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8 Essential Rental Display Accessories


The large LED screen rental has become the most effective and highly used product in the whole LED display product chain.

New Indoor Rental LED Screen
New Indoor Rental Screen

And with the development of the cultural industry, rental LED displays snowballed in recent years.

Are you curious about what essential equipment or accessories are in a large LED screen rental event?

In rental applications, in addition to the most important LED display cabinets, there are many supporting products, such as lighting, speakers, control systems, etc.

Today, let’s talk about those essential accessory products in the rental scene.

LED rental screen mainly includes LED display panel, controller, control computer, power distribution equipment, optical fiber, video and audio equipment, system software, etc.


1. Rental LED Display Panel


The LED display body consists of many cabinets and combines horizontal and vertical unit boxes according to different size requirements. The LED display receives the all-digital signal output from the fiber-optic controller, then decodes and displays.

The display cabinet has an LED light-emitting module, driving part, switching power supply, cooling fan, etc.

YUCHIP recently introduced several rental screen products: outdoor rental LED displays B, C, Q, F, and H series.

The above series have super high-definition with excellent visual effects, high dynamic contrast and high-quality production, ultra-high clearness, and perfect image quality, which offer you unprecedented visual enjoyment and dramatically enhance the value of events and advertising.

The advantages of high refresh rate, high stability, dual power supply signal backup, and other features are for the LED display rental industry. The Rental LED display panel often needs to dismantle, so the bottom module quickly collides with the ground and damages it.

YUCHIP has optimized the box for this phenomenon to overtake the risk of damaging LEDs. The backward angle of 17 degrees in the bottom of the box design dramatically reduces the chances of injury by the collision caused by the cabinet and the ground.


2. Rental LED Display Controller


The controller is the core device for the giant LED screen to process information. It can accept the video signal and computer signal directly. Then perform signal decoding, conversion, processing, calculation, coding, digital transmission, and output display call to the LED display body.

Besides, you can directly adjust the brightness and other parameters on the controller or computer.

1. Novastar control series, full-color synchronous, full-color asynchronous, two-color synchronous, two-color asynchronous, etc., make the screen timeliness play content one by one without being affected by other factors. Thus, the control system’s main products are a video controller, video processor, synchronous control system, asynchronous full-color control system, card receiver, etc.

2. VD wall video processor, LED video processor, screen processor, image converter, video controller, picture splitter, splicer, image processor, picture converter, video and audio independent video source, video format converter.

LED video processor is the witness and iconic equipment for the birth, growth, and maturity of the full-color LED display. The advantages and disadvantages of LED video processors directly impact the showing effect of the LED display.

An LED video processor is a specialized video processor for LED.


3. Control Computer


8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Control Computer

The rental application adopts the synchronous control method. The controlling computer is also an indispensable matching tool that outputs the computer signal.

When the giant LED screen rental shows a digital sign, the LED display pixels correspond to the computer display area’s pixels and map directly. Above all, it helps to run the control software.

Then the control computer can operate and adjust the LED display parameters through the control port.


4. Power Distribution Box


8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Power Distribution Box

The power distribution equipment provides sufficient power for the rental LED screen’s operation and adopts an AC three-phase system. Thus, people can remotely control the power distribution equipment, switch the LED display, and do other control room operations. According to the specific situation, the power distribution box design varies.


5. Optical Fiber


Optical fiber is the transmission carrier for LED screen system signals. Also, it improves the signal transmission distance and improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

Simultaneously, it reduces the interaction between the front and rear stages, making the entire control system wiring concise, beautiful, higher reliable, and stronger anti-interference. So it is easier to install and maintain.

8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Optical Fiber

6. Audio Equipment


8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Mixer Audio

Audio equipment mainly includes mixers, stereos, amplifiers, DVDs, and other audio input and output devices.

Also, giant LED screen rental can provide audio sources, and signals can be edited and managed through this audio equipment.

7. Lighting System


Stage lighting is also called ‘stage illumination’ or called ‘lighting.’ It is one of the stage art modeling tools. Using stage lighting equipment (such as lighting fixtures, slides, control systems, etc.) and technical means develops the plot,  light color, and displays the environment.

It can also render the atmosphere, highlight the central character, create a sense of stage space and purpose of time, shape the stage performance’s image, and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, clouds, water, lightning).

8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Lighting System

8. System Software


System software includes control software and plays software. And the computer operating system uses Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. Also, the control software can connect with the LED display’s central controller through the computer RS232 port and adjust the LED display parameters.

8 Essential Rental LED Display Accessories
Windows XP/7/8/10

The playing software displays various computer texts, forms, graphics, images, and computer information, such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer animations.



YUCHIP Main Rental LED Display Products And Its Features


LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Rental Q Series

Main Features:

It fully optimizes the rental industry’s characteristics, besides other rental products, such as high refresh, high brightness, the cabinets’ high flatness, faster locker design, complete cabinet connection within one-second stability, and reliability.

Simultaneously, the bottom of the box is with a back of 17 degrees, which ensures that the module’s edge is not damaged when the chest touches the ground at the utmost.


Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series
Rental F Series

Main Features:

The F series is designed for the performance environment and can be used directly as a floor screen. Thus, the name suggests that ‘F’ stands for Floor.

In addition to meeting all the requirements for rental usage, each F series product’s cabinet can withstand a weight of 2 tons.


Outdoor Rental LED Display C Series
Rental C Series

Main Features:

Of course, the C Series must also meet all the rental product’s needs, but the C Series mainly follows the previous design scheme. Thus, the product has a high grade of maturity, and it has an advantage in terms of price. In summary, the application of large LED screen rental projects involves many links.

In addition to the display tasks it performs, it also needs other products to achieve perfect results. Above all, YUCHIP rental product line has a wide range of products to meet different application needs. Thus, creating value for customers and achieving a win-win situation is what we are trying to do.

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