How Does The LED Display Screen Industry Boom?

What are the parameters of the LED Display Screen?

With the continuous development of the LED Display Screen industry, applications are becoming more and more extensive.

LED Display Screen

The LED display is a systematic system that integrates electronic technology, computer technology, and so on.

With its various parameters and high refresh rate, and high brightness, LED display quickly became the display mesh leader. But it also has caused light pollution for the LED display’s high brightness.

To better avoid these questions, we have sorted out some LED display parameters and some understanding of the LED screen’s clarity, pixel out-of-control points, and brightness.

Here are a few achievable control systems:

LED Display Asynchronous Control System

Asynchronous mode of LED display is the automatic display and playback capability. You can transmit the edited text and pictures on the computer to the LED Screen control box through a USB port or other network interface for offline automatic playback.

Its main features are simple operation and wide application range, with functions such as switching machine, temperature detection, and humidity detection. The following LED Display Screens can realize asynchronous control systems.

Buses and taxis are essential vehicles in the city. You can install an LED electronic display on the taxi’s top or rear window as a media distribution tool.

You can use the LED strip screen to scroll the text, most of which show some readers highlighting the full-color pictures in high definition. It can be waterproof, anti-sunlight, and other high-protection LED displays outside the car body.

Generally, the Taxi top advertisement LED display is clearer; you can customize different environmental needs styles.


LED light pole screen is small, but we can carry out advertising in many ways, enhance the advertising propaganda. Besides, its placement is much easier than the big screen.

It needs to be purchased when installing the LED poster series.

What aspects do you consider when you buy an LED poster series? 

Firstly, the LED poster series must be waterproof and leakproof and have good drainage. The LED light pole display must be well-grounded, and the resistance is less than 3 ohms.

Secondly, the internal temperature of the LED poster series is between -20 °C to 40°C; you should install the ventilation equipment to cool down because the working temperature is between -40 °C and 80 °C. It is to prevent the LED poster series from working incorrectly.

Finally, the LED light pole screen must use ultra-high brightness lamp beads to ensure long-distance viewing under high-intensity ambient lighting.

LED Display Synchronization Control System

The synchronous mode is that the LED display screen works basically like the computer monitor.

It maps the computer image to the real-time monitor at an update rate of at least 60 frames per second to achieve multimedia advertising effects. Its main features are real-time, rich expression, and more complicated operation.

A set of synchronous control systems is generally composed of a computer, sending-card, and receiving-card. Thus, suitable for high-end shopping malls, hotels, concerts, rental screens.

There are several types of control that the synchronous control system can implement:

  • Indoor use

The indoor screen area is generally from 1 square meter to more than 10 meters, and its design is mainly for non-direct sunlight or lighting environment.

  • Outdoor use

The viewing distance is several meters away because the screen does not have sealing and waterproofing; outdoor LED screens generally range from a few square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters.

The dot density is pretty thin, and the brightness requirements are different. So you can use them under direct sunlight conditions. The viewing distance is several tens of meters away—strong waterproof and lightning protection.

  • Semi-outdoor

The semi-outdoor can be used between the outdoor and the indoors without sunlight. The screen has a specific seal, and you can generally view it under the eaves.

How do we achieve this for both synchronous live broadcast and asynchronous commercials?

  • Commercial Advertising LED Display
Commercial Advertising LED Display
Commercial Advertising LED Display

Outdoor Commercial advertising LED display is in retail displays and crossroads.

Commercial advertising LED display uses small-pitch LED modules, high color reproduction, and 90-degree seamless splicing to achieve a 360-degree comprehensive collection.

Therefore, it can adapt to different environments, automatically fade brightness, and implement the same asynchronous play mode.

The LED poster is different from traditional paper advertising and is rich in content to enable various creative displays.

The cabinet’s overall structure is light and thin, and you can customize them in size and pixel pitch, and resolution.

Meanwhile, it has different installation methods, adjustable rear brackets, wall-mounted, hanging, standing, tilting, and ceiling-mounted. Thus, it supports the same asynchronous, 4G and dual WiFi mode, USB mode LED PostAir is the best choice for high-end shopping malls, hotels, banks, exhibitions, and other significant venues.

  • Clarity

Why is the LED display screen not in focus enough?

The HD LED display screen shows a clear picture and high color reproduction. There are four factors to achieve high-definition display:

1) high-definition source requirements

2) small dot spacing between LED display screens

3) LED display should support all-round HD

4) LED display panel combines with video processor; currently, LED display screen is still moving towards higher-definition.

  • Pixel Points

A point out of control is a blind spot, a defect. It does not light when it needs to be bright; then, it is called a deficiency. The other is a constant bright spot, always lit when it needs to be off, called a continuous bright spot. Thus, the LED display panel pixel out of control points is a common problem.

The standard LED lamp beads are composed of (RGB red, green, and blue), and the loss of control is generally not the red, green, and blue in the same pixel.

Different places have different requirements for the pixel out-of-control of the LED display screen. At present, the LED display panel will undergo an aging test before leaving the factory to replace the LED lamp beads of the out-of-control pixel.

  • Brightness


Low Brightness and High GrayscaleSome advertisers on the market want to catch more eyes. When buying an LED display screens, they will prefer higher brightness.

Some manufacturers pursue intelligence to cover the other shortcomings, so now existing many high-brightness LED displays. But what is the hazard of the high shine of LED display screens?

The LED display screen has light-emitting diodes. The brightness is one of the most critical parameters and the most important LED display panel indicators.

And to achieve high intelligence, a larger driving current is required. If the wind is too strong, the LED display bead’s stability reduces, and the attenuation will be faster and faster.

The primary purpose of brightness adjustment is to adjust the brightness of the LED display screen according to the ambient light’s intensity so that the LED display screen doesn’t look dazzling but clear and bright.

At present, strictly from the design requirements, we adopt the lamp bead suitable for high brightness.

And then, we made corresponding improvements in the control card, which is more stable than the products of the same level in the case of high intelligence.

As a result, the LED display panel is neither dazzling nor clear and bright in the vision, without shortening the screen body’s life.

LED Display Screen Industry

YUCHIP adopts the latest international design philosophy, taking into account all aspects of factors, delicate structure, and strict inspection. It has a high authority in the LED display screen industry. Thus, its customer-oriented professional attitude and diversified thinking mode are excellent.

Served hundreds of countries, we continue to realize the needed information for our products’ continuous innovation. We never take things for granted; that’s why we always give our utmost support and service in every project.

And as years pass by, we will consistently adhere to alleviate everyone in their particular LED needs.

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