How To Choose The Best LED Screen For A Stage Event?




LED Stage Design
LED Stage Design

Stage LED display screens are of various and multiple applications. As the pandemic has slowly paced down globally, stage events are getting back on track.

Many international and local events have been presumed that countries have opened their borders. It is, perhaps, one of the signs that the LED use for rental and stage events may get on peak very soon.

Stage LED display screens to vary in sizes, designs, features, properties, and prices.

Alongside considering your budget before purchase, product quality should be your utmost priority to get a better ROI.

So, if you’re looking or thinking of purchasing a stage LED display screen for the event you’re organizing, below are some factors and points you need to pay attention to.


Factors To Consider In Choosing A Stage LED Screen For An Event


LED screens are an enormous investment. Its price corresponds to its quality and production cost, which means excellent quality and reliability. To further learn about the points you need to know before finalizing your choice, here are a few factors you may need to consider.

LED Screen For A Stage Event
Stage LED Screen

The pixel pitch plays a significant part in the overall impact of your project. The pixel pitch is the distance between diodes, and the closer the positions are, the smaller the pixel and the higher the production cost.

Stage LED displays may have a long list of pixel pitches that you can choose from. Starting from P1.2 down to P20 and even P56 if you have a more comprehensive location and vast audience. The pixel pitch also determines the vividness, the resolution, and the general image quality of your content. So, if you opt for the appropriate product for your project, please let us help you.

  • Audience Size

The audience size tackles the number of viewers and the location or space availability. In many instances, stage LED displays make an awkward presentation when not appropriately matched. For example, you’ll need a higher pixel display for a bigger audience, and small pixel displays are advised for a smaller audience.

Above all, our viewers must always consider if we want good viewer feedback and a smooth experience during an event.

  • Application

You may also consider that application as one factor that affects your choice for a stage LED wall. As most stage events occur outdoors, the outdoor setting LED display screens to have higher brightness capacity to quickly adapt to the light needs outside, while indoor ones have soft brightness levels.

Brightness is one of the par meters you may be considering in purchasing. Remember that too much intelligence is dangerous to our eyes and environment.

LED Display For A Stage Event
Stage LED Wall

The overall design, the location’s size, and space should be predetermined before producing the product. It is essential to know the possible methods available for installation so that the LED design can be revised or customized.

Also, knowing the installation method you’ll apply will affect the design of the stage, the division of LED screen numbers, and a lot more. These will surely give an overall visually appealing project result when appropriately crafted and calculated.

  • Budget

Choosing the best-LED screen for your stage event may be crucial if you have a tight budget. However, in YUCHIP, we provide you with excellent product choices that would best fit your budget.

Also, we can custom-made and revise features and designs to match the budget you have.


Where Can I Find A Reliable LED Screen Partner For My Stage Event?


Stage Event LED Panel
Stage Event LED Panel

Searching for a friendly and highly reliable LED screen provider is vital in making a progressive investment. So, perhaps, if you’re reading this right now, then you are precisely on the right provider to inquire to.

We are YUCHIP, and we’ve been in the industry for almost two decades. Our stage LED screens are prevalent in various countries and locations globally.

Contact us today! Please send us a message at

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