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Living Faith Church: Church LED Display


1. What Is A Church LED Display?


Church LED Screen
LED video wall for church 

The church LED display is today’s worship important milestone. It is an LED Screen designed to modernize a particular congregation, religious venue, and events.

The church and religious events have also embraced digital technology over the years. Embracing it includes using various technological devices in equipping every possibility to become more presentable and positive.

With the church LED display, everyone can easily participate, thus creating a stronger connection with all participants. And with the additional visual elements, people can easily see the announcements, dictations, song lyrics, and other vital information for the smooth church circulation.

In addition, availing of a church LED display is also a wise investment for a specific congregation. In the past years, the cost of visual projection has been significantly high, while LED displays then became more affordable.

Besides, a church LED display can be indoors, as a video wall for displaying information or for outdoor, used as a display board, showing welcome messages, reminders, and many more.


2. What Pixel Pitches Are Available For Church LED Display?


Church LED screen is usually for indoor applications, and that means a small pixel pitch. You can choose from P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 for your church display. However, church screens can also be outdoors, and we offer you P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10.

Church LED Display
Church LED Display

YUCHIP also welcomes customization to meet your desired display screen for your church needs. We have a wide range of specifications that you may opt to change, revise if you’re considering many factors in your mind.


Indoor Church LED Display Specifications


Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Configuration



Pixel Density (dots/m²)




Module Resolution (WxH)



Module Size (mm)



Cabinet Weight (kg)





Rear / Front

Cabinet Raw Material

Steel / Aluminum

Aluminum/ Steel

Steel / Aluminum
White balance Brightness (nits)




Viewing Angle



Refresh Rate (Hz)

1920 / 3840

 3840/ 1920

1920 / 3840

Outdoor Church LED Display Specifications


Pixel Pitch(mm)




Pixel Configuration


Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)




Maximum Power Consumption(W)



Cabinet Resolution(W×H)

192 x 192

128 × 128; 192 x 192160 x 160; 120 x 120

96 x 96

Cabinet Size (mm)

576×576 and customized

512 x 512 and customized960×960

and customized

960 x 960

and customized

960 x 960

and customized

Cabinet Weight (kg)


1035 / 28

Maintenance Mode


Cabinet Raw Material

Steel / Die-casting aluminum

Die-casting aluminum/ Steel

Steel / Die-casting aluminum

Brightness (cd/m²)


≥6500 (adjustable)≥6500 (adjustable)≥7500 (adjustable)

≥8000 (adjustable)

Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


Average Power Consumption (W / ㎡)




Refresh Rate (Hz)


Video Playback Capabilities


Operating Temperature / Humidity Range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Storage Temperature / Humidity Range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH


If you have questions and inquiries about customization, feel free to send us a message.


3. What Are Its Advantages?


Church Displays offer you significant advantages in a long-time service. Here are a few benefits a church screen may bring you.

Nigeria Church Display
Nigeria Church Display

More Affordable.

LED Screens are massive equipment in which great technology is evident. Compared to conventional projector technology, LED screens are way a wiser choice and more affordable. With the lesser chances of replacement and extended service, you can save a significant amount of budget allotted explicitly for digital screens in your church.

Livelier Worship.

Because of church displays, everyone can easily participate, share and experience more enjoyable worship in your church. Also, new church members can quickly adapt, learn and memorize parts of events, songs, and other information necessary for worship. One way or another, livelier and enjoyable worship creates a stronger connection, introspection, reflection, and happiness to every church-goer.


LED screen does not heat up, unlike projectors which are typical church visual equipment. Firstly, an LED screen consumes lesser power which will help you conserve a significant amount of energy in the long run. Also, LED displays do not emit heat and make the environment hot, especially for indoor use. However, the project may lead to extremely hot panels, hot light, and radiation level-up. Church LEDs with projectors are way safer for both the environment and people.

Presentable Visuals.

An excellent visual impact in a church is more likely to compare to a concert. In a show, you ought to give the best visual effects so that all of your viewers will significantly enjoy the atmosphere, participate well in singing songs, and a lot more. It is the same way in a church. An excellent visual means catchy and attractive, especially if you accompany it with a perfect background, good color scheme, lively or mellow music, everyone will indeed have their great times.

New Sense Of Reflection.

Reflection is an essential thing we have to pay attention to in every church visit. Besides, reflection does not happen in simply understanding the goals of going to church but the long-term impact of lessons in our lives. In a narrow sense, though digital, such as church display, give us a driveway to reflect, introspect and visualize, the sermon, messages, and realizations we absorb.


4. Living Faith Church In Nigeria


YUCHIP is a famous LED display manufacturer that has ventured into contributing church LED screens to various congregations in the world. Some of our essential and significant church screen projects are in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country in West Africa that has large church numbers. With a massive population in which 45.9% are Christians, 53.5 are Muslims, and the rest are other religious and traditional beliefs, it is home to hundreds of churches and congregations.

YUCHIP, with a 17-year of experience in the industry, has also embarked on helping Nigerian churches upgrade their church visuals through our church LED display. One of the projects we had was in LiviFaithsth Church, located in Ota, Nigeria.

A few years ago, LFC purchased a few indoor LED screens for their visual presentation, and now they chose the outdoor ones. It was three P5 Outdoor LED Screens installed right on the passage of the headquarter. It is obvious and has a total size of 72 m². Indeed, everyone getting into the church can see the content because it has full brightness, installation, and catchy content. Living Faith Church is looking forward to purchasing more LED displays to enhance their church experience and bring every congregant a digital worship atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a church LED display provider, we are one call away. Please send us a message now.

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