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Electric Scoreboard And Perimeter Features


1. Introduction


Electric Scoreboard
Electric Scoreboard

According to the general administration of sport in China, the global sports industry showed a sustained growth pattern from 2006 to 2012.

So, the comprehensive development of modern society led to the take-off of sports.

Electric scoreboard, then, has become so popular that this has replaced the traditional scoreboards in most stadiums.

Therefore, LED displays quietly occupied the main advertising space of the stadium. At the same time, the audience can enjoy the game through LED displays.

Typically, multi-functional gymnasiums can meet large-scale dance, artistic performance, various sports competitions, and other large-scale activities. Thus, using the LED display screen, you can achieve an overall effect on the stadium.

Hence, the electric scoreboard eases the recording of live highlights, close-up shots and gives viewers the perfect visual feast. Besides, LED displays to break down seat restrictions and make it easier to watch games from a distance.

The electric scoreboard also connects judges to a timing and scoring system because they allow slow-motion replay to help judges make correct decisions and maintain the principle of fairness and justice in the game.

The electric scoreboard is easy to use, has high brightness, low power consumption, high grayscale, and is colorful enough for outdoor use when powered up.


2. Why Do You Need An Electric Scoreboard?


Sports LED Display
Sports LED Display

The LED Display Sport is independent and adjustable. Thus, we can tilt it according to the audience’s perspective, supporting the synchronous broadcast of ads;

  • LED Display Sport has an IP65 protection level that ensures an excellent waterproof effect.
  • Sports LED Display has 65536 high grayscales that can provide vivid and exquisite display effects.
  • LED Display Sport has a brightness of up to 6500cd/m². Hence, it can display video clearly in outdoor sunlight.
  • Sports LED Display has a high-quality IC.
  • The refresh rate is up to 4800Hz, which can correctly display beautiful pictures taken by HD cameras.

Reasonable dimensions and snap connectors between boxes make sports LED displays easier to install and remove. It has an average installation time of only about 3 hours.

Also, to facilitate rapid movement, LED display sport has wheels on the bottom. They are equipped with dedicated stadium playback software to make it easier for users to manage and play content.

Above all, the electric scoreboard has a humane design that leaves a great impression on both customers and audiences.

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