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LEDVISION: Software Processes, Components, And Features


1. What Are The Tips In Choosing An LED Display Control Software?


When choosing an LED controller for your digital display, make sure to consider these tips that we prepared for you.

Colorlight LED Display In 2020 League Of Legends World Championship
  1. Choose the brand that you can trust. There are many ways on how you can check whether the Company that produces the LED control system is reliable or not.
  • First, you can check how long they have been in the business. Most of the time, LED controller providers who have been around the longest provide quality control solutions and services.
  • Second, read comments and ask for feedback. The experiences of other customers will tell you whether a particular brand is reliable or not.
  • Third, you can ask for a recommendation from your LED display provider. They know which controller works best for your LED display.
  1. Choose a controller provider that offers full service. Companies or brands that provide beginning-to-end support and services are a huge plus factor.
  2. Choose a control system provider that cares about your needs. Some providers will customize and personalize a solution that is perfectly fit for your LED display needs. Those companies that offer customization are the ones that care.
  3. Choose a controller that is suitable for your needs and requirements. Do not simply buy the most expensive controller. That does not assure you that it will help make your LED display excellent. Also, a low price does not always equate to practicality.


2. What Is LEDVISION Colorlight Software?


LEDvision is a control system offered and developed by the ColorLight Company. It is a device and software that are used to control or operate an LED display screen.

The LEDvision is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

LEDvision helps its users adjust the LED screen display configurations depending on the status and quantity of LED pixels, whether the content you will display is HD or not.

ColorLight utilized advanced technology that ensures high performance and high reliability. They have been providing professional solutions for LED screen control systems since their foundation in 2007.

LEDVISION Colorlight Software

They offer a complete set of LED control system products, making them one of the most trusted and reliable control solutions providers in the LED industry.

Colorlight is one of the first and few companies that offer dual-mode intelligent control systems for LED display. This Company is best known for its LED control system products such as the LED receiving cards, LED sender (synchronous), and LED sender box.

For more than a decade now, ColorLight continues to develop its products and services and serve hundreds of thousands of users to achieve an excellent LED display show.


3. What Are The Main Components Of The LEDVISION Colorlight Software Control System?


Colorlight LEDvision control system consists of three (3) electronic components that work together to allow you to showcase a one-of-a-kind digital visual display for your target audience.

ColorLight LED Receiving Card. The receiving card plays a vital role in the LED display control system. It is the one that keeps reading the program data the sending card has converted. It will then feed to the LED boards/modules.

Colorlight offers LED receiving cards that are compatible with all LED display panels and modules. The ‘LEDvision’ system utilizes advanced technology and algorithms to bring out the best in your display resources surely. They offer high display quality, color quality, and high brightness.

Colorlight C4 Player
Colorlight C4 Player

LED Sender Card. Colorlight sending card is a crucial and standard component in a synchronous system. In this card, you connect the video signal sources you want to send to your LED display. It will convert the inputted video signal into data LED screen will display.

ColorLight sending cards are compatible with single displays, dual color displays, and full-color displays regardless of the displays’ resolution.

It is equipped with a USB interface to configure the input and the device itself easily.

Colorlight Sender Box. The sender box allows you to do minor program and screen configuration without the need for a computer. Most Colorlight LED Sender boxes are designed for large-scale digital LED displays with up to 2560 x 1536 resolution. The sender box supports plug-and-play and allows you to manage and update content via Wifi or USB cable.


4. What Are The Critical Features Of ColorLight LEDVISION Software?


The main features of LEDvision software include:

  • LEDvision supports various media file formats of text, audio, pictures, video content, and even flash and gif. The Colorlight software helped with Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PowerPoint Presentations, and clock date and time displays. Even weather conditions and related information are suitable for this software. Other external audiovisual signals such as S-Video, AV, and TV are well-suited for LEDvision.


Colorlight Software
Colorlight Software
  • LEDvision software is compatible with Colorlight LED receiving card series such as the i3, i5, i6, the most popular 5A receiver card, and more. The LEDvision control system supports the T-series, iQ-series, S-series, and other Colorlight sender cards. You can also expect that all C series of ColorLight sender boxes and the M series of multifunction cards are compatible with this software.


  • LEDvision allows you to integrate intelligent parameter configuration of the LED screen. Although, Colorlight software also supports manual setup or correction of your digital audiovisual screen display.


  • LEDvision software is available in many languages. You will have the option to choose from the following languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and others. You can check the LEDvision manual for the complete list of supported languages.


5. How To Install And Uninstall LEDVISION?


A step-by-step guideline on how you shall install the Colorlight LEDvision software on your computer:

Colorlight C6
Colorlight C6
  1. First, upon purchasing your LED screen display, your LED provider will provide you with a CD that contains the Colorlight LED control system. All you have to do is to insert the CD into your computer disc drive. If you do not have the CD, you may download the software at https://www.lednets.com/Products/Software/37_31.html. Double click the LEDvision setup icon and choose your preferred language.
  2. Second, you will be redirected to the “Welcome to the LED VISION Setup” interface. Read the statement and then press “NEXT.”
  3. Third, you will have to choose a file location for the software to be downloaded. Click the “NEXT” button afterward.
  4. Fourth, you have to select the components that you need or require. If it is your first time installing the said software, you may tick all of the boxes to choose all options and then click “INSTALL.”
  5. Fifth, Once the installation is complete, you may click the “FINISH” button.
  6. Lastly, the system will automatically generate a shortcut icon on your computer desktop. Select the icon and press the right click. Go to the property option, choose compatibility, and run as admin. The software will now be open.

To uninstall your LEDvision software, you need to go to ALL PROGRAMS, which you can find in your computer’s Start menu, click the ‘LED VISION,’ and then select UNINSTALL.


6. Where Can I Download The LEDVISION Software, And What Are The Versions Available?


You may download the Colorlight LEDvision software and software updates by visiting their official website at www.lednets.com.

You may also get the LEDvision manual at https://www.lednets.com/Products/Software/37_31.html.

There you can find the following LEDvision software:

Colorlight Z6
Colorlight Z6
  1. LEDVision 7.2. It supports ColorLight LED controllers S20, S20F, X20, and S6VT.
  2. LEDVision 7.0. It supports LED controllers X12 and X16Pro
  3. LEDVision 6.9. It supports LED controllers X2s, X4s, X5, X6, X7, Z4R, eV4, and Z6Pro.
  4. LEDVision 6.8. It supports LED controllers X3, eV4, 4K Pro, and 4K Lite controllers.
  5. LEDVision 6.6. It supports the ColorLight C1 Player Box.
  6. LEDVision 6.5. This software supports X1, X8, X16, X16B, and X16C.
  7. LEDVision 6.0. It supports S6, X2, X4, Z6, C2, C7, and C8 play boxes.
  8. LEDVision 5.0. It supports the C series Players, as well as 3D videos and sounds fading in and out.
  9. LEDVision 4.2. This software version supports content files in “.srt” and “.ifox” formats.

For the complete list of added features for each software update, you may check the release notes provided. You will find all the necessary information you need to know about your LEDVision software.

You may also call your LED display provider to help you with your ColorLight LED control system needs. Since your LED provider is the one who manufactured your digital screen display, they know best which version or software works for you.


7. What LEDVISION Software Supports Media Files?


Whenever you plan to showcase simple text messages or heavily animated visual content on your LED display, the control system will make it easy for you to manage your display content.

Colorlight LED control system is one of the widely used controllers in China and other parts of the world. Colorlight LEDvision supports all types of content media that you are thinking of using, namely:

LEDVISION Colorlight
LEDVISION Colorlight
  1. Text Content. The very primary LED display content that you may have is a text message. With the correct wording and creative narrative, a simple text can become an effective LED display content.
  2. Image Content. If you want to showcase sample product pictures on your display, you will not have a problem with your LEDVision controller. This control system supports all types of image and picture file formats.
  3. Video Content. Having a short video displayed on an LED screen is the most preferred content of many users. Many users, as well as end-users, see video programs as more engaging and attention-grabbing. ColorLight LED controllers support various video inputs. You can connect directly to your LED screen the television, video camera, USB flash drive that contains your video, and other video players.
  4. Audio Content. If you wish to make your LED display more attractive and appealing to the audience, you may accompany your LED screen content with sound or music. Colorlight LED controllers have audio ports for that.
  5. Flash and Animated GIFs. LEDVision also supports flash and GIF file formats to make your LED content fun and enjoyable.


8. What Control Menu Options Are There In LEDVISION Software?


These are the menu buttons that you can find in the LEDVision control system main interface.

Colorlight X16
Colorlight X16
  1. File Menu. This menu button lets you do the basic operations such as opening a new file, opening saved files, saving a file, packing a program, converting content to a clv file, and opening recently added files. In this menu file, you can also switch users if multiple users are using this software.
  2. Control Menu. This menu button contains crucial LED control options that shall be done or completed only by professional technicians or authorized nonprofessionals. It gives you access to screen connection settings, offline play mode options, point calibration, settings for multifunction cards and screen brightness, timing command lists, and remote control management settings.
  3. Play Menu. As its title suggests, it is the menu for playing the program. It allows you to play, pause, stop your LED display content programs. Other tools found in this menu file are subtitle management, sports scores adjustment, and other play options.
  4. Tools Menu. It allows you to summon computer software such as Microsoft Office, Wordpad, Paint, and Calculator. For Microsoft Office software, only Word, PowerPoint, and Excel software are available for this. These must be installed on your computer before you can call them.
  5. Setting Menu. This menu gives you access to software settings (mode setting, LED play setting, timer setting, etc.), hardware update, language, and user management.
  6. Test Menu. You can find various tests you can do for your LED display in this menu, such as gray test, grid test, aging test, etc.
  7. Help Menu. You can find help on this menu. It also has an environment checker and feedback. You can also see more details about your LED controller in the “about this product” menu.


9. What Are The Benefits Of Using The Colorlight LEDVISION?


Colorlight offers control system solutions and services both locally and internationally. Here are some of the advantages that you can expect from ColorLight controllers:

Colorlight Software
Colorlight Display In Asian World Carnival
  1. High Performance. One of the ColorLight battle cries is that they provide LED controller solutions that deliver excellent performance. They utilized advanced technology with high-caliber functions to ensure their LED controllers are of good quality. Colorlight LEDvision is also one of the brands that come to mind when it comes to an LED control system.
  2. Wide compatibility. ColorLight controllers have vast compatibility with LED screen modules, LED receivers, sender, and LED boxes. ColorLight controllers support almost all file content for various needs.
  3. Trusted Brand. ColorLight is one of the well-considered LED controller solution providers in China. For almost 14 years of being in the business, ColorLight LEDVision software and controllers have already been utilized in nearly a million LED displays. Colorlight controllers are used in LED displays used in Olympics, tournaments, and other international events.
  4. Easy to Use and Navigate. Colorlight control software has a user-friendly operating interface. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface design, and it supports 13 different languages including, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English. The Colorlight also provides a software manual that gives you a simple but comprehensive guide on managing your LED display using this software.


10. What Other Products And Services Do Colorlight Offer?


Below are some of the Colorlight LED controller products and accessories available. Please be reminded that this list of products is from the Colorlight official website page. The availability of these products may change at any time.

  1. Z-series Super Controller. This group of products is a series of professional LED screen controllers capable of processing and transmitting UHD and HDR images and videos. It is suitable for LED displays and rental LED screens that require ultra-high resolution.
Colorlight Z4
Colorlight Z4

Products: Z4 Super Controller, Z6 Super Controller, and Z6 Pro Super Controller

  1. X-series Controller. This type of professional controller has well-built input for video source signal and has high processing capacity.

Products: X1 Controller, X2 Controller, X3 Controller, X4 Controller, X4e Controller, X6 Controller, X7 Controller, X8 Controller, X12 Controller, X16 Controller, and X20 Controller.

  1. S-series Sender. This series has a robust video signal receiving capacity. They are equipped with updated core chips for improved performance.

Products: S2 Sender, S2 Sending Card, S4 Sender, and S6F HD Sender

  1. C-series Player. This series of Colorlight controllers has LAN, 4G, and Wifi connection connectivity.

Products: C1 Player, C2 Player, C3 Player, C3 Pro Player, C4 Player, C6 Player, and C7 Player.

  1. I Receiving Series. These receiving cards support high-end projects with high-level color input requirements for great image displays.

Products: E80 Receiving Card, 5A-75B Receiving Card, 5A-75E Receiving Card, i5A-905 Receiving Card, i5A-907 Receiving Card, i5A Receiving Card, i5 Receiving Card, i5+ Receiving Card, i6 Receiving Card, i9 Receiving Card, and i9+ Receiving Card.

  1. LED Accessories. LEDVision Colorlight offers other products include DFB, multifunction cards, brightness sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors.

Products: H10FN, H16F-N, H16F, and H2F (Distributed Feedback Laser Diodes), iM9 Multifunction card, SSR-L29, and SSR-L16 Brightness Sensors, and SSR-TEMP Temperature and Humidity Sensor.




Colorlight S2
Colorlight S2

The Colorlight brand is another controller brand that many LED users and companies widely accept. In addition, ColorLight has been providing more than one hundred thousand users with quality control system solutions. Thus, its longevity in the LED industry is one sign that it is a brand that we can trust.

Quality LED displays with quality LED controllers will give you an uncomplicated and incredible experience delivering your visual content.

Please leave us a message to learn more about the LED control systems used in our LED display.

Also, here is a few informative links you may visit to know more about our partner software and brands in the market.

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