital billboard that showcases a lifelike dog in a bustling city area. This 3D billboard Tokyo features the dog playfully moving, barking, and looking down at passersby. It’s an inventive blend of technology and art that draws people in and brightens their day. This view will change your mind even if you’re not a dog lover!

Wuhan Donde Tianyu – 3D Lion Billboard


The Wuhan Donde Tianyu 3D Lion Billboard is a captivating digital display that shows a realistic lion roaring and moving as if it were right before you. Lions are considered “King of the Jungle” and are rare for people not fans of zoos and forests. But with this advertisement, you’ll see a lifelike lion in the city. Its features are very realistic!

3D LED Screen By D’strict


The 3D digital billboard by D’strict showcases breathtaking, lifelike visuals on a large scale. It is 30 meters wide and 7 meters tall and is located at Nexen’s R&D Center in Seoul, South Korea. This one is remarkable. If you’re around Seoul, it’s magic you should never miss!

Versace Greca Goddess Bag – 3D Advertisement


The Versace Greca Goddess Bag 3D Advertisement is a visually striking showcase that brings the luxury bag to life in three dimensions. This ad features the Greca Goddess Bag in a dynamic, rotating display, highlighting its elegance and design details. The bag seems to float and move in the billboard, drawing viewers in and showcasing Versace’s iconic style and luxury.

Coca-cola 3D Billboard Times Square


The Times Square Coca-Cola 3D LED Billboard is a dazzling display in Times Square. This billboard features dynamic, moving images of Coca-Cola that seem to pop out of the screen. Its vibrant colors and innovative design captivate passersby and ignite Coca-Cola’s innovative embrace of technology and fun!

The Super Nintendo World 3D Billboard


The Super Nintendo World 3D Billboard is an exciting digital display that brings the fun and adventure of Nintendo to life. This billboard features iconic characters and worlds from Nintendo games; it uses 3D effects to make it seem like Mario and their friends are jumping into the real world. It can be seen in Los Angeles, California, and is one of Los Angeles’ most enormous 3D LED video billboards.

Piccadilly Circus 3D Billboard


The Piccadilly Circus 3D Billboard is a dynamic digital display in a famous London hotspot. This ad is part of Meta Quest 2’s global “Wish for the Extraordinary” holiday campaign.

Times Square House Of Dragon 3D Billboard


The Times Square House of Dragon 3D Billboard is a captivating digital display promoting the “House of Dragon” series. It can be seen in Times Square. This billboard uses 3D effects to bring dragons and scenes from the series to life, making it seem like dragons are flying out towards the viewers. If you’re a fan of this series, you’ll surely be unable to take your eyes off this billboard.

3D Billboard (DOOH) Case Study For Mini South Africa


The 3D Billboard (DOOH) Case Study for Mini South Africa showcases an advertising campaign for the Mini car brand. This digital out-of-home (DOOH) billboard uses 3D visuals to create the illusion of a Mini car driving out of the billboard. It effectively boosts brand visibility and appeal in the South African market.

Times Square Spiderman Across The Spider-Verse 3D Ads


The Times Square Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 3D Ads bring the animated movie to life with striking three-dimensional visuals. These ads feature Spider-Man swinging through a vividly rendered cityscape that seems to extend out from the screens. You’ll see it in the busy Times Square area, making it even more visible and known to everyone!

Giant 3D Billboard In Seoul, South Korea


This massive billboard in Seoul’s business district can display 3D videos in incredible detail.

Audi, BMW, And Mercedes 3D DooH Billboard Campaigns


The Audi, BMW, and Mercedes 3D DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Billboard Campaigns are innovative advertising efforts that use three-dimensional visuals to showcase each brand’s cars strikingly and memorably. These campaigns employ cutting-edge technology to create realistic images of vehicles that seem to drive out of the billboards, capturing the essence of speed, luxury, and innovation associated with these brands. It highlights the competitive edge and design excellence of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes through engaging and immersive advertising.

Google And Samsung’s Galaxy Flip4 DOOH Ads


Google and Samsung’s Galaxy Flip4 DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Ads showcase the innovative design and features of the Galaxy Flip4 smartphone. These ads highlight the phone’s unique flip mechanism and versatility. The campaigns draw viewers’ attention with dynamic animations that mimic the phone’s ability to fold and unfold, demonstrating its cutting-edge technology and sleek design. It will leave you curious!

WhatsApp 3D Display Ads.


The WhatsApp 3D Display brings the messaging app’s features to life with 3D visuals. This display creates the illusion of WhatsApp messages and emojis popping from the screen, engaging viewers with its interactive and lifelike animations. It can be seen in London’s Picadilly area.

New York’s Super Mario 3D Digital Billboard


New York’s Super Mario 3D Digital Billboard brings the iconic video game character, Super Mario, to life in a bustling urban setting. The billboard 3D graphics show Mario jumping and moving through classic game levels with vivid detail and depth. It celebrates the beloved Nintendo franchise creatively.

RTFKT And Nike Collab 3D Advertisement


The RTFKT and Nike Collab 3D Advertisement showcases the innovative partnership between the digital fashion brand RTFKT and sports giant Nike. This dynamic 3D ad highlights their collaborative sneaker designs, featuring futuristic visuals.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 3D LED Billboards Worldwide


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 3D LED Billboards Worldwide feature dynamic displays that bring the excitement of the Spider-Man 2 movie to life. These billboards show stunning visuals of Spider-Man swinging through cities, battling villains, and performing heroic acts. If sci-fi is your go-to film favorite, this one is for you!

KFC Naked-eye 3D LED Billboard


The KFC Naked-eye 3D LED Billboard showcases KFC’s iconic food items, like its crispy chicken, in a way that makes them appear to pop out of the screen. This billboard uses cutting-edge technology to bring the mouth-watering appeal of KFC’s menu to life in high-traffic areas. You know how delicious KFC’s menus are, right?

GI Kempinski Mall 3D Billboard In Jakarta


The GI Kempinski Mall 3D Billboard in Jakarta is located at a premier shopping destination. This billboard features engaging and realistic images that seem to leap toward viewers, capturing their attention with vivid and dynamic presentations. It showcases a variety of content, from luxury brand ads to immersive art, making it a focal point for shoppers and visitors in the heart of Jakarta. It utilizes 6,200 square feet of 10mm mesh LED technology.


Exploring advertising in 2024, 3D billboards shine, mixing technology and marketing to create unforgettable experiences. Imagine walking through Times Square or Tokyo and being drawn into a new world by an ad. This isn’t just about seeing a brand’s message; it’s about stepping into and feeling it.

For new brands, this kind of advertising is golden. Nowadays, grabbing people’s attention is everything, and 3D billboards do just that in a big way. They’re not just ads; they’re like mini-events everyone wants to discuss and share. This means your brand can reach more people than just those walking by without spending extra.

3D billboards take advertising to another level. They don’t just show you an ad; they pull you into a story, making the brand’s message something you can feel and remember. This is a huge deal for new brands. It’s a chance to make a solid first impression, to show off your creativity, and to set yourself apart as a trailblazer.

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