• Movable Structure

The stadium LED screen emergency exit has an instant response design that makes it easier to clear the emergency exit, therefore a lot safer and more convenient. When accidents occur, players can quickly go out of the ground to seek medical attention and give way for by-standing medical to respond to injured individuals.

  • Serves As Borders

The stadium LED screen or perimeter boards also serve as borders between players and participants. In some sports such as basketball, where viewers sit close to the court, perimeter screens safeguard the viewers from accidental stepping on feet, kicks, and the like.

  • Stadium Design

LED ribbon board and other stadium screen uses contribute to the overall look of a stadium. Whether you like it to look more digital, engaging, or fun, all you have to do is use and position wisely the stadium LED screen.

  • Information Sharing

Stadium screens are a lot helpful in sharing the status of the game, player’s information, and many more. In some ways, due to the ample space of the stadium, spectators cannot see the information quickly; however, with a digital screen, information is visible even from a distance. Advertising is also possible.


4. Conclusion


Rental Perimeter Screen
Rental Perimeter Screen

LED Display plays a vital role in making a sporting event successful and fun. Today, sports are boldly included in aspects of economic growth because it brings tourism and advance every country to an international level.

Sports as recreational activities bring ultimate enjoyment to players, sports organizers, and also to millions of fans across the globe.

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