Special Shape LED Display

1. What Is A Flexible LED Display?


Flexible LED Display is a new type of information display media that developed rapidly in the late 1980s. It can create various shapes for delivering a more catchy and attractive look in your area.

Because of its flexibility and can quickly adapt to various scenarios, it has become more and more prominent over the years.

Flexible LED Display Module
Flexible LED Display Module

The flexibility of LED displays is ever-changing, and creativity is also getting higher and higher. And with the maturity of the LED display application market, there are more and more subdivided products. As the name suggests, the flexible LED display is changed to present with more display effects than the traditional LED display.

Meanwhile, many curved display screens are out of soft LED modules. In the increasingly stringent market requirements, the flexible display screen pays more attention to structural breakthroughs. The most common flexible screens are assembled through the edge covering of standard modules. Thus, the display curvature is slight if the display flexibility is complicated.


2. Flexible LED Display Module And Soft LED Series


YUCHIP has specially developed LED soft modules that can solve various application problems. The soft module LED flexible screen connection surface is different from the traditional LED display.

Flexible Panel
Flexible Panel

The traditional PCB board is out of glass fiber material. That’s why the flexible module has a high-strength strong magnetic core connecting device made out of the flexible insulating substrate. Thus, FPC circuit boards, masks, and bottom shells have high-temperature resistant, bend resistant silicone material with high strength compression and distortion resistance.

Also, distributed scanning and modular design make them more reliable and stable. Its high refresh rate design (gray level can be 400-1500bit) makes the LED display have no delay and ghosting phenomena when presenting images. The lateral and longitudinal bending deformation installation and its soft characteristics make it possible to adapt to various complex environments.

Pre-magnetic maintenance design makes maintenance easy and convenient, high protection level, no fear of stormy rain and weather, and is safe in an outdoor environment. The flexible LED screens’ appearance breaks the traditional large-screen splicing system because you can splice them into various irregular shapes to display some creative content.

At the same time, it attracts your audience’s attention, thus achieving better publicity. It also expands the application range of LED display splicing. The LED flexible screen can fully meet the environment’s needs and meet the architectural design’s overall structure and environmental requirements.


3. What Is An LED Spherical Screen?


The LED spherical screen application has gradually matured and is also the most common LED flexible screen. An LED Spherical screen is one way to attract your audience that also depicts art and creativity.

Soft LED Module
Sphere Screen

The ball’s diameter and size allow you to watch 360° without dead angle, play video in all directions, and have good visual effect presentation at any angle.

There is no difference in brightness between the units or stitching black seams, showing a perfect visual effect; thus, the picture is uniform. Without separation, no black lines, no missing information, the accurate, seamless splicing make it entirely suitable for the human eye’s perception of color. You can use them in museums, science museums, exhibition halls and a lot more. 

YUCHIP had many successful LED ball projects like the Astana Expo, the National Museum of Argentina, the Russian Exhibition, the Japanese Casino, and Hungary’s Rental Sphere.


4. What Is An LED Six-sided Panoramic Screen?


Flexible Screen
Six-sided panoramic Screen

The six-sided screen is from a quadrilateral PCB and refers to us as the six-sided screen.

It has six sides and has an extensive viewing angle. It creates a dramatic effect because of the long and wide picture it displays.

Also, the dot matrix is close to the flat LED display, making a significant effect. The minimum point spacing is similar to that of the apartment LED display.

You can make them into geometric shapes. So, you can view the perfect stitching with minimal gaps from any angle around, suitable for installation in the center of a bar, hotel, or commercial real estate, giving the audience a new visual experience.


5. What Is An Arc-shaped LED Screen?


Flexible Module
Arc LED Screen

Arc LED screen is a curved screen that is perfect for outdoor applications. You can divide the LED curved screen into an inner arc, outer arc, cylinder, elliptical arc, and semi-circular arc. The Column LED Display can display the content 360 degrees and improve the value of the advertising.

The cylindrical screen has high brush performance, which ensures the quality of the screen display. Thus, the installation mode can be hoisted, seated, and mounted to meet the site’s requirements to the utmost extent. If you have a particular outlook then, you need to favor sphere LED Displays.

YUCHIP has professional insights on LED flexible screens and experienced engineers to solve LED flexible screen splicing problems. Thus, we have matured in soft LED modules and screens through continuous integration of research and development.

Feel free to visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/ or send us a message at manager@yuchip.com.

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