LED Screen Algeria | P1.56 LED Video Wall

LED Screen Algeria: YUCHIP’s P1.56 LED


1. Introduction


Algeria is a North African country and is the largest country in Africa, with a total land area of 2.382 million km². It is also the 10th largest country in the world. The nation speaks three common languages, namely Algerian Arabic, Berber, and French.

Algeria is generally known for the Sahara Desert, which covers nearly 90% of the country. The Sahara perhaps is the largest hot desert in the world. Because of the country’s topographical location, Algeria experiences the Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and rainy winters.

LED Screen Algeria
LED Screen in Algeria

Meanwhile, Algeria is prominent for its petroleum and natural gas exports which are nearly dominant among its various economic aspects. The government also has a 42 million population as of 2020.

The country’s leading sources of profits and income are the following: agriculture, fishing, banking and finance, minerals, and tourism. Algeria also has various international partners for import goods such as France, Italy, and China, with a 17.6% import percentage.


2. YUCHIP’s P1.56 LED Video Wall In Algeria


YUCHIP 1.56 LED Video Wall
YUCHIP 1.56 LED Video Wall

As mentioned above, China is one of Algeria’s top import partners, making way for the valued delivery of China’s goods and products.

One of the products that Algeria imports from China are the LED screen.

Algeria has a good LED screen market in which use is evident for stage applications, rental events, theaters, relic museums, and a lot more.

The country also holds various trade shows and exhibition events where it also utilizes LED screens.

YUCHIP is perhaps delighted to be one of Algeria’s top import product providers from China.

YUCHIP is an LED display manufacturer from Shenzhen, China, that has 17 years of expertise in the industry. And to highlight, YUCHIP supplied an LED screen for Algeria’s national state-owned oil company— the Sonatrach.

Below are the details.

  • The project utilized a P1.56 LED Video Wall that is for monitoring. The client might use it for surveying and monitoring various subsidiaries and branches of the largest company in Africa.
  • Sonatrach is Algeria’s nation’s state-owned oil company which controls 80% of hydrocarbon production in the country.
  • Algeria is perhaps popular as one of the primary natural gas and petroleum sources in Africa and globally.
  • With the use of the P1.56 LED Video Wall, the management can easily track and monitor various happenings and whereabouts of each subsidiary. Sonatrach has 154 subsidiaries with a total of 120,000 employees as of 2010.
  • The P1.56 LED Video Wall can capture clear images, videos, and recordings necessary for security purposes. Furthermore, you can watch several CCTV camera monitors in one enormous video display such as the P1.56.

If you need one, YUCHIP can also provide you a P1.56 LED video wall.


3. Why Do You Need A P1.56 LED Video Wall?


P1.56 LED video wall has high resolution and has a small pixel pitch. Because of its clear visuals and optimum specifications, you may use it in many ways but generally indoor applications.

P1.56 LED Screen in Algeria
P1.56 LED Screen in Algeria

Like the LED screen Algeria above, the P1.56 LED video wall is used as a control room monitor. In large companies that hold many branches, you should necessarily monitor the flow of labor and security. Today, where CCTV cameras ease security and store management, you can easily update the store ambiance or branch whereabouts.

Furthermore, with the P1.56 clear and bright presentation, you can see clearly and monitor the employees and store operations.

Aside from using it for control room screens, you can also use it for indoor theaters, relic museums, digital Liveshows, film shows, product launches, and other company endeavors or events.


4. Conclusion


If you’re a business owner, company manager, store manager and would like to ease security and store monitoring at its finest, the P1.56 LED video wall is for you. Aside from making your vicinity a lot safer, it may also attract your buyers and customers to know that the store has security cameras.

P1.56 LED Video Wall
P1.56 LED Video Wall Aging Test

Above all, peace and a safe feeling are necessary all the time and should be present wherever we go.

So, if you’re thinking about getting an LED screen for your control and monitoring rooms, we are one message away. Among our standard and quality product are control room display screens, high-resolution LED panels, outdoor and indoor rental, flexible, 3D display, and a lot more.

Should you have inquiries and questions, please send us a message at manager@yuchip.com.

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