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With the coming of the 21st century, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is progressing into a new economic development age. Thus, the pursuit of continuous improvement of material and spiritual conditions is in this country.

Man Hinh LED P5
Man Hinh LED P5

Hence, as one of the most widely used electronic display devices, carriers, and mediums of information, the HD LED display solution is becoming more popular in this developing country.

The Biggest Outdoor LED screen in Vietnam
Artemis in Hanoi, Vietnam

In 2017, a tall building named Artemis sprang up in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

In Greek mythology, Artemis is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and Apollo’s twin sister, the God of Sun.

She is also known as the Hellenic goddess of the moon, hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity, and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The deer and the cypress were sacred to her.

Like its name, Artemis building is silently loud and quietly bold. The building, used as a big shopping center, locates at the busiest section in the city’s downtown district by the Air Force Museum side. As a result, passenger flow and customer volume are increasing rapidly after the opening of Artemis.


Features Of The Biggest HD LED Display In Vietnam


YUCHIP, as the leading LED Display solution provider in China, contributed to Artemis through our LED display with a size of 15.36m*8.64m.

Outdoor HD LED
Outdoor HD LED

The main features of this project are below:

1. P5 SMD2727
The size of each LED lamp is 2.7mm*2.7mm.

2. High Definition
The solution is up to 3072*1728, quite close to Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160).

3. 16:9 Ratio
With the 16:9 ratio LED display, which has become the most common widescreen aspect ratio since 2009, customers can easily edit the advertisement materials accordingly.

Therefore, there’s no need to change the balance of the original video. It saves time and labor costs.

4. IP65 Standard Steel Outdoor Fixed LED Cabinet
With a cost-effective, durable, waterproof 960mm*960mm standard steel outdoor fixed LED cabinet, customers can quickly and effectively install the LED display in the shortest time.

P5 Outdoor Advertising Cabinets
P5 Outdoor Advertising Cabinets

Thus, YUCHIP provides traditional flat cabinets and curve options for 960mm*960mm outdoor fixed cabinets suitable for various installation environments.

5. Automatic Brightness Adjustment
With the multi-functional card, the YUCHIP LED display’s brightness will automatically adjust around 2500~3500cd/sqm. As a result, the full moon’s brilliance on a clear night is about 2500cd/sqm.

For now, the Artemis LED display is the most prominent outdoor High-Resolution LED Panel in Vietnam. During the nighttime, the moon’s elegant goddess, Artemis, spreads her silver and gentle radiance to Hanoi, the perfect combination of the historical and modern landscape.


Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising


Vietnam is urging forward digital advancements and technological revolution like other Asian countries. Then, with the overflowing evolution and thriving success, Vietnam embarks on more technological partnerships, including our project in Hanoi.

Out Of Home Advertising Vietnam
Out Of Home Advertising Vietnam

Man Hinh LED P5

                Man Hinh LED P5

Out of Home Advertising Vietnam
Out of Home Advertising Vietnam

The project utilized a P5 outdoor advertising LED display and is considered the largest LED screen in Vietnam by far. Besides, with Vietnam choosing outdoor advertising, how will it benefit them? Hence, below are a few advantages and benefits of an outdoor advertising screen.

  • Large Size Means Huge Audience. 

    With its total size of 140 sqm, it creates a wider viewing scope. Thus, many people and passers-by can see the content, whether it’s an advertisement, text, image, video, or animation. It creates a greater possibility of brand awareness thus, leading to better profit and product familiarity.

  • Creates Stunning View. 

    Its building-mounted installation brings captive and stunning views in the whole vicinity, bringing a friendlier and more attractive feeling to all viewers.

  • Easy Customization Process. 

    The outdoor advertising display has easy customization methods. Thus, it supports various video, image, and text formats to enable you to play the content of wide aspects. Also, you can customize the content through a computer or tablet following various steps and guides in uploading.

  • Advertising Comes In Handy. 

    Generally, advertising becomes easier and more convenient through these large screens. Besides, far from conventional tarpaulins and static posters, advertising has become more feasible and profitable.

  • Long Life Span. 

    Hence, large screens, being quite expensive, utilize quality and durable materials. So, each part is manufactured carefully from the outer cover to the core system and is tested to stand various uncertain circumstances. Above all, the longer the service, the higher advertising profits, the better.

Alongside various benefits that outdoor advertising can bring you, partnering with a reliable supplier is also a wise choice. So, YUCHIP, with enough expertise, provided a worthwhile service in Hanoi.

Thus, together with our engineers, marketing team, and skilled staff, we delivered the largest display in Vietnam and gave an all-out service with our careful and solid installation.

Should you need an outdoor LED screen for your project, you may visit the following links to guide you more.
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