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Dubai Advertising Screen Continues To Prosper


LED Display Screen UAE
LED Display Screen UAE

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid acceleration of urbanization and technological advancement in the world. Thus, many new technologies are introduced to provide us with better results and convenience.

Technology indeed changed the way we live our lives and do things.

Besides, the introduction of smartphones, digital and virtual devices, and other software technologies has immensely influenced how we interact and do business.

And because of technology’s proven advantages, many cities worldwide have embraced and adopted them to have a better and more innovative society.

One good example of this is the UAE. Hence, with overwhelming support from the national and local government, the UAE has managed to position itself as a land of innovation and become one of the world’s most digitally advanced countries.

Thus, this digital growth and development are most evident in UAE’s famous city, Dubai.

Dubai’s journey to adopting various technologies started in 1999. Since then, they have implemented many ICT strategies such as the Dubai Internet City, Dubai Smart Government and e-government, and the Smart Dubai initiative.

So, with its 2021 Vision project, Dubai aims to establish a digitized smart city by integrating technological innovation into its current and future endeavors.


1. What Makes Dubai UAE An LED Display-Friendly City?


LED Screen Advertising Dubai
LED Screen Advertising Dubai

UAE continues to dominate the global ranking when it comes to digital transformation. It keeps on stepping up its game by giving its society a futuristic look by utilizing modern technologies such as LED displays.

LED displays have become a staple solution to many countries that want to go high-tech. These are an excellent substitute for wall displays, posters, billboards, lighting, and other digital decorations.

Dubai is the home of some of the world’s biggest and most luxurious malls, hotels, restaurants, and buildings. And in all of these establishments, you can see LED walls and screen displays.  Dubai uses lightweight, flexible, curved LED screens to decorate the buildings’ exterior and interior parts.

These LED screens are used commercially by several enterprises as advertising screens or decorative screens. These screens may serve various purposes, from entertaining the guests and visitors to promoting brands and increasing sales.


2. How Do Futuristic, And Creative LED Display Help Boost Dubai’s Image And Market?


Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world. Thanks to its spectacular architectural design and technological undertaking, it achieved a futuristic look that amazes many nations. The progress of Dubai’s technology and creative sectors includes the utilization of robots, high-tech equipment, automatic cars, and LED screens.

Having been hailed as one of the most technologically advanced nations worldwide has given the UAE some great benefits and advantages.

Better Communication and Way of Living. The very aim of technology is to make the lives of people a lot easier. Technological advancement has changed the way people communicate both for personal and business reasons. There are now several ways people can convey their message and connect to people locally or internationally.

LED Screen Suppliers In Dubai
LED Screen Suppliers In Dubai

Better Tourism and Economy. Dubai’s reputation as a highly-recognized developed city made it a top destination for many tourists and travelers. Visitors can be awe of Dubai’s outstanding view because of its envy-inducing modern architecture and tech innovations.

More Businesses and Enterprises. Dubai has lured many investments globally over the last few years. Because of its progressive development, many businesses have shown support and interest in doing their business in the UAE.

International Recognition. Being acknowledged and recognized by the entire world as one of the most tech-friendly countries is a considerable achievement. It indeed makes UAE’s leaders and citizens proud of what they have already accomplished so far. UAE has made it on the list of the Top 20 most advanced digital economies in 2018.


3. How Are LED Displays Incorporated In UAE’s Malls, Airports, And Other Infrastructures?


Like what has already been established, LED screens in Dubai play a vital role in giving it an image that matches its economy and international position. The LED screens serve the following purpose in Dubai, UAE:

As Advertising Screens. LED screens are rampant in almost every establishment in Dubai. LED screens are part of their infrastructure architectures. You can find LED advertising screens in malls, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other public places. LED screens allow business owners and advertisers to deliver their message in the most stylish and modern way.

As Decorative Screens. LED screens are also used to give Dubai’s citizens and visitors a visual experience that only a few can offer. They use these LED screens to beautify the building and entertain and amaze the audience and guests. LED screens give their users limitless possibilities on what they can showcase on their screens.

As Digital Signages. Dubai has many digital signages to guide and inform its visitors and people of directions, warnings, reminders, and others. It is almost impossible to see non-digital signages in Dubai. That is expected for a country that aims to be a leading nation for digital competitiveness.

As Lighting Technology. LED technology is also helpful in lighting up an entire city. Being one of the most tech-savvy cities, Dubai can keep its city alive and vibrant even at night. Many well-known buildings in Dubai use LED displays to make them visible during the evening.


4. What Are Some Of The Famous LED Display Screens In Dubai, UAE?


Dubai Aquarium Video Wall
Dubai Aquarium Video Wall

Dubai Aquarium Video Wall.

The Guinness World Records recognized the Dubai Aquarium as “The Highest Resolution Video Wall,” “Largest HD Video Wall,” and “Largest OLED Screen.”

The curved video wall situated above an enormous aquarium measures 50 meters wide and with a height that equals a two-story building. It is made up of 820 OLED screen displays with combined pixels of 1.7 billion.   (Photo Credit: Guinness World Records)

This gigantic LED video wall in Dubai Mall aims to promote aquatic life and an underwater zoo. It is part of Dubai’s ICT strategy to provide a world-class visual experience using state-of-the-art LED displays.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is recognized as the most visited mall and largest shopping mall in the world.

People go there to shop for exclusive and fancy brands and enjoy beautiful LED displays.

Aside from the largest Aquarium LED video wall, there are several other LED displays that you can find in Dubai Mall. It is the most visited mall for a reason, that is for sure. You can find all sorts and types of the most sophisticated LED screens here. There are Hanging LED screens, wall-mounted, and even floor LED screens.

VR Park Dubai
VR Park Dubai
VR Park Dubai.

Another attraction that you can find inside the Dubai Mall is the VR theme park. All ages can enjoy several game-changing journeys and rides. This park features a curved LED display in the entrance and an enchanting LED tunnel.

This attraction is first-of-its-kind and is designed to ‘challenge reality.’ It offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to all of its visitors.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa, known as the world’s tallest building, is also identified as the world’s most elevated LED screen or largest LED-illuminated Facade.

It is an 828-meter tall skyscraper that has hundreds of LED screens running down its east side.

It is very famous because of its ability to display captivating and jaw-dropping lights and sound displays.

During New Year’s Eve, the Burj Khalifa draws the world’s attention because it showcases a light show broadcasted across the globe.

Since its inauguration in 2010, it has become a top tourist attraction in Dubai, UAE.

It Is reported that more than one million people visit Burj Khalifa annually.


5. Who Are The Top LED Display Screen UAE Supplier?


1. PixelPLUS


PixelPLUS is a leading LED display manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Hence, they offer high-quality, durable, and customizable LED solutions to their clients. Also, they have a range of products subcategorized into three: Indoor LED displays, Outdoor LED, and LED screen rental.

PixelPLUS Indoor Products: Economical LED displays, Flexible LED Modules, Indoor LED Cabinet, Interactive LED Video Display, LED Banner, Transparent LED Displays, and Floor Tile LED Displays.

PixelPLUS Outdoor Products: Outdoor LED Cabinets, Pavement Advertising Digital Posters, Transparent LED Screens, and Curtain LED Displays.

Rental LED Products: Indoor and Outdoor LED Cabinets, HD LED Video Display, and Transparent Floor LED Screens.

2. Pixcom LED


Pixcom is a trusted LED displays and solutions provider in UAE. Thus, they have an 80 percent market share in the entire country of UAE, and they are the official supplier of LED screens used in Dubai’s Aquarium LED Screen and VR Park.

Pixcom offers a wide range of LED products, from regular LED displays to innovative LED displays.

Pixcom LED Displays: Indoor LED Displays, Outdoor LED Displays, Custom LED Displays and LED Controllers.

*Innovative LED Displays:  Interactive LED Displays, Transparent LED Displays, and Free Form LED Displays.

Pixcom also offers LED video lighting, LED rental displays, IP telephony solutions, kinetic display systems, and other ICT solutions.

3. Brisigns


LED Screen Suppliers In UAE
LED Screen Suppliers In UAE

Brisign is another leading manufacturer of LED signs and displays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Besides, they offer all kinds of LCD and LED display screens, installation, and other software and content LED solutions.

They also custom-made LED displays to meet every advertising needs and requirement of their clients.

Also, some of the products they offer include touch screens, digital display boards, flexible LED screens, spherical screens, custom-shaped LED screens, and multi-color indoor and outdoor LED screens.

4. YuChip


LED Screen Suppliers In Dubai
LED Screen Suppliers In Dubai

YuChip is another famous LED display brand from China. With hundreds of projects across the globe, YuChip is considered one of the leading LED display manufacturers supplying almost 105 countries in the world.

YuChip has a headquarter in Shenzhen, China, with nearly 17 years of LED display experience.

Besides, YuChip has provided numbers of LED Display Screen UAE and now has a distributor responsible for product trading in the city.

This LED manufacturer has various LED products and solutions such as indoor/outdoor, flexible, transparent, LED posters, advertising screens, and many more.

YuChip is also the leading partner of Dubai clients in providing them quality screens for their business establishments, educational centers, entertainment, recreational areas, etc.

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