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YUCHIP P8 LED Screen In Hungary’s Ice Hockey Stadium


1. What Is Ice Hockey?


There is a lot of Ice Hockey Stadium in the world because of ice hockey’s popularity. But what is Ice Hockey?

Ice Hockey is a popular game between two teams. Each team has six players where each player wears skates and plays in an ice skating rink.

Ice Hockey Stadium
Ice Hockey Stadium

The game mechanics are almost similar to a football or soccer game. The player needs to drive the hockey puck past a goal line and into a net where a goalie or goaltender stands. 

Ice Hockey is primarily popular in Canada and as an international sport played in the Olympic game. 

The game was derived from English field hockey and Indian lacrosse, which was then spread out by British soldiers later. And it developed more and more and became the modern ice hockey game we play today.


2. Where Is The Biggest Ice Hockey Stadium In The World?


Ice Hockey Stadium
Bell Centre

The Bell Centre is the biggest ice hockey stadium globally, with a total seating capacity of 21 273; it is home to Montreal Canadiens. 

The Bell Center is in Montreal, Canada, and has hosted multiple hockey events. Some of the events it hosted are the 1996 and 2004 World Cup of Hockey and the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Canada first opened bell Centre to the public in 1996, and it is still holding events up to this day. Except for when the pandemic happened. 

Next to Bell Centre, the second largest in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, the United States has a seating capacity of 20,027. The United Center then follows it in Chicago, USA, and Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 

Most ice hockey stadiums are located in Canada and the United States since ice hockey is most popular in the two countries. 


3. Why Is Stadium LED Display Important In A Sport Like Ice Hockey?


Stadium LED Display is essential in almost all kinds of sporting events. Stadium LED Displays are not only for football, basketball, swimming but also for ice hockey.

The stadium is essential in an ice hockey event mainly because:

  • Stadium LED Display provides sports information and status. In the LED display, you can see various data such as scores, participants’ names, countries, and a lot more.
  • It is entertaining. While players are having a break or during a timeout, you may opt to play advertisements, videos about ice hockey, video promotions, acknowledgment of sponsors, and so on.
  • Stadium LED Display provides a wider viewing angle for spectators. Undeniably, we miss some happenings during an event, but you can replay and customize the content with a stadium LED display.
  • It creates an alluring international stageIn international events, it is crucial to develop a pleasing ice hockey stadium decoration. Some people would prefer flags, colors, posters but a stadium LED display is way more attractive.

Because of these reasons, many sporting events and sports organizers invest in a stadium LED display. Likewise, one of the ice hockey stadiums in Hungary partnered with YUCHIP to provide a stadium LED display.


4. YUCHIP P8 LED Screen In Budapest, Hungary


Budapest, Hungary, is home to many stadiums, including stadiums for ice hockey events.

From the largest stadium to the simplest ones, you can find them in Budapest. Budapest is perhaps the capital and most populous city in Hungary. 

YUCHIP is a China-based stadium LED Display manufacturer with partner contributors in Hungary; that’s why we’ve accomplished many projects in Hungary. One of those projects is a P8 LED Screen in an ice hockey stadium called Tüskecsarnok.

P8 LED Screen
P8 LED Screen

Tüskecsarnok has 2,500 square meters and can accommodate up to 4,000 people for various events.  The stadium is also a venue for concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, other sports such as basketball and handball. 

As obvious in the stadium today, most of them also embrace digital technology and advancement to help them deliver a good game. Digital screens such as stadium LED displays are one investment Tüskecsarnok had. 

Below are the project details.

  • The project utilized a P8 LED Screen as a scoreboard, decorative stadium screen, timeclock display, etc.
  • A P8 Stadium LED Display has a brightness that can reach up to 6500 cd/m², making the screen good enough to deliver various data and information about the ice hockey game.
  • A stadium LED display can also be used as a perimeter screen in other sports held in the same stadium.
  • With a seating capacity of 4,000 people, the Tüskecsarnok can effectively deliver the essence of a game through a P8 LED Screen. 
  • Stadium LED Display comes with wide viewing angles that enable the spectators to see information, replays, and advertisements.


5. Conclusion


A stadium LED Display is a necessary digital screen that a sporting event shall have. It brings excitement and an overall appeal to the eyes of the spectators. Also, it is beneficial to the viewers and the players because they can update themselves with the game status.

YUCHIP is a famous stadium LED display provider globally, especially in Hungary. We’ve provided hundreds of LED display projects to numerous installation sites in Budapest and other parts of Hungary.

Part of our sporting displays is the stadium LED display, rental perimeter display, football screens, arena LED screens, and a lot more.

If you are thinking about getting a stadium LED display for your event, please let us help you achieve your project.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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