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LED Screen Thailand: Display Market And Transformation


Before a coronavirus outbreak, Thailand was one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. It is a country situated in the central mainland of Southeast Asia. It is a year-round destination as there is no winter and lots of sunshine.

LED Screen Thailand
LED Screen Thailand

If you are someone who loves and appreciates rich and diverse ecosystems, you will find Thailand captivating. It is also known for its wildlife, hills, mountains, plains, forested areas, long coastlines, and of course, polite and happy people.

This country was primarily an agricultural country, but you can now find highly urbanized places, especially in its major cities. Thailand is now famous for its incredible rural locations that cater to all tourists and local travelers.


1. The Digital Economy Of Thailand


Even though Thailand is still considered a developing country, it encompasses high-tech communication and digital infrastructures, which give its people and visitors comfort, convenience, and excellent results. Thailand’s effort to implement a digital economy by adopting a policy to transform the country from a middle-income trap to a high-income nation.

With only a few years of developing a digital-based economy, Thailand has already reached a certain level of success in creating a digital transformation process that helps them obtain knowledge, boost creativity, innovate goods and services.

LED Display Thailand
LED Display Thailand


2. Thailand’s Strategies For Digital Transformation


ราคา จอ LED
ราคา จอ LED

To push for its digital transformation initiatives, Thailand has embraced and utilized the power of digital technologies as a driving force to speed up growth and development (across various sectors) within the country.

They also aim to develop a system that delivers end-to-end digital services to all country citizens and guests and improves the ease of conducting or doing different businesses using available digital technologies.

And most importantly, Thailand wants to adapt as quickly as possible to new technologies and innovations to become more responsive to the needs of the people.


3. (LED) Digital Display Market In Thailand


Thailand has been displaying a growing digital market over the last few years. Many government and business sectors are doing a digital expansion to improve their systems and processes.

And since the internet is widely and easily accessible to almost everyone and digital platforms have become the hotspots for sharing and acquiring information, digital technologies have become popular.

LED displays ranked as the most in-demand display technology in Thailand in terms of digital devices used. In fact, in 2015 alone, there was a 75% increase in the market size of the LED.

Now, you will see many businesses and brands utilizing LED technologies as it becomes the marketing trend in major cities in Thailand. The advent of digital technologies in the country implies that Thailand is performing well in embracing digitalization.


4. Reasons LED Display Technology Is A Good Investment


Many business owners and LED display users in Thailand will tell you that it is a good investment. That is something we can assure you. Aside from doing their job with flying colors, they become an effective and trendy tool to help you execute many tasks. (Plus, LED screens to make the place look modernized and futuristic.)

LED Screen Supplier
LED Screen In Thailand
  1. It is the most reliable display technology available in the market right now. The LED display delivers better performance than other display technologies, namely projectors and LCD screens. It also has a significantly longer lifespan making it a more worthwhile investment.
  2. It is easy to manage and operate. You no longer have to assemble and dismantle the unit from time to time, just like what you may be doing with printed posters and steal signages. So, save yourself plenty of time and effort by switching to this display technology.
  3. It creates new business opportunities for you. It is more than just a monitor. You can use it as follows:


If you get tired of seeing dull print advertisements and want to step up your advertising game, investing in an LED display screen might be a clever idea. It has LED video processors that allow you to showcase dynamic media content scientifically proven to be more attention-grabbing than static print images. LED screens will help increase your store or brand’s visibility to passersby.

  • Communication Channel.

You can also use your LED screen to update your clients or customers about urgent changes in your promotions, prices, improved services, etc. It will be easier for people to spot your message on a bright LED screen.

  • Digital Signage/Banner.

If you want to improve the traceability of your place, then you can never go wrong with adorning it with LED displays. One of the best features of LED screens is that it produces bright enough lights and images to catch the attention of your target market.

If you can still remember the last concert or social event you have attended, there is a big chance that you saw a large TV monitor there that lets you witness what’s going on on the stage. LED screens displays are very in demand for conferences, trade shows, fairs, etc. If you want to engage your audience during an event, rental LED displays can help you.


5. Success Results Of Digital Transformation Initiatives In Thailand


Last year’s study reveals that the digital transformation initiative of Thailand is a success. It has been bringing positive changes to the overall landscape of business processes in the country.

Here are the cited successful results of digitalization in the country:

LED Display Screen Price
LED Display Screen In Thailand
  1. It Improves The Customer Experience.

End-users of digital and display technologies are the primary beneficiaries of initiatives like this one. The goal of going digital is to make a plethora of conveniences for everyone. Which, according to recent studies, Thailand is currently achieving.

Using digital display technologies like LED displays, you are giving your customers and yourself a favor by making things more accessible in a very sophisticated way. Viewing, finding, deciding, and receiving information are now less challenging because of this.

  1. Increased Engagement And Productivity.

Digital technologies are proven to be effective and successful in improving the business performance of many companies belonging to almost every sector. Further, these technologies also help sustain the increases in engagement and productivity long term.

Hence, if you see a bright and strikingly captivating LED display anywhere, you can hardly ignore it. You will take time to look at or examine the display and technology.

If you are the man behind it, it shows that it increases your productivity. Why? Because your aim to grab attention is a success as you manage to engage your target audience or users.

  1. Reduced Cost.

The upfront cost of any new technology is, most of the time, less cheap than older technologies. But since the newer technologies use better and more advanced systems and components, they tend to last a lot longer, not to mention the better performance they can deliver.

In addition, it will help you save labor costs, production costs, management costs, and maintenance costs. So, even though they are more expensive, they make you or the state save more money in the long run.

  1. Increased Revenue.

Digitalization is one of the best solutions taken by any nation that aims to improve its economy. And obviously, it works perfectly for the country Thailand.

As mentioned previously, investing in digital display technologies creates new opportunities for many businesses. Opportunities are disguised revenue streams. If you can have more options, you can increase your revenue if that is your goal.


6. YUCHIP LED Projects In Thailand


If you are looking for a partner for your digital display projects, whether you are a small business owner or a big enterprise, we could help you with that.

YUCHIP is a well-established name in delivering quality displays solutions from all over the world. We are a leading LED display manufacturer in China and a trusted LED screen supplier of top-notch indoor and outdoor LED screens that you can use for various purposes.


Here are some of our LED projects in Thailand:


LED Display
Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi Top LED Display Thailand

Advertising comes in many forms, one of which is mobile advertising. Here’s a taxi top LED screen we delivered in Thailand.

LED Screen
Outdoor Advertising Display Screen In Thailand

Outdoor Advertising Display

The majority of business owners believe that installing an LED screen improves their status in many ways.

Whatever business you have, there’s a suitable LED display solution for you. If you are thinking of investing in an LED display to help boost your business, we have a team of experts and professionals who can assist you and guide you throughout your journey.

Contact us today to know how we can help you.

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