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How’s LED Digital Advertising In The Philippines?


1. The Philippines And Its Digital Economy


LED Digital Advertising Philippines

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelagic countries found in SouthEast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is home to pristine beaches, beautiful landscapes, and rich natural resources.

With a land area of over 30 million hectares, The Philippines’s most essential industry is agriculture. However, the country is slowly embracing industrialization and digitalization due to changing demands.

From an agricultural-based economy, it has been transitioning to an economy emphasizing manufacturing, services, and the digital market.

In recent years before the onset of the 2019 pandemic, the Philippine’ economy has made progress in its digital economy, which was brought about by the adoption of new digital technologies.


2. Impact Of Digital Technology


LED Display Panel Price Philippines
Metro Manila

Even though digital media and hardware have long existed, the Philippines remains a newbie in digital transformation.

Many claim that the rapid adoption of digital technologies, combined with the understanding of the nation’s needs, is a way to have a more equitable and progressive economy.

A report by the World Bank and NED that integrating digital technologies into the country’s everyday activities can help accelerate the country’s economic growth and recovery from the onslaught of the Covid pandemic.

It allows communication and transactions to occur despite the current restrictions in the movement of goods and people.

Digital technology and digital transformation help face the present and future economic crisis that the Philippines face.


3. The Demands For LED Display Walls In The Philippines


LED Screen Philippines
LED Wall

When there is an attempt to transform digitally, there will also be an increase in demand for LED walls.

LED displays are the most preferred digital technologies used to adorn different commercial establishments and offices. Aside from enhancing the way a location looks, they are also highly functional and practical.

Unsurprising, the adoption of this kind of technology is continuously rising in the Philippines. They help government and private sectors deliver services and announcements, especially during these times of crisis.

And while most of the country is in quarantine, many industry sectors have seen this as an opportunity to adopt LED technologies. It is as part of their preparation for the reopening of the economy.


4. Significant LED Digital Advertising In The Philippines


LED display technology is not new in the Philippines anymore. If you have visited the metropolitan area, you will see significantly noticeable LED displays in malls, highways, etc.


  1. Outdoor LED Wall Application


LED walls are built for outdoor installation. They are common in roads and highways, as well as buildings’ outdoor walls.

The LED screens function as a communication tool between authorities and commuters or businesses and their target audience.

You can use this solution to convey urgent information, reminders, warnings, wayfinding signs, promotions, and your business information. LED screens produce bright and colorful images to be visible outdoors even when there is broad daylight.


LED Wall Rental Metro Manila

GA Tower Building

LED Wall Rental Price Philippines

SM Mall of Asia Media Mesh


  1. Indoor LED Wall Application


LED walls are also a great addition to indoor spaces within malls, airports, offices, museums, stations, etc.

These monitors help entertain and inform your guests and visitors. These bezel-less and seamless LED monitors can display different marketing and advertising contents such as dynamic images and videos.

Many are also using LED walls in their trade events, fashion shows, conferences, and conventions to help engage all the present participants.

If you want to showcase a vibrant and captivating display visual for your future event, LED walls are your reliable media tool.

LED Advertising Screens Price Philippines

Ayala Mall Display


5. LED Rental and Leasing Services


Rental Screen
Rental Screen

LED wall rental in the Philippines is a booming industry. If investing in your own LED wall units is not ideal for you. You can still enjoy the benefits of having your LED displays by renting or leasing some units.

The rental LED displays are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use- fixed or mobile. In the Philippines, they are usually rented for events like product launches, festivals, conferences, concerts, etc.

There are manufacturing LED companies that offer this kind of service. You can see here on our website the renting services we offer. We have rental full-sized LED screens that range in size and quality depending on what you need for your event.


6. The Effectiveness Of LED Digital Advertising


LED Wall Supplier Philippines
MOA Sphere Display

LED Digital Advertising in the Philippines is one of the most sought-after marketing strategies nowadays. Since they are new and trendy, they can effectively get people’s attention.

Essentially, LED advertising billboards are giant TV-like screens you see on highways or side of the roads playing video-based content. They are heavily embraced in major cities in the Philippines.

The digital LED advertising video walls can display recognizable and appealing text, dynamic graphics, colorful images, and high-definition videos.

They are perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising solutions as these LED screens can perform in any weather conditions. Also, they are highly customizable to meet your varying needs for advertising. They are easily managed and controlled.


7. Advantages Of LED Display Technology In Businesses


It is a no-brainer that this technology is fast spreading in the country. Some of the cited reasons why this technology is well-accepted are as follows:

LED Wall For Sale Philippines
LED Wall In The Philippines
  1. Their size is customizable. There is an adage that ‘one size does not fit all.’ That is also true when it comes to your LED wall needs. Good thing that LED walls is modular. Hence, you may request any size that matches your needs. Also, LED screen panels have their cabinets designed for a seamless connection. So, whether you need a small screen or large LED display, you can have it.
  2. They produce bright and crisp picture quality. LED walls deliver excellent color production and contrast visibility. Also, they allow you to deliver eye-catching advertisements or announcements in any lighting conditions.
  3. They have ultra-slim and lightweight designs. LED walls are the most space-saving display technology available in the market today. Thus, they can be mounted almost anywhere, and they are straightforward to install.
  4. They are energy-saving and long-lasting. The light diodes of LED displays use very little power and significantly have a longer life span compared to fluorescent lamps used in older technology. They can be considered to be a more economical and more environment-friendly display option than other alternatives.
  5. They are 100% programmable. The best thing about LED walls is that they require very minimal supervision. Also, they are highly addressable and can offer you absolute control of your LED screen.


8. YUCHIP LED Display Projects In The Philippines


YUCHIP is a China-based LED manufacturer and supplier, serving hundreds of businesses and institutions with their LED needs. We have clients from all around the world, and that includes the Philippines.

In 2016, YUCHIP carried out its first project in the Philippines- a P4 Indoor rental LED display in a hotel.

Billboard Suppliers Philippines

P4 LED Wall in a Hotel in the Philippines


There are several hotels in the Philippines. You can find hundreds of them in metro manila alone. The significant number of hotel chains in the Philippines gives this industry much competition. And that’s where we can help you. Thus, we can help you alleviate your services to help you set new standards and satisfy your customers better.

The project is a success and brings profit to the hotel. We used six (6) 2.5m P4 indoor LED screens for the said project.

Here’s the client’s testimony after the event:

“The showing effects of YUCHIP LED display is very good. The color is very realistic and has no color difference. The picture is very clear and smooth, and the operation is also very easy to understand in each activity process. Once I did not know how to do, I can always get timely help and support from them, for which I have to express my heartfelt thanks.

In short, YUCHIP products let me get a good profit, they offer the intimate and timely service and support, I also feel at ease, meanwhile, my customers are also very satisfied and they are very interested in this display.”

If you’re looking for LED display panels for sale or LED wall rental for metro manila or an LED billboard supplier in the Philippines, we can be your trusted partner.

You can contact us to learn more about our indoor/outdoor LED screen advertising and LED screen/LED wall rental prices in the Philippines.


9. The Future Of LED Digital Advertising In The Philippines


Outdoor LED Screen Price Philippines
Outdoor LED Screen

Amidst the country’s challenges, the Philippines will continue venturing forward in its economic goals. Also, part of its goal is to embrace technological advancement to continue its operations and services to its people.

Many big companies and business enterprises are now investing in LED screens in the Philippines. They see the positive effects LED displays to bring to their business and their target audience.

Visual impact is significant for brand awareness and retention. Giant LED screens in metro manila came to life because of this reason. Thus, the birth of LED walls in the Philippines has changed the advertising landscape in the country. Hence, LED screens are gradually replacing brochures, flyers, and tarpaulins.

The continuous development in LED technology will indeed reflect on the value of LED displays in the future.

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