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Small Pitch LED Display For The 2016 European Cup


1. What Is A Small Pixel Pitch Display?


Small Pixel Pitch LED Display
Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

A small pixel pitch LED display is an LED display that has a pixel pitch of 2.5 below.

Mainly for indoor LED display applications, however, YUCHIP has already taken part in the outdoor HD breakthrough.

Also, a small pixel pitch LED screen ensures you a high-resolution display partnered with good brightness and a high refresh rate.

The improvement of LED Display manufacturing is becoming more mature, and the resolution is getting better.

Technologists and inventors brought the small pixel pitch LED screen to reality because of various reasons. First, our eyes cannot stand too high brightness; it will cause a gray tone gradation loss if too low. And in response, YUCHIP made a solution. Our LED full-color display has low intelligence and high ash.

Secondly, indoor high-density small pixel pitch LED display also reflects the core technology; completely seamless production and shows actual and natural color. That’s why YUCHIP used the mature point-by-point correction technique for a long-time operation and sound effect.

When it comes to the display’s quality and area, it has been better than the traditional DLP rear projection.


2. What Is The 2016 European Cup?

The European Cup is the highest level of football intercontinental race. Furthermore, 2016 is the first European Cup which UEFA decided to expand to 24 teams. With the upcoming 2016 European Cup, the quadrennial European Cup will again arise in France’s fighting fire.  Its influence is close to the World Cup and the Olympic Games, far more than America’s Cup, the Asian Cup soccer tournament, and other intercontinental matches.

2016 European Cup
2016 European Cup

With Rio Olympics starting in August, sports events will be brilliant and fabulous, looking into the next two months. For most fans who can’t see it Live, the giant LED screen is essential with a small pixel pitch; it makes ultimate viewing perhaps.

The sports industry has developed a substantial commercial value. In addition to a large LED display applied in sports and stadium events, the HD LED display also became the fans’ outlet in getting a pleasing experience in watching at home or in a small theater.

As for the industry of LED display, fine pixel pitch LED is a more than satisfactory product. This product can make at least double the size of the LED display industry, and at the same time, it will bring considerable changes to the whole project to show.


3. How Does The Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen Intensify Sports Viewing?


Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen
Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

With a transparent and radiant display, every sports fan will surely experience an ultra-fine viewing experience. HD LED Screens with small pixel pitches are endowed with superficial specifications to deliver fun and enjoyable content.

Also, if you have it in a considerable size, it can accommodate a broader audience in comfortable locations for you. High-resolution LED panels are also incredibly competitive regarding reliability, life span, and cost-effectiveness.

Hence, with its good value in the market and as a complementary medium for Live viewing, it’ll surely peak demand, especially today when the pandemic still exists.

Eric, YUCHIP’s manager, said;

The next three years would be the golden age for LED displays’ development. And the next five to ten years will have hundreds of billions of market capacity. Therefore, more and more sporting events and related fields will use a small pitch HD LED display screen.


4. Where Can I Get An HD LED Screen For Viewing Sports Events?


HD And High Resolution Panel
HD And High-Resolution Panel

Find no more because YUCHIP is your dependable partner when it comes to high-resolution screens for home sports viewing.

YUCHIP has a rich impression in the field of LED display manufacturing and supply.

Our small pixel pitch LED screen is popular because of its tremendous and advanced technology, being highly adaptable, vivid visuals, cost-efficient, and user-friendly.

Furthermore, YUCHIP provides excellent service through our technical support staff, one message, and one call away if you need further help or concerns.

Our engineers and R&D team are experienced enough to help you with customizing your project.

Above all, our vision is to help you leverage your business and projects with our LED display solutions and excellent services.

We also offer flexible LED screens, transparent and glass LED screens, 3D LED, museums, school LED signs, and a lot more.

Below are some helpful links you may check if you’re thinking of getting a small pixel pith display.

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