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LED Taxi Roof Sign
LED Taxi Roof Sign

As a new kind of information carrier, LED Display has a broad market.

For instance, we can use it in government, weather, business, transportation, finance, entertainment, cinemas, real estate, tourism, literature, sports, and others department & industries.

Similarly, LED’s latest advertising way is becoming common, such as 3G/WIFI Taxi Top Advertising.

Taxi is famous in cities and carries a large number of passengers every day. Likewise, for large and medium cities, taxis are almost a thousand.

And because of the right and highly centralized place, there is a broad market for Taxi Top LED Display use, for example, business advertising, broadcast news, weather forecast, film & television forecast, stock market, sports lottery, etc. It can receive service and advertising fees simultaneously.


2. What Are The YUCHIP LED Taxi Roof Sign Features?


LED Taxi Roof Sign is widespread today in various locations such as cities, urban areas, capitals, etc. If you consider getting a wireless taxi roof sign, here are the following features you should ponder.

Taxi Sign For Sale
Taxi Sign

1. Advanced system design and high-cost performance. And has a stable display and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

2. Works for the whole day can fully adapt to a variety of environments. Also, it has high brightness and can avoid lighting.

3. Movable display method that allows movement; therefore, it can reach a large audience.

4. It uses program editing software that can add or delete information. Thus, the content can be stored in the control card and automatically displayed by the program table.

5. Luminous intensity in the view range. When the sun is directly on the screen, the display can still show the information clearly.

6. Uses 3G, USB, WIFI, RJ45, and other means of connection and has an integrated GPS positioning function.

3. Wireless Taxi Roof Sign Web Management


YUCHIP LED Taxi Roof Sign
YUCHIP LED Taxi Roof Sign Software

First, setting the software and programs is very important before the LED can display contents.

In web management, you’ll check the system and choose what connection you’ll use, either 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc. Also, when it comes to software, our available software are Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset where you can choose from.

You can check our post here for the step-by-step guide to help you familiarize yourself quickly and follow the steps in uploading your content. The software customization guide comes with the product when we deliver it to you.


4. LED Taxi Roof Sign Aging Test


Wireless Taxi Roof Sign
Wireless Taxi Roof Sign

Like all our products, the taxi top LED screen also undergoes a series of tests after production. As an outdoor LED display, the screen should have high-quality and exact parameters to ensure its steady performance, especially if you’re going to use it for a 24/7 route.

Among the tests included are aging, display, and screen tests. The LED product is positioned in an imitating environment in an aging test to test whether the display will show any abnormalities. While in a display test, the display system is checked from the components, spare parts, and software.

We also check whether there are any dead pixels, unconnected wires, and all. However, in a screen test, we measure the gamma, brightness, pixel density, refresh rate, and other vital specifications a screen should have inexact.


5. Do You Have Taxi Sign Videos?


YUCHIP has been providing a massive number of LED modules and displays to our hundreds of projects worldwide. Some of our projects include wireless taxi roof signs. Below is a video from our taxi roof sign project.

Should you have questions and inquiries, you can more videos on our youtube channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/LEDYUCHIP or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.


Also, should you need more information about taxi LED display, here are some links you may check/ follow:

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