What Are The Best Outdoor LED Screens?




Best Outdoor LED Screens
Outdoor LED Screen

The best outdoor LED screens are  P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, and P16. But whatever matches your needs is the one that you should go for. This article will help you choose the right outdoor LED screen that will give the most benefits.

LED displays have become a vital element of making a successful advertisement. Especially now that buyers and consumers are more drawn to digital displays than print sales materials.

However, for any digital advertising to be as effective as possible, you need to ensure excellent and remarkable quality.

And when we say good quality, it does not only refer to the content of your marketing campaign. Sound quality also pertains to the resolution and performance of the LED screen or billboard you will use for your ad.

When reaching out to your target market, it is common knowledge that the message has to be clear, enticing, and persuasive. It goes the same with the medium you will use to deliver your message. It also has to be clear and enticing, looking to be convincing.

Ad content displayed on a poor-quality digital screen brings your business no good. And instead of boosting your brand image, it may rather give you a bad reputation.


I. Outdoor LED Display


What are outdoor LED displays? These are digital screens in large formats that are based on LED technology.

Best Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display

They are luminous devices used in many cities worldwide as a high-end and high-tech means of communication to a group of people.

Outdoor LED displays are typically composed of several LED cabinets joined together to produce any image/video format seamlessly on what seems to be a big monitor.

Outdoor LED displays to have higher brightness than indoor LED screens. That means that they can deliver great quality images day and night without glare and spots.

They have long-range visibility and high durability.  There are several types of outdoor LED screens you can choose from. Because of the creativity of the people working on the LED production, you can have your outdoor LED display in various forms and shapes such as convex, concave, spherical with a 360-degree view, curved, and many more.


II. Pixel Pitch For Outdoor LED Screen


P2.5, P2.604, P2.976, P3, P4, P5, P6, P6.67, P8, P10, P16, are some of the most preferred options for outdoor LED display.

When buying an LED screen for outdoor applications, a lot of questions will come to mind. One of the most crucial decisions is selecting the right pixel pitch that matches your needs.

Best Outdoor LED Wall
Outdoor LED Wall

As a business owner, it is understandable that you want to get the best display quality. Who would want to look at a pixelated screen or distorted images? Nobody.

It is wrong to think that the distance of your screen to the audience is the only factor that will determine the correct pixel pitch for your outdoor display. The truth is, you also have to factor in the size of your LED screen.

Ideally, for an outdoor LED screen to display a great quality picture, the number of pixels in it shall be equal to or slightly more than 30,000.

How do we compute that? Just multiply the size measurement of your screen (in m2) and the number of pixels the screen has.

Here’s an example.

Let us say you want a 2 square meter screen size, and you are thinking of buying a P10 LED screen. A P10 LED module has approximately 10,000 pixels. 2 multiplied by 10,000 is only 20,000. Hence, you shall consider selecting an LED screen with a lower pixel pitch value, such as P8, which has around 15,600 pixels.

If you are still confused about selecting the best pixel pitch value for your outdoor LED screen, it is always best to seek help from a professional.


III. Features A Best Outdoor LED Screen Should Have


Outdoor LED screens are getting hotter and hotter in the market. They are one of the most in-demand digital display tools in many parts of the world.

Here are some of the selling points of an outdoor LED display.


  • Clear Definition & High Brightness
LED Screen Outdoor
LED Screen Outdoor

Having HD LED display quality is one of the most important aspects for getting the attention of people passing by your screen. Outdoor LED screens need to have clear resolution and high brightness to be visible in outdoor environments.

It is necessary to have an LED screen with a brightness level that is higher than 5,000 nits. This way, there is a guarantee that the display will still be visible even under direct sunlight.

Another reason why outdoor LED screens deliver clear visuals is because of their high contrast rate. That makes the images have a sharper look and vivid colors.

Take note, however, that screens with higher brightness tend to be a bit pricier. You must select the ones that match your location.  You do not want to pay for something that is not necessary. That’s why it is highly recommended that you talk to your LED screen supplier about what works for you.


  • Weather Protection

When even a tiny amount of moisture or water gets inside your LED enclosure, it can damage your display permanently. The same goes for dust.

Outdoor LED screens have a special enclosure protecting them from rain and other liquid and solid infiltration. Thus, an LED screen that you will install outdoors should be waterproof and dustproof.

From an engineering vocabulary, it is called Ingress Protection (IP). The IP determines the level of protection an outdoor LED has. A typical LED screen for outdoor use should have at least an IP65 rating.

So, when buying an outdoor LED screen, make sure to know the protection grade of the cabinet structure of the screen. The higher the IP rate, the better the protection it has against inclement weather.


  • Grounding and Lightning Protection
Outdoor Screen Features
Outdoor Screen

LED screen displays installed in an outdoor environment must be thunderproof. We cannot control our weather conditions. We do not know when it is going to rain or where the lightning is going to strike.  Therefore, the best type of digital display you can rely on and continue using even when raining.

Most of the newest models of outdoor LED screen already have a lighting protection design giving your screen protection during a thunderstorm.

So, if you live in a place that often receives thunderstorms, it is best to look for an LED screen with this feature for a worry-free display playing.


  • Excellent Heat Dissipation

The outdoor LED display is designed to be used for long hours daily. Since they consume less power and energy than any other display technology, they became the number choice for many. Users find this technology an economically and environmentally sound option.

However, one problem that may arise when using any electronic device for long hours is overheating. Fortunately, this is not a problem with outdoor LED displays because they are equipped with a cooling system to keep the internal temperature within the average level at running time.

It is a handy feature, especially for those living in regions with scorching temperatures.


IV. Things To Remember When Buying/Installing Outdoor LED Display


A. Installation Method Should Match the Cabinet Style and Weight


There are various ways how you can install your LED screen in an outdoor environment. It is essential to think about this as it will directly affect how your viewers see your display.

Here are the standard installation methods for an outdoor LED screen display:

LED Screen Installation
LED Screen Pole Installation
  1. Wall-mounted Display

Wall mounting means attaching your LED wall to the outdoor walls of your building. Using this method of installation can instantly improve the architectural value and aesthetics of your structure.

  1. Hanging Display

This installation is quite tricky and needs careful execution. The LED screen is attached to thick metal wires or beams that are supported by the building.

  1. Pole Installation

The LED screen is attached to the top of a pole. It is the preferred option for those who want to set their LED screen in different locations.

  1. Mobile Installation

This type of installation method is commonly used for rental LED screens. The LED screens are mounted on the back of a vehicle or truck. Since it is an LED wall on wheels, it is easy to transfer from one location to another.

Mobile LED screens are in demand for outdoor events like concerts, festivals, sports fests, etc.


B. Customized Shape and Size


LED Video Wall Manufacturer
LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED screens are very flexible. You can customize their shape and size depending on your liking and requirements.

Make sure to make the most of this benefit when purchasing your first or next LED display. LED screens allow you to be creative. Use this as an opportunity to wow your audience and make an impact on your target market.

It will make you stand out among the rest, and the customers will surely remember your brand name. We can also customize the LED screen size according to your budget. Just let your LED supplier know your limit, and they will offer you the best solution that fits your needs.


C. Conduct Routine Maintenance


There are two types of maintenance for outdoor LED displays: front and back.

Front maintenance is standard for outdoor LED screens that are fixed on the wall or wall-mounted. On the other hand, back maintenance is typically seen for LED screens on poles, roofs, or hanging.

Outdoor LED screens are low-maintenance digital displays. However, it still requires a maintenance check at least once every six months. It is to ensure that all aspects of your outdoor LED screens are typical and in good condition.

It will also be good at preventing some damages from occurring. If you cannot do it yourself, some professionals can do it for you.  You can contact your LED supplier to ask about their maintenance services.


D. Choose the Best Location


LED Solution Supplier
Outdoor LED Display Solution

Where do you plan to install your LED display?

The location of your outdoor LED screen can make or break your marketing strategy. Since your outdoor screen serves as your medium to communicate and connect with your customers, make sure that it is placed in a location that is easy to see.

Do not forget the angle and the height, as these two play a vital role in your screen’s visibility. Generally, you have to identify where the crowd is or where people walk or pass by. Make sure that your LED display is facing that direction.




LED Outdoor Display
LED Outdoor Display

Choosing the best outdoor LED display is not an easy task. It requires lots of consideration before you arrive at a decision. It is helpful to start with your purpose. Why do you need an LED display? What are you going to use it for? Your answers to these questions will tell you what kind of outdoor display is for you.

If you need further assistance in choosing the best outdoor LED display for your needs, you may send us a message, and we will gladly help you.

YUCHIP is a trusted name in the LED screen industry. With thousands of satisfied customers from more than 100 countries, we take pride in excellent LED screen products and outstanding services. We have a wide range of LED screen products that are suitable for various applications in different environments. We can also customize solutions to better cater to your needs.

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