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USA LED Display Market Continues To Venture


1. Introduction


As the whole world may know, the USA is one of the most advanced countries in all matters relating to technology and business innovations. Science and Technology are two of the cornerstones of the U.S. economy.

Hence, these are the forces that contribute enormously to America’s modern society and national development.

LED Display USA
United States of America

U.S. policies regarding science, technology, and innovation include promoting the value of science to all, especially the younger generations. Thus, the Department of State believes that strengthening the innovation ecosystem within the country is vital in hastening one’s economic growth and advancing foreign policies.

Besides, the investment made by the U.S. national government and other big Non-government organizations and companies has given birth to the emergence of many high-technology products that we all enjoy and benefit from today.

Digital technology is one byproduct of tech innovation that helps the whole world improve the way we communicate, collaborate, manage content, and access data analytics.


2. LED Display Industry In The USA


Digital Signages in the US LED, OLED and other advanced digital displays help deliver informative content and display promotions in the forms of texts, images, videos, or other digitized creative content.

LED Display Screen USA
LED Display Screen USA

Meanwhile, many content creators, advertisers, marketers, and businesses know that creative promotional contents attract and engage viewers and customers.

So, your digital display’s impact on the audience affects their purchasing decisions and attitude towards your brand.

Digital technologies are well-received in the market as they are capable of delivering outstanding visuals and reliable durability.

Also, the proven effectiveness of digital signages to provide quality displays has led to the continuously increasing adoption of digital display technologies in various industries and sectors, such as retail, entertainment, education, health, transportation, banking, hospitality, etc.

In the U.S. alone, huge investments are made every year by many marketers all over the country as they find it one of the most efficient tools to reach their target market and audience.

Hence, digital signages are projected to exhibit a higher growth rate in the next couple of years, not just in the USA but also in most parts of the world.


3. USA Display Market Size


In 2019, the value of the digital signage market in the U.S. was USD 4.7 billion. And it is estimated to be at $7.8 billion in the year 2027.

LED Store Sign
LED Store Sign

According to reports, the western part of the U.S. accounts for the largest market share in 2019, which is to retain its lead in more coming years.

Additionally, the retail industry is the most prominent industry where digital display technology is applied.

The growing acceptance and increasing demands for digital display technologies are attributed to the increase in the need for enhanced visual quality and image sharpness, which LED displays have no issue providing.

The LED display technology takes the top spot as the most sought-after display technology as of this writing. They are cheaper, have a longer life span, are easy to install, and are easy to maintain.

Also, the advancement and new developments in LED and other display technologies are a driving force for market growth.

More and more marketers and advertisers continue to choose digital technologies as they are more practical, effective, and multi-functional.

Moreover, many brands and businesses now prefer outdoor advertising. Hence, large digital signages that are 52 inches and above are gaining so much popularity these days.


4. Reasons Why Digital Display Is Becoming More In Demand


Here are the main reasons why Digital Display Technologies are getting more and more attention and acclaim over the years:

USA LED Sign Company
USA LED Sign Company
  1. Reduced Companies’ Operational Cost.

Deviation from using traditional marketing materials may result in companies having had to pay less money for operations.

Digital displays are multi-purpose and multi-functional technologies that can do communication and content management tasks. One LED store sign, for example, can be for aesthetic, promotion, and messaging purposes.


  1. Lower Energy Consumption.

Modern digital display technologies, such as LED screens, have adopted enhanced technologies that are substantially more energy-saving.

LEDs are the trendiest light Technology of today. They are cheaper, more lightweight, deliver better performance, and consume less power compared to other types of lighting technologies.


  1. Better Audience Engagement / Increased Sales.

Digital signages allow users to showcase dynamic and creative visual displays that catch the audience’s attention and engage the viewers.

Research has proven that colorful, moving, vivid images are more likely to command attention than static and printed ones.



  1. Reduced Paper Consumption.

The use of LED signs in the USA has resulted in cutting down paper-based materials used for advertisements.

Digital signages are more “green” than traditional promotional materials as they are long-lasting and do not require constant replacement. Opting to use LED signboards or outdoor LED signs also means that there is less waste to manage.


  1. Adoptable/Applicable to Various Industries.

LED store signs and video walls are advantageous in any segment of any industry.

You will see them handy and applied in the service industry, entertainment industry, transport and production industry, and retail industry, most especially.


5. Most Common Usage And Applications Of LED Display


LED Advertising Signs For Sale
LED Advertising Signs For Sale

These days digital signages are in demand. Due to attractive designs and superior performance, LED displays to hold the largest segment in the market signage share, followed by LCD and projector.

Transparent LED screens, kiosks, digital posters, LED banners are some of the products that make the digital signage market.

You can easily spot these stylish LED display screens in the USA. We can use them to display important information and promotions in shopping complexes, transport stations, airports, stores, institutions, and many others.

Below is a brief discussion of the applications of LED Displays:


LED Signs
LED Signs
  1. Digital Billboards For Advertising.

Posters and Billboards are gradually experiencing phasing out as they are progressively replaced by LED store signs/displays, otherwise known as digital billboards.

Many users prefer these signages as they are way more resistant to any weather conditions and temperature. They are also more capable of delivering bright displays that are visible in outdoor and well-lit areas.


  1. Public Information.

You will notice that there are now many LED screens installed around the major cities of the USA. Thus, if you live or visit the country, you will see these signages installed on highways, stations, government offices and infrastructures, control rooms, and other public places.

These are utilized by the general information sector of the country to deliver and convey messages and information.


  1. Rental And Events.

The digital signages and LED video walls are popular in various events like concerts, conferences, trade shows, carnivals, sports events, etc. Also, they are a great addition to making the event more exuberant.

Besides, they can be a stage background, lighting displays to improve the design, additional monitors for better viewing, and an interactive screen that makes the audience more involved.


6. What Are Some Of The Most Exquisite Screens Popular In The USA?


Below are 3 of the world’s most creative digital displays examples in the USA:

LED Screen USA
Microsoft’s Flagship Front Store Digital Signage, New York
  1. Microsoft’s Flagship Front Store Digital Signage, New York

The Microsoft flagship store in New York has a captivating LED video wall that features colorful moving objects.

The impressive LED screen is attached to the building’s front facade, visible to almost anyone who passes by. Also, the digital display adopts optical illusion to create a feeling that the content is part of the outside world.


LED Sign Board
The Center Bar 3D Display, Las Vegas
  1. The Center Bar 3D Display, Las Vegas

Inside the SLS Resort located in Las Vegas, you will find the famous “The Center Bar” that features a four-sided 3D LED display hanging from the bar’s ceiling.

Daktronics created the magnificent ceiling display that is 32 feet long, 18 feet wide, and extends 4 feet deep with over 2.1 million multicolor LED lights. Aside from this breathtaking centerpiece that certainly improves that place’s ambiance, the bar is also surrounded by other digital signages and menu boards.


Outdoor LED Signs
Coca-Cola Robotic Digital Sign, Manhattan
  1. Coca-Cola Robotic Digital Sign, Manhattan

In 2017, the Coca-Cola company made history by showcasing the world’s first and the most significant LED robotic digital sign.

The historic and staggering LED display in Times Square features 1,760 moving independently LED screens programmed to deliver visuals in sync with the content on display. Besides, the enormous LED display gives almost 300,000 people an immersive visual and multi-sensory experience.


7. Top LED Display Manufacturers In The USA


If you are looking for a list of LED sign manufacturers and companies in the USA, you have to expect that it will be a long list.

LED Sign Company
LED Sign Company

As the demands for LED displays continue to grow in the U.S., the number of suppliers also increases every year. Hence, you have to be careful in choosing the supplier that you are going to select.

It is to ensure that you will receive the LED products and services that you truly deserve. Many LED sign companies will promise you the best product and services, but only a handful can live to their promises.

Here, we list down top LED manufacturers and suppliers in the USA that are reliable and have a proven service record.


  1. Formetco – Formetco is a sign shop located in Georgia, USA. This company is one of the top manufacturers in the USA.

Thus, they are famous for adopting the latest and most advanced technologies in their products.


  1. Siliconcore. If you want an LED sign in California, Siliconcore is the brand that you may consider.

They are one of the pioneers in offering fine-pitch LED displays. They are popular for producing LED signs with the best color and quality.

LED Sign Manufacturers
LED Sign Manufacturers


  1. Neoti. Another leading LED manufacturer in Indiana is ‘Neoti.’ They specialize in producing H.D. indoor and outdoor LED displays for every application.


Other trustworthy (but no lesser) LED manufacturers in the USA are Chauvet Video, Barco Visual Solution, Inc., ADJ, World Stage, LMG, and D3 LED, LLC.


8. Alternative LED Display Supplier From China


If you happen to be looking for a reliable and trusted LED supplier from China that will suit your needs and requirements, you may want to try knowing YUCHIP.


YUCHIP is a leading LED manufacturer in China. The company was established in 2004, and since then, we have been providing high-quality products and reliable services in China and other 104 countries all over the world.

In addition, we offer various LED products like transparent LED screens, LED posters, outdoor LED displays, 3D LED displays, flexible LED screens, and a lot more.

Also, we offer LED screen display customization to ensure that we give you an LED solution to meet the requirements needed for your specific LED application.

Thus, we commit to making a mark in this industry and our clients by putting a smile on every customer’s face. So if you will choose us as your official provider, we promise to give you nothing but only the best in everything.

Contact us today, and let us begin our journey together. We will be happy to serve you.

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