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YUCHIP P10 LED Outdoor Screen In Saudi Arabia


1. What Is A P10 LED Outdoor Screen?


P10 LED Outdoor Screen has a pixel pitch of 10 which means the distance between the center of pixels is 10 mm. P10 is applicable for both environments; indoors and outdoors.

P10 is an ideal LED Display product because it’s best for distant viewing perfect for crowd events such as concerts, advertising, and a lot more. Perhaps, it’s one of the most prominent choices for outdoor commercial advertising because of its high brightness and high greyscale.

It gives viewers an excellent viewing experience and stable performance even under various weather conditions.


2. P10 LED Outdoor Screen In Saudi Arabia: YUCHIP Project


LED Outdoor Screen Saudi Arabia
YUCHIP P10 LED Outdoor Screen In Saudi Arabia

YUCHIP is a China-based LED Display manufacturer and supplier and is a trusted partner of various firms in Saudi Arabia in providing them with LED display products for their business endeavors.

One of our projects in the largest country in the Middle East includes a P10 LED Outdoor Screen. It is installed in a petrol company in the said country. P10 outdoor screens usually have the following features:

  • It utilizes a 1R1G1B pixel configuration, which integrates energy-saving technology. It can save a significant amount of energy in prolonged usage and service.
  • The standard cabinet size is 960 x 960 x 150 in millimeters. However, YUCHIP also delights in offering customization options to meet your desired project.
  • P10 Outdoor Screen is available in the following cabinet materials, steel, aluminum, and die-casting aluminum.
  • Brightness might reach up to 8000 cd/m², which is helpful enough to make the content visible even under direct sunlight.
  • YUCHIP products, including a P10 Outdoor screen, use the following software and control system: Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset. Also, we utilize Nationstar LED.
  • P10 Outdoor Screen has a long life span ranging from 8 to 12 years depending on the maintenance and usage length (daily).


3. Why Is شاشة ليد سكرين Essential For Petrol Business?


شاشة ليد سكرين
شاشة ليد سكرين

شاشة ليد سكرين or LED Screen is an essential investment if you are in the petrol business. Petrol business includes utilizing a land property that is converted into a petrol station.

An LED screen is a powerful tool to advertise your business and leverage your business in many ways.

  • Station Signage

For some reason, gas stations are not visible to the crowd, especially if the road is wide. However, with digital signage such as an LED screen, people can see it visibly because of its brightness and perhaps even better if the screen is enormous.

You can display the prices of various petrol products you offer on the screen. It can be in static form or animated.

  • Advertising

Perhaps, the primary purpose of LED screens is to advertise.

Advertising is a fun and engaging way of persuading your target audience to try out and use your product for good.

  • Road- friendly

LED screens can be an instrument in reminding road travelers and drivers of various safety measures and warnings that could save them from accidents and unnecessary troubles on their trips.

A road-friendly petrol company is a valued one and patronized by many.


4. Where Can I Purchase A Reliable P10 Outdoor?


P10 Outdoor
P10 Outdoor

When it comes to reliable partners providing you with quality P10 Outdoor LED screens, YUCHIP is your best accomplice.

With a 17-year of experience in the LED display manufacturing industry, YUCHIP is an expert in excellent service and quality products.

We have a professional R&D team to count on in laying down your future, project goals, and business desires.

If you’re considering factors such as the area, budget, screen size, etc., we can help you customize to meet your desired final product.

We are a leading LED display solution provider in Shenzhen, China, with several partner distributors across the globe.

We hope and look forward to helping you with your firm.

Please get in touch with us to learn more.

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