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1. What Is An LED Video Screen?


LED Video Screen
LED Video Screen

LED display has various names, such as LED screen, LED board, LED wall, LED video wall, LED background wall, etc.

A few years ago, a significant difference between these words, such as LED board, mainly referred to outdoor commercial billboards. Meanwhile, LED video wall primarily refers to the LED screen that can play video. With time flying and technology development, video format playing has been the essential function of LED display. So, the difference between these names has also become no longer evident.

Nowadays, asynchronous LED displays can also display video content. However, in people’s imagination and concept, LED video wall mainly refers to the larger area display, commonly used to play video or advertising content, even those often appear on the stage.


2. What Are Its Various Application?


  • Stage
LED Video Panel
Stage LED Video Panel

LED displays used in stage performances are very common now. It is rich in expressiveness: it can simulate natural scenes and reproduce nature, can play videos in various materials, also can be used to display data, and so on.

It has the flexibility and virtuality that traditional sets cannot match, also has some of the light source features of the lighting system. Because the large screen has light-emitting diodes, it can simulate the real-world space appearance with its different shapes light source capability and convey the effect of light.

Therefore, it’s advocated to combine some lighting designs. The stage demand for LED displays is constantly expanding, and the market prospect is broad. At the same time, it also puts forward more requirements for LED display, such as higher stability, light, and thinness, ease to install and disassemble, etc.

  • Indoor Advertising
Indoor Commercial Panel
Indoor Commercial Panel

The indoor advertising displays require moderate brightness, large viewing angles, close viewing distances, lightweight, and high density. The LED display is mainly used many outdoor years ago because of the feature of its high brightness.

However, the advancement of technology, especially the significant progress of small-pitch LED display in recent years, makes the application’s small-pixel pitch LED display scope expand. Changes are evident from standard fixed installations to high requirements advertising shows, command centers, and commercial centers.

The small-pitch LED displays are gradually replacing LCD products, and in the next few years, they will completely replace LCD. Indoor commercial advertising has steadily grown and developed, so the indoor advertising screen has also arisen. Because of its ultra-high definition, high refresh rate, high gray level, low brightness, vivid display, bright colors, other characteristics, it can meet applications of indoor commercial display.

  • Outdoor Advertising
LED Video Display Panel
LED Video Display Panel

LED display has developed to the present day; the outdoor show is still a relatively large market share, the application is also pervasive. Such as outdoor building walls, football stadiums, squares, bus stations, airports, highways, building tops, etc.

Outdoor advertising LED display has higher requirements for its brightness, generally needing to reach 4000cm-6000cd/m2. Our products can get the brilliance of 8000cd/sqm, even if under the outdoor sunlight directly, it still displays clear and beautiful contents. Also, the product’s reliability and waterproof are essential.


3. LED Video Panel Advantages


Video LED Panel Q Series
Q Series

Through continuous research and innovation in response to the requirements of the stage application environment. YUCHIP has launched a series of rental products such as the Q series, F series, C series, etc.

LED-Wall Rental Outdoor And Indoor Q Series, Main Features:

The characteristics of the rental industry have been fully optimized, in addition to the attributes of other rental products, such as high refresh, high brightness, high cabinet flatness, and large faster lock design, one-second complete cabinet connection, stability, and reliability.

At the same time, the bottom of the box has a back sloping of 17 degrees. The sloping base of the cabinet is for protection of LED lamps, avoiding collision to mask and plastic chassis, and for cabinet, stable standing. It ensures to protect the module’s edge from damage when the cabinet touches the ground.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series, Main Features:

Display Panel F Series
F Series

F series is for the performance environment that can be used directly as a floor screen, from the name where “F” represents Floor, F series and meets all the rental LED display requirements. Still, also it can be used as a floor tile screen, for its single cabinet can bear the weight of 2 tons.

Rental LED Wall C Series, Main Features:

The C Series must also meet all the needs of rental display products. However, the C Series mainly follows the previous design scheme, has a high product maturity, also has a price advantage.

P1.9 HD Panel
P1.9 HD Panel

The HD series is highly demanding image quality, color, grayscale, and cabinet accuracy.

The indoor HD series mainly includes HD1.6, HD1.9, HD2.0, and HP2.5.

In addition, YUCHIP has a much more professional HDP series for the professional rental market.

Besides all the advantages of standard HD series display, they also have a 16:9 ratio of the cabinet, dual signal power backup systems, and higher refresh rate IC.

For the HDP series display, everything comes for excellence.

Commercial Display
Commercial Display

In the outdoor fixed installation, we have enough confidence with 13 years of experience in the industry, enabling us to optimize the production process continuously. Also, we continue to improve our products based on the customer’s feedback and use high-quality IC and LED lamps to recognize the product’s stability.

Outdoor fixed products are generally in places with high traffic. It has stability and brightness that are what the customers are most concerned about. Our OF series display brightness can reach 8000cd/m2, and attenuation can be below 10% in three years.

Module replacement in problem can be for free, and OF series can use dual maintenance modules, which significantly have improved the application range of the display. We could send professional engineers to come to the installation site for installation guides, software training, and other services as needed.


4. What Kind Of Competitive Advantages Does YUCHIP Have Over Its Peers?


  • Rapid Delivery

A large number of standard LED display modules in stock can achieve rapid delivery. Because we have a large inventory of standard display products, we can deliver goods to customers immediately.

Display LED
YUCHIP Team In ISE 2020
  • Expertise

Thirteen years experience, from product to project design, experience = productivity experience is equivalent to productivity. Because we have more than ten years of industry experience, we can fully accord customers’ requirements from product design to product production. Overall, we provide customers with a satisfactory shopping experience and products.

  • Professional Overseas Sales Team

Customers may have many questions about products; that’s why YUCHIP has a professional overseas sales team. They can solve a variety of problems for customers, provide accessible communication with an optimized solution. We start with the customer’s needs; then, our team will create more suitable and valuable products and maximize benefits.

LED Screen Factory
YUCHIP LED Screen Factory
  • Constantly Innovative R&D Team

We are a company that continues to innovate; the essential thing is continuously innovating and continuously introducing new products to adapt to the times and customers’ needs. YUCHIP has a strong R&D team of 20 people and a sound enterprise management model, enabling the R&D team to keep up with customer needs and design several products that meet customers and market.

  • Production Capacity

Through large-scale procurement of advanced equipment to improve production capacity and quality, product prices have certain advantages. At the same time, mechanized production can control the quality of the products and increase the production capacity.

If you have any further questions about the LED display, please get in touch with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us; you will get the most professional service and support. Visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com or message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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