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Huidu Technology: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is Huidu Software?


Huidu Software is an HD LED display control system developed and produced by Huidu Technology Co., Ltd.

Huidu Technology is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in developing and manufacturing LED controllers and control systems.

Their software system is a simple operation tool that quickly helps digital display owners and users set up single, double, and full-color displays. It is widely compatible with any network and connection method for easy use.

Huidu Technology
Huidu Technology

YUCHIP uses this Huidu software alongside other proven and tested controllers such as  Novastar, Colorlight, Linsn, etc. We can provide you with your preferred Huidu LED controller for your small screen and large-scale video displays, as well as synchronous and asynchronous screens.


2. What Are The Components Of The Huidu LED Systems?


We utilize various Huidu LED controllers depending on which fits best for the LED solution our client needs. Control systems for dual-mode displays, asynchronous LED, synchronous LED, and others.

HD Player Huidu

However, typical Huidu systems have two main components: the controller and the HD player software.

  1. LED Controller hardware device that has centralized control of any LED control system. It is a special chip that allows you to control your LED screen display fully. Besides, the controller has the function to turn on and off your LED display. It contains the driver circuit according to the processed input programs of the users.
  2. Software is an application program that runs on electronic devices. It contains all the instructions and data that tell your computer to do specific tasks. It is downloadable data operating information you use to manage your LED video displays.

Other components of LED display systems are:

  1. Sending Card – Another common hardware element for synchronous LED systems is a sending card. It is responsible for converting video signal input to any format accepted by your computer or LED screen.
  2. Receiving Card – The video receiving card reads the program command or signals coming from the sending card.


3. What Other Products Does Huidu Technology Offer?


Most of the Huidu labeled devices we can use for your LED display projects are here. You can request a controller and accessories you prefer, or we can recommend what’s best for your requirements.

HD2018 Software
  • Controllers

Full-Color Banner Screen Control Card: HD-D05, HD-D06, HD-D35, HD-D15, HD-D36, and HD-D16.

Dual-Mode LED Display Player: HD-A3, HD-A4, HD-A5, and HD-A6

4k Multimedia Player: HD-A8

Small and Medium LED Screen Control Card: HD-C15, HD-C15C, HD-C16, HD-C16C, HD-C35, HD-C35C, HD-C36, and HD-C36C.

Synchronous Sending Box: HD-T901B, HD-T902x1, and HD-T902x2

Synchronous Sending Card: HD-T901 and HD-T901S

  • Video Processors

Two-In-One LED Video Processor: HD-VP620

Three-I-One LED Video Processor: HD-VP210 and HD-VP410

All-In-One LED Video Processor: HD-VP820, HD-VP1220, and HD-VP1620

  • Receiving Cards

Port Receiving Card: HD-R512S, HD-R512T, HD-516T, and HD-R508T

Chip Receiving Card: HD-R612

Receiving Card for Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display: HD-R320T

Receiving Card for Transparent Screen Display: HD-R500S

  • Single-Dual Controller

Color Controller: HUB75 Series, HD-W00, HD-W02, HD-W03, HD-W04, HD-W6B, HD-W60, HD-W62, HD-W63, HD-W64A, and HD-W66.

Control Card: HD-WF1, HD-WF2, and HD-WF4.

LAN Controller: HD-E62, HD-E63, and HD-E64.

U-Disk Controller: HD-U6BN, HD-U60, HD-U62, HD-U63, HD-U64, and HD-U64A.

  • Accessories

Communication Module, Relay and Multi-functional Card, Sensor Box, GPS Module, Brightness Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Remote Sensor, and Humidity Sensor.


4. What Are The Application Scenarios For Huidu Software?



Huidu Technology applies to nearly all LED display screen solutions. Also, it supports cloud servers and computer management.

Thus, you need an internet connection to upload, edit, and release video content on your LED video displays.

For internet connectivity, you can choose from the following methods of internet solution: 4G connection, network cable connection, and wifi connection.

The Huidu control system features web-based operation and multi-level permission management for fast and secured LED display administration.

Moreover, we use the Huidu software system for our light pole LED screens, vehicle/mobile LED screens, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, road and highway traffic signages and LED screens, and other small and large LED screens we offer.


5. Where Can I Download Huidu Controller Manual/Tutorials?


HDplayer LED Software Manual

Several videos on YouTube will teach you how to use, utilize, and program various Huidu products for your LED display solutions.

There are tutorial videos on managing the Huidu mobile app, HD Player, receiving cards, remote cloud platform, synchronous controller, video processor, and many more.

Fortunately, when you avail any of our LED screen solutions, you do not have to take on that laborious task.

We offer professional guidance and support at no extra charge. Also, we give you hands-on experience on how you shall set up and operate your digital display. Hence, we guarantee that we will be with you every step of your LED project.

We also provide all the product specifications and instructional manuals for your full-color or single-color controllers, LCD controllers, video processors, Huidu accessories, and software (i.e., HD 2014, HD 2016, HD 2018, HD C10, HD C30, HD D10, etc.)


6. What Are Huidu Technology Certifications?


We, at YUCHIP, make sure that we only use high-quality tools that match our high-quality LED products.

Huidu LED controllers have CE, FCC, RoHS certificates of compliance. Also, these conformity marks indicate that their products have been assessed and have been regarded as safe to use.

The Huidu controller systems meet international standards. Thus, they are marketed and sold internationally, locally, and internationally.

Huidu LED Controller
Huidu Sensor Box


7. Is Huidu Technology Reliable?


Huidu software is only one of the many LED controllers we use for our LED displays. Also, you can put your trust in us that we will only provide you with cost-effective and high-performance systems that help you achieve your display goals.

Besides, as your trusted LED supplier, our goal is to create and provide you with LED solutions that make you a happy customer. Hence, rest assured that we will only use tools and systems that meet our standards.

Also, Huidu is widespread use in many countries worldwide. If you are interested in some of the countries’ market situations, you can check the below articles.

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