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Best LED Screen And Features


Best LED Screen
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LED Screens are widespread in the market today. This product is abundant in many online shopping websites on the internet. Its long lists are also evidence of massive LED display corporations serving local and global clients. But the great deal comes when you get to realize which of them provides the best LED screen.

If you’re a businessman owning a small firm and strive to advertise your product well, and think LED display can help you with your goal, you must be checking the internet now. Spending hours of research will help you realize the best LED display manufacturer.

For sure, you’re looking for a high-quality LED screen. In this post, we’ll give you an idea of why a high-quality LED screen is the epitome of good advertising and why it is a good investment.


Features Of A Best LED Display


High quality LED Display Screen’s features are as follows:

Best LED Display
Best LED Display

1. The display surface roughness should be within + 1mm. It ensures that the display image does not distort; partial convex or concave can lead to a blind visual angle of the LED display screen. 

2. It has a high-brightness and visual angle. The full-color indoor display brightness needs up to 800cd/m² and outdoor display up to 1500-10000cd/m² to ensure the everyday presentation work so that people could see clear and vivid images. The visual display angle is determined mainly by the LED chip encapsulation method. So far, the SMD view angle is up to 140°, compared with DIP, which has a better view effect.

3. White balance effect is one of the most critical indicators of a high-quality LED screen. In color science, when the red, green, blue colors’ ratio reaches 1:4.6:0.16, there is pure white color. The control system of the display screen determines the white balance.

4. Color reducibility means the color reducibility of the images. The LED screen displaying color needs to keep highly congruent with the play source color to ensure the image’s authenticity.

5.  Exist mosaic and dead light phenomena.  YUCHIP display products have 72 hours aging test before shipment, eliminating slow light issues and showing clients perfect products.

6. Exist color lump refers to the apparent color difference between adjacent modules. Different batch LED displays might have tiny color differences; the reason for the color lump phenomenon is quite complicated.

YUCHIP production and operation process is strict according to the ISO quality system to ensure every step is perfect and provides the best quality LED display product everyone deserves.


Why Is It Good To Choose A High-Quality LED Screen?


High-Quality LED Screen
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As customers, we always value quality products. And basically, we don’t want to invest in consequence of no good. When purchasing, we consider whether it benefits us well and will not impair our sound health.

Health is wealth, and so our eyes are. That’s why we have to consider whether a product will deprive us of having a better experience or cause us some illnesses. Because of these concerns, YUCHIP, China’s leading LED display manufacturer, ventured into the practical design to help people enjoy without worrying about their eyes.

A high-quality LED screen is one of a kind when giving you good visuals while having a safe approach to your health.

If you have any questions or good ideas about the LED display screen, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We value and need every customer’s proposals to establish a permanent partnership with professional skills and enthusiastic services.

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