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How May The Quality Of An LED Display Be Judged?


1. What Is A Quality Display?


High Quality LED Screen
High Quality LED Screen

A high-quality LED screen has various properties that make it outstanding among the rest. Properties may vary from product to product.

However, factors may generally include brightness, refresh rate, viewing angle, resolution, life span, adaptability, pixel quality, mechanical/structural design, temperature/installation, power supply, and cabinet design.

A high-quality LED video wall perhaps is a product that corresponds remarkably to these factors, has good measurement and specifications, and can stand environmental aspects.

With the development of living standards and technology, the use of LED Displays is becoming widespread.

However, some people have only a little knowledge of the quality of LED before using it. That’s why YUCHIP brings you this article to help you know more about High Quality LED Video walls.


2. What Are The Factors That Determine A High Quality LED Screen?


How should we judge, and what are the factors of ensuring LED Display quality? Let us help you understand it further.

In the LED display, brightness is one of the most critical factors that affect the overall performance. Whether it is too high or too low, brightness should always complement its environment and applications.

Furthermore, if a product can offer you wide applications because its brightness is adjustable enough for indoor and outdoor use, then that product is of high quality.

High Quality LED Video Wall
High-Quality LED Video Wall

Why is refresh rate a factor in determining a high-quality LED screen? Well, here’s the answer to that question.

Refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz) and refers to how many times a display can draw an image per second. For example, 90Hz means the LED screen refreshes 90 times per second, and a 120Hz screen refreshes 120 times in a second.

Meanwhile, you can imagine how better the images would be if the refresh rate is high. Hence, the higher the refresh rate, the better it results in smoother, more delicate, and more realistic images on the screen. Perhaps, you wouldn’t want blurry and flickery images.

  • Viewing Angle

Considering the audience you’ll have, viewing angle is an acceptable factor you also need to consider. Your audience can further appreciate and perceive the content when the viewing angle is on point.

In a narrow sense, a high-quality LED screen has a good viewing angle, such as between 120 to 160 degrees on both horizontal and vertical.

High Resolution Screen
High-Resolution Screen
  • Resolution

Resolution refers to how the images and texts are displayed on a screen. A low resolution means poor image quality, and perhaps a high resolution means better pictures and clarity of visuals.

It is determined by the number of pixels horizontally by pixels vertically. Today, the most advanced and latest high-resolution screen by far is the UHD or Ultra-High-Definition, also known as 4K and Ultra HD. It has 3840 x 2160 horizontal by vertical pixels.

  • Life Span

You may hear people say, that the longer the product service, the better; it is. One of the most crucial things in getting costly equipment is whether it’ll serve you in the long term.

However, a quality LED screen can offer you 8-10 and even 12 years of service to ensure a great return of investment, product utmost use, and profits.

High Quality LED Display
Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen
  • Adaptability

Wise consumers will always prefer products that can adapt and are compatible with various users and applications. In the LED screen, a high-quality means an LED display solution applicable for indoor, semi-outdoor, or outdoor utilization.

  • Pixel Quality

In YUCHIP, we only trust Nationstar LED, which is a highly qualified LED lamp supplier. It has also been our partner brand for years.

An exemplary pixel quality corresponds with excellent resolution and results in better images and texts on screen. Also, pixel quality affects our eyes, so you have to be mindful of the pixel configuration of an LED screen you pick.

Good Pixel Quality
Good Pixel Quality
  • Mechanical/Structural Design

The overall design and substantial parts of quality LED display are of a high standard and suitable materials. In short, cabinet material, cable parts, and structure play a vital role in determining the quality of the LED display.

These factors are only a few of the long list of determining a high-quality LED screen. Furthermore, you may also perform some research and ask and message us if you have questions.

  • Temperature/ Installation

The complicated temperature has a significant influence on LED Displays. Its ideal working state is about 25℃ room temperature theoretically. But in fact, outdoor LED Display works at a rather complicated surrounding temperature in application. The highest temperature may be over 60℃ in summer, while the lowest may be below -20℃.

This fluctuant temperature has a significant influence on LED Displays when working.

  • Power Supply

The operation stability, output electric voltage, and load capacities of the power supply will vary at different temperature conditions. Also, it influences the quality of LED Displays directly because of its logistic role. Therefore, other brands’ prices or power supply specifications vary because of their different property and stability. So you must pay attention to whether the power supply and property match when choosing an LED Display.

High Quality LED Screen Cabinet
High-Quality LED Cabinet
  • Cabinet Design

The design of the cabinet plays a vital importance in LED Display. Its function is to protect the circuit. Also, for the LED Display’s safety and to keep the display dustproof and waterproof. Today, the common cabinet materials are steel, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, extrusion aluminum, etc.

The ventilation and heat dissipation of the thermal circuit system design is also significant. The components’ thermal drift will increase with the boot time extension, and the external temperature rises, making the images worse.

A good design of ventilation and heat dissipation is the critical criterion for designing a cabinet.


3. Where Can I Find A High-Quality LED Video Wall Supplier?


HD Display Module
HD Display Module

Looking for a high-quality LED screen is also looking for a highly reputable and trustworthy supplier. Like the LED video wall, some factors make a brand a dependable partner for LED screen needs. The factors include a good track record, completed projects, partners/distributors, scope of projects, skilled staff, and the length of service.

Meanwhile, YUCHIP meets all of these factors, making the brand even more prominent in the local and international markets.

YUCHIP is a leading company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with several partners in different countries. We’ve accomplished various and hundreds of projects in the world from Asia, Africa, Europe, and many parts of America.

All of our clients are witnesses of our utmost service and high-quality LED screens and display solutions.

We started in 20014 and now have a 17-year-long journey in the LED display industry. Our staff includes a highly skilled production team, engineers, marketing heads, and experienced individuals. We are a brand you can comfortably rely on.


4. Conclusion


High Quality Screen
High-Quality Screen

Some high-profile LED Display companies regard the brand as life. On the other hand, YUCHIP will never damage its brand image for short-term benefits. So with your LED Display needs, always trust well-known brands.

Also, we provide a handful of guidance to our customers through our various factual articles that would guide everyone in determining their LED screen needs. Our friendly writings can give you information and realize that you can bring it anywhere you go and apply it in various aspects of your life.

In general, the above are key factors to judge the quality of an LED Display. Please get in touch with us if you have questions.

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