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LEDSET Software: Versions, Solution, And Configurations


1. What Is LEDSET 2.0 Software?


LEDSet 2.0 is software that uses in setting up your LED display. It lets you load the RCG and CON files, adjust the screen brightness, and control the monitor display.

LEDSet is like a source code communicated to your LED modules to achieve your desired display content. Also, it is the one that enables you to customize your LED lights unit according to your requirements.

LEDSet 2.0
D70 Series Receiving Card

LEDSet 2.0 software allows you to set up the necessary information on your LED screen display, such as setting up the height and width of your LED screen, adjusting your LED screen resolution, etc.

This control system software supports display cascading and synchronizing display content for multiple digital LED video screens. You can manage and operate not only the standard media files such as images and videos, but it also supports HTML coding and real-time messaging.

Using the LEDSet 2.0, you will schedule display content for playing and remotely access your LED screen display log.

It integrates with a sending card and a receiving card, ensuring you will keep the same effects once your content is displayed on your LED screen. But before you start doing the setting up your LED screen display, you need to connect a USB cable first to your computer and the LED sending card.


2. Where Can I Download LEDSet 2.0 And What Other Versions Are Available?


You may download the LEDSet software by logging on to the official website of SySolution. Here is a link that will direct you to their website’s download page. They have uploaded their Software to Google Drive, which you can download wherever you are in the world. You can download the software for free.

LEDSet 2.0 Manual
LEDSet 2.0 Manual

You can find the LEDSet 2.0 and LEDSet 3.0 versions of the software in the link provided. All you have to do is copy the URL provided and paste it on your address bar. Start downloading the file and extract it afterward.

You may find other helpful software, such as the LEDEditor software and EasyBoard Software.

If you experience technical difficulties or you cannot access or download the said software for some reason, you may send them a direct email asking for a copy of the LEDSet software that you need.

You may also find their email address and other contact information in the link provided.


3. What Is Sysolution?


Sysolution, also known as Xixun Technology, is a global professional LED control system solutions provider. They are a trusted supplier of outdoor display media and LED control system products and services providers.

Sysolution’s control system or Xixun LED controller focuses on the asynchronous control system of LED displays. Asynchronous software and an LED controller let you manage your LED display without physical contact with it or from a distance. In other words, it gives you the power to operate your digital media distance remotely.

Xixun LED Controller
Xixun LED Controller

Their asynchronous controller supports full-color displays, more advanced LED displays used to deliver a message to attract your audience and customers. They also offer control system customization to meet the requirements in various applications of LED technology.

Then, this company was established in 2006 and has been a dependable LED control solution service provider. Their primary market includes several countries from North America and Southeast Asian regions.

They aim to make a positive contribution to building digital smart cities domestically and abroad by continuously researching and improving their LED control system solutions and services.

To know more about Sysolution or Xixun technology, you may visit their webpage at www.sysolution.net.


4. What Are The Configuration Options In LEDSET 2.0 Software?


LEDSet software will allow you to direct and control the display content on your LED screen. After installing and launching the LEDSet Software or the Xixun LED Software on your desktop computer, you will see a computer interface with icons of Screen Configuration, Brightness, Calibration, and other menu options.


Screen Configuration.

It is a menu option that allows you to select the display mode you prefer. It is also a tool that you may use to set up multiple displays, manage your display layout, and adjust your LED screen’s resolution. Additionally, this is where you load and adapt the RCG and CON files for your LED control system.

Synchronous And Asynchronous System Software
M Series Control Card

Brightness is a crucial element of LED displays. You have to make sure that the screen brightness complements your display content and the ambiance of the surroundings. Make sure it is not too bright because it will hurt the eyes of your audience. But not too low because your audience will not appreciate your visual content.

Though most LED controllers have a light sensor that automatically adjusts your screen brightness, this tool allows you to manually do it when deemed necessary. You can also use it to manipulate the screen contrast and color temperature.


It is a pixel-by-pixel correction tool. You use it to adjust the LEDs that emit different brightness levels and colors, so your LED screen display will have uniformity in LED colors and brightness.

Lock LED Screen Properties.

This is an optional tool that lets you freeze the visual currently being shown on your LED screen.

Asynchronous Controller
Asynchronous Controller
Turn off LED Screen Power.

As the name suggests, it makes you turn off your LED screen. Using a multifunction LED board, you will turn off your digital display’s power. If you are not using one, this option will only allow you to turn off the video signal.

Change Password.

This is where you can manage your password for your LEDset and configuration screen. Setting a password will help you secure your configuration and your LED display itself.


If you do not want other people to change your screen configuration, there is a logout option to prevent it from happening.


5. What LED Control System Products And Accessories Do Sysolution Offer?


Sysolution or Xixun technology is an all-in-one LED control system solution provider. They provide everything that you will need for your LED controller. LED signboard programming software and LEDset manual to asynchronous LED controller components and LED display accessories.


LED Display Controller.
Xixun M Series Control Card

An LED display screen control card allows digital images and videos from video or input sources.

It facilitates the communication between the source inputs and output devices to form a coherent and exceptional LED visual display.

Xixun’s focus is to provide its client with asynchronous controllers. These are the available Xixun LED controllers.

Sysolution Best Products: M50 – a stand-alone Lan Controller

M60 – cloud internet with USB camera LED display controller

M70 – Asynchronous and synchronous dual-mode LED display controller


LED Sending Card.

The LED sending card is the device accountable for collecting input signals and transfiguring these signals into inputs that the LED screen display can read. It has one DVI video input a jack for audio input, and it supports cascading of sending cards. It has power, a graphics card, Ethernet, USB, and HDMI.

Best Product: Sysolution Sending Card S20


LED Receiving Card.

The receiving card is the control system component that processes the signal input translated by the sending card. It will send the processed information to the LED modules then display it as images and videos. This processing of photos and video data happens in real-time. The receiving card serves as the coordinator of the LED screen components and LED sending card, making it possible for visual file content to transfer to your digital screen.


Sysolution Best Products:

ProductBrief Description
D80-16a universal receiving card
D80-75a small size LED display receiving card
D80-A8Sa large size LED display receiving card
D80-B4Smini receiving card (high end)
D80-220mini receiving card (large load)
D90-A42a tiny size receiving card for screen synchronization
D90-A43Multifunction outdoor RGB LED display receiving card
D90Single block good quality LED receiving card


Other LED receiving cards available at Sysolution include the D90-75, D90-210, D90-270, and D90-A4S, all part of their D90 Series of receiving cards D10 Smart LED Display controller card from the D10 Series.


Video Processor.
LEDSet Software Download
Asynchronous Multimedia Player

Video processors are integrated on the LED screen display by the manufacturer because it converts all the video signals to a resolution of an LED display with a fixed pixel.

It is a stand-alone chip that converts video format. Thus, it is one of the most vital devices in delivering full-color LED video displays.

It is the one that is in control of processing and showing video graphics signals on your digital LED screens.

The Video processors are sometimes called the video format, image, and image, or picture processors.

Sysolution Best Products: S30 video processor and S40 Multitype video processor.


LED Display Accessories.

Sysolution offers display accessories that are useful for your LED screen display. You will need to purchase these accessories separately. If you utilize Sysolution LED control solution and their LEDset LED display panel software, it would be beneficial to buy Sysolution display accessories. There would be no issue incompatibility, so there is a guarantee that these accessories will work with your LED screen.


Sysolution Best LED Display Accessories: 7 in 1 LED monitoring sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, brightness sensor, a timing module, multifunction card indicator sensors and relay switch, synchronization module, and infrared remote control.

You may check out their website for more details about Sysolution LED control system products, solutions, and services at http://www.sysolution.net.


6. What Are The Benefits Of Using LEDSet Software?


LEDset software is a valuable tool for your LED display. Here’s why:

  • Management and Monitoring Purposes.

The LEDset 2.0 software is a centralized LED control system that allows you to monitor your LED display daily, basically you with reports and or notifications when there is an issue with your LED screen display that needs resolving immediately. It makes the maintenance and management of your LED video screen more efficient.

  • Enhanced Convenience.

As we mentioned about easier management and monitoring, having asynchronous Software like LEDset offers you more convenience because you no longer have to do the tedious activities to set up, manage, maintain, and configure your LED screen display.

Asynchronous Software
Asynchronous Player
  • Personal Preference Satisfaction.

When we start planning our LED screen project, we envision how we want it to appear for an audience. Xixun LED software or LEDset gives you the liberty to configure your LED display according to your imagination. It allows you to tweak its resolution, brightness, color, and display mode whenever you like.

  • Smart Technology and Automation

LED display control system utilizes innovative technology and automation that results in a more consistent LED display performance. Thus, it allows easy integration of different hardware and computing components to successfully achieve your LED display goals. It requires less demand for labor, but it offers better-LED display productivity and efficiency. LED display accessories like sensors that provide immediate warning and automatic adjustment maintain an LED display is a no-sweat. Moreover, having the right LED controller will lessen the operating cost of your LED display.

  • Better Flexibility and Versatility.

The LEDset Software gives your LED screen better flexibility. Since reprogramming and making changes to your LED display are more convenient now, it is easy to adjust for your varying LED display preferences and needs. Your LED display can quickly adapt to various functions and applications.

  • Updated Versions.

Sysolution is committed to continuously improving and developing its LED control solutions and services. Whether you need to download LEDset 2.0 or LED2.6, or 2.7, you can have it for free.


 7. Why Should I Consider LEDSet Software And Xixun Technology?


If you are scouting for good LED controllers and you are not familiar yet with LEDset Software and Xixun technology, you might want to read the reasons we curated on why you should consider checking them out:


LED Display Screen Program
Xixun Team
  • Outdoor Digital Media and Asynchronous Controller Expertise.

By visiting their website and scrutinizing their LED control system products, it is pretty noticeable that they focus on providing upgraded and quality outdoor digital media tools and controllers for asynchronous control. We can assume that this is a brand or company that you might want to consider when it comes to your outdoor LED display controller needs and requirements.

  • International Standard.

As mentioned earlier, the LEDs software and Xixun LED controller are availed internationally, especially in North America and Southeast Asia. Moreover, this may mean that their control system solutions and services have a quality that matches the international standard. When a company or brand is favored in foreign markets, you can indicate that they are reliable.

LEDSet 2.0 Software
L Series Control Card
  • Range of Products.

For an LED display controller solution, Sysolution essentially offers as many products as necessary to meet the demands and needs of various applications of an LED control system. Also, they offer LED controller cards and the accessories you will need for your LED video display. Their product range may not be as plenty as that of Novastar, but they offer enough. Finally, they have complete manuals and software as well.

  • Competitive Products and Services.

Xixun technology offers products and services that you can put alongside the products and services of the older and bigger LED control system providers. They also customize solutions and services to cater to various industries and LED display applications.




LED Panel Display Software
LED Panel Display

Above all, like the other LED display control software, LEDset is Software that lets you manage your LED video screen display.

Thus, if you are looking for an alternative control system for your LED display, you may include this one on your list. It has the same functionality and does the job you would expect from it.

Xixun technology is an enterprise that provides LED control solutions. If you are looking for a control system for your outdoor LED display, you can check out their website, and you will see that they have what you need.

As China’s leading LED display manufacturer, YUCHIP uses LEDset 2.0 software for our taxi top LED display, street pole LED display, transparent, 3D LED, LED posters, transportation, theater, school sign, etc.

Also, should you need some great articles for more information, here are a few links you may visit.

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