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Wireless LED Display And Its Applications


1. What Is A Wireless LED Display?


Today, instant and wireless objects have become very common. The 21st era has given so much opportunity for wireless devices to urge forward. One example is the wireless LED Display.

Wireless LED display is an LED display product that can be controlled remotely and does not need wires/cables to run. Some wireless LED displays may have a power supply, so they will not require plugging into an electric socket. However, there are wireless LED screens that don’t have.

Like WiFi or the Wireless Fidelity, it doesn’t need a cable to access the internet. It is a lot easier and more convenient because you can connect to it with the snap of your fingers.

Wireless display screens are often alphanumeric displays, which means they may only display numbers and letters like the photo below.

Wireless LED Display
Wireless LED Display


2. Where Can I Use The Wireless LED Screen?


The new high-tech products, such as wireless LED Display, have broad market and development prospects. Like in government, commerce, transportation, restaurant, building, tourism, sports, and other industries and sectors.

  • Residential Buildings

The wireless LED display screen is in various locations like districts, buildings, yard entrances, etc. For instance, as a district information board for public and community announcements, weather information, safety knowledge, traffic tips, etc.

  • Government Departments

Government departments use wireless LED displays, for example, for publishing policies, guidelines, announcements, surveys, emergency notifications, warning tips, weather information, etc.

Shopping Mall Screen Sign
Shopping Mall Wireless Screen Sign
  • Shopping Malls

You can see them in some shops, supermarket entrances, halls, shelves, etc. They are used to release shopping guides, supply and demand information, price quotes, promotional discounts, new products introduction, business recommendations, customer greetings, commercials, etc.

It is also amenable in some station waiting rooms, toll gates in showing bus information, weather forecasts, all kinds of advertisements, news updates, traffic conditions, ticketing, temporary notice, etc.

  • Traffic Vehicles

Wireless LED displays can also be positioned inside buses, city taxis, metro vehicles, and railway trains to help commuters and passengers with the latest news, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, business information, etc.

Wireless displays are advertising light boxes, outdoor advertising, and signboards to publish real-time advertising and information.

Some hotel lobbies have installed wireless displays in the front desk and halls. It is for advertising, showing price information, notices, weather forecasts, consumer guides, and welcoming visitors.

Hospital Sign
Hospital Wireless LED Screen Sign

Wireless displays are convenient channels for publishing service guides, prevention reminders, conference notices, academic activities, and other important information.

Traditional LED displays use direct short-distance links; that’s why they cannot perform a real-time remote information release. Thus, it cannot build a large-scale remote LED information system.

On the other hand, the Wireless LED system uses GSM, GPRS, 3G, and wireless network technology. It provides a general-purpose RS232 or RS458, or RJ45 interface to achieve the LED display network control, whether an ordinary text screen or a large graphic screen. Regardless of location and density, the main power can accurately and immediately release data.


3. Why Is It Widespread Today?


Wireless Screen Control Card
Wireless Screen Control Card

Wireless LED Display can show/display quick information guides, which are not obvious but helps ease our lives. The wireless screen can lead people rightfully and conveniently in locations where no one can ask about directions.

One good example is installing it in hospitals. Hospitals or medical institutions often have several rooms and it is confusing when rooms don’t have labels. Furthermore, you can display arrows or words that would help people regarding location and building directory with the wireless screen.

Wireless display screens are considered cheaper than other LED display solutions. It is because they do not bring up many costly diodes compared to high-resolution LED panels. Also, they are usually compact and are in a handy size, lightweight, and easy to operate.


4. Conclusion


Wireless LED Screen
Wireless LED Screen

In conclusion, wireless LED display is the new face of information and advertising media. It applies to almost all kinds of setup, location, and area where short and quick information sign is in demand.

They are cheaper, smaller, lighter, and cost-effective than other LED screens of the same function. It also consumes an ample amount of energy and power, yet it can run for a long time, 24/7.

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can count on when it comes to practical wireless LED screen applications.

Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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