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Malaysia LED Display Screen Industry And Development


1. Introduction


Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia with an established aspiration to adopt a technology-driven production-based development pattern similar to Newly Industrializing Economies in Asia like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

LED Display Supplier Malaysia

In 1991, Malaysia launched a long-term policy plan called Vision 2020. This project aims to make Malaysia a developed country and become a knowledge-based economy by 2020 by building competency in technology development.

Also, tapping into and embracing different technological innovation opportunities has become Malaysia’s steps to become a high-tech nation. So, impressively enough, based on the recent Bloomberg studies, Malaysia ranked as the 27th most innovative country around the world.

Meanwhile, as the whole world moves towards digitalization, it is safe to claim that the economic success of one nation is somehow a reflection of the investment it has in its technological endeavors and activities.

Though this country has no problem manufacturing different tech products, Malaysia believes it must engage further in research and development. Thus, this action plan ensures that there would be a continuous increase in the country’s technological productivity and competitiveness.


2. What Is The Current State Of The LED Display Industry In Malaysia?


The LED industry in Malaysia remains promising and flourishing.  The LED display is known to be more energy-saving compared to other similar technology.

As the country moves toward the green technology trend, the LED industry has set off as a priority for lighting and display products.

In 2015, Malaysia rolled out a plan to upgrade and replace conventional lighting display products fully with LED. Even though the LED lighting and display application industry in Malaysia is still in its developmental phase, it already contributed positively to the LED industry.

Outdoor LED Display Board Malaysia
Outdoor LED Display Board Malaysia

The Malaysian government even banned incandescent lights and traditional luminaries in buildings from promoting further LED technologies. Thus, the installation of LED lights and displays has become compulsory.

The action to gradually phase out traditional lighting products and Malaysia’s immense investment in its construction industries has led to the increased demand for LED screens. As a result, the growth of the LED market has also sped up.

Just last year, Malaysia was recognized as a prominent hub for manufacturing and producing LED products. This production includes LED, lighting products, and LED display solutions for backlights and displays, widely used in Malaysia and exported worldwide.


3. How Does The LED Industry Boost Malaysia’s Electronic Sector And Economy?


The production and implementation of the different LED clusters in Malaysia bring the country many advantages.


  1. It alleviates the electric and electronic industry. This industry always has high growth potential. Also, the LED industry has opened new opportunities and possibilities for many electronic companies to develop products that meet the needs and demands of the 21st-century market. Nowadays, LED technology has become a vital component of many electronic and electric appliances and devices.
LED Display Screen Malaysia
LED Display Screen Malaysia
  1. It helps create new jobs for Malaysian citizens. Malaysia’s move to embark on building its technological capacity to become a modern nation requires having a sufficient supply of a workforce of skilled human capital. Thus, the booming of any industry is beneficial to the country’s job creation.


  1. It increases the confidence of international investors in the country. Alongside, the application of LED technology in Malaysia is one great way to make the country more conducive for rolling out high-tech projects. Thus, Malaysia is becoming a popular choice as a profitable venue to grow businesses.


  1. It is a sustainable technology that brings the country significant environmental development. As the population and industrialization continue to increase, the energy consumption of Malaysia also increases. Besides, LED displays are great for energy management solutions. Hence, reducing its carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency are two of the chief reasons Malaysia opts to favor the LED industry.


4. What Are The Advantages Of LED Display, And Why Are They Popular In Malaysia?


The LED display is popular in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Here are some of the cited advantages of LED display:

Digital Signage Malaysia
Digital Signage Malaysia
  1. They are scalable to any size. Also, LED technology is usable from very small to ultra-large LED displays.
  2. They provide better performance compared to traditional and old-style projectors and LCDs. Besides, they produce better color production, picture quality. LED displays are also suitable for a wide range of applications and scenarios.
  3. They are lighter and have a sleeker look; they can be mounted anywhere and still look good.
  4. LED Displays are economical and better for the environment; they consume less power and use less energy.
  5. They are a perfect example of easy-to-use technology that can serve several purposes; communication, advertisement, entertainment, decoration, surveillance/security, etc.


5. What Are Some Of The Well-known LED Displays In Malaysia?


LED screens are of the most sought-after LED screen solutions used for a variety of purposes. Aside from being an effective and more energy-efficient device to deliver a message and showcase marketing content, these LED screens are also perfect for creating a modern and trendy ambiance.

Usually, you can spot them in crowded public places like airports, hotels, resorts, and shopping malls.

LED Display Price Malaysia

(Image Source: Ometer.com)

  1. Full-color LED display for advertising in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion.


This outdoor LED display with a combined screen area of 1500 square meters utilizes 12.8-pixel SMD LED technology. It was installed in 2016 on the exterior wall of a luxury shopping mall in Malaysia. The LED display has a 90-degree curve in the middle.

Additionally, this LED display is made with lightweight LED screen panels connected with no gap in between to achieve a one-screen seamless effect. It is designed specifically for commercial and advertising purposes. Hence, LED displays like this to make advertisement content more vivid and attractive.


LED Display Board Price Malaysia

(Image Source: Sixteen-nine.net)

  1. Giant LED ad Banner in Petronas Twin Skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur.


It is the largest double-sided LED banner/display in the world. It is a revolving (360 degrees) LED banner that you can find hanging at the center of the famous shopping center Suria KLCC in Petronas Tower.  Also, this rotating LED screen is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

The Giant LED banner is 19 feet by 33.5 feet (width x height) in size and has a 4.7mm pixel pitch screen. Thus, this screen has been used for showcasing exquisite brands, including Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, etc.


6. What Company Is A Trusted LED Manufacturer From China?


If you are looking for high-quality LED solutions from a well-reputed manufacturer/supplier in China, we are the right LED provider for you.

Besides, YUCHIP has provided customized LED solutions and services in Malaysia for more than a decade already.

We have a wide range of LED products and solutions (i.e., LED screen/truck rental, LED posters, transparent screen, flexible display, LED ball, trade show display, theater, and school sign, etc.) suitable for indoor and outdoor application needs. Also, we make sure that all of our LED products deliver superb performance and provide a perfect visual experience.

It has always been YUCHIP’s goal to create reliable and durable LED products and display solutions that will help you, business owners, brands, and advertisers realize their LED display project. YUCHIP is committed to furthering that goal.

Here are some of our highly praised LED projects in Malaysia:


LED Billboard Advertising Rates Malaysia
YUCHIP Indoor HD LED Video Display in Malaysia

The picture above is an LED video display in Malaysia by YUCHIP. It is a P4 indoor High-definition LED display with a total size of 31 square meters.

This modular LED screen adopts the SMD2121 LED technology; it has a low brightness (indoor recommended) and high intensity for perfect display effect and vivid pictures.


LED Display Panel Supplier In Malaysia
YUCHIP Stage LED Screen in Malaysia

Above is the image of the stage LED screen in an outdoor event in Malaysia. The modular LED screen is a P7.62 video wall used to make the setting more visually pleasing for the audience. Eventually, having an LED video wall is an effective strategy to increase the participation of the audience.

LED display panel/board price in Malaysia depends on your specific requirements. Also, you may request a quote from us.

If you are interested in our LED display products and services, you may message us to learn more about how we can help you with your project.


7. Conclusion


LED Screen Rental Malaysia
LED Screen Rental Malaysia

Above all, Malaysia has become an emerging Asian economy since it started a national plan catalyzing the adoption of new technologies and innovations.

Also, Malaysia aims to have a holistic digital ecosystem that will make them realize its goal of becoming a technologically advanced and developed country.

Generally, digitalization is one of the manifestations of how progressive and innovative one country is. And LED display technology has become the tool that helps many countries like Malaysia to go digital.

In addition, any highly developed countries utilize LED display technology across various sectors to make communication and business transactions more efficient.

Also, LED screens solutions are not only effective in delivering eye-catching displays, but they can also turn any building and infrastructure modern and sophisticated in an instant. Besides, because of their stylish look and undeniable functionality, leaving a lasting and memorable impression is now simple.

Also, here are some links if you need updates on LED display markets in various parts of the world.

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