• Widely express your ads.

With taxi LED, you can run all the advertisements to each corner of the city. With the GPS location function, it is also possible for the taxi roof LED screen to change the advertising content according to locations automatically. In other words, it can play advertisement A and change into advertisement B when it reaches another area.


  • Demonstrate more advertising forms

Compared with the traditional LED taxi sign, the full-color taxi top LED screen can display different text fonts and colors. Thus, it significantly improved the readability and utilized other advertising content.

  • Significantly improve the utilization of the screen.

Changing the traditional lightbox pictures takes a lot of effort and time, although advertisers sometimes pay plenty of time to prove to the customer. With YUCHIP LED taxi roof screens, you can easily send the programs to the screen with only one mouse click(through a 3G/4G connection).

More Taxi Top LED Display Photo

  • Provide massive information capacity

The internal storage of the YUCHIP taxi top screen is large enough to contain more pieces of advertisement. Therefore, advertisers can put more ads in a row. More ads mean more profits. That’s why choosing a taxi top is a more efficient way for the advertising business.

Nowadays, more and more clients from worldwide are replacing traditional taxi lightbox with taxi top displays. Thus, the innovative advertising method and attractive effect make it a revolution in the taxi LED advertising field.

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