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Nationstar LED Screen: Your Most Trusted LED Lamp Brand


1. Introduction


Nationstar LED Screen
Nationstar LED Screen

The LED display technology has been considered an essential component of the display and lighting industry since its development in the late 90s.

Over the years, it has significantly grown and has been widely adopted in various modern electronic devices today.

LED or light-emitting diodes are durable and energy-efficient sources of bright lights that are highly beneficial for display technology outputs such as cell phones, laptops, television monitors, and other digital screens.

The rapid urbanization in China has resulted in sky-rocketing demands for technology handovers and electronic products such as LED devices.

Hence, to meet this, many tech companies have devoted research and development to serve consumers better.

As a result, quite a handful of LED manufacturers provide LED lighting and display solutions in China. For instance, one of the known companies in the LED industry is Nationstar.


2. What Is Nationstar LED?



Nationstar is one of the most recognizable LED companies that manufacture and supply LED components and application products. The company was first established in 1969 and has begun producing LED devices in 1976 – that is more than four decades of being in the LED industry.

Moreover, Nationstar has around four hundred (400) authorized product patents, including fifty-seven (57) invention patents. They are also recipients of several awards and recognitions from various business and tech sectors for demonstrating excellence in their craft.

Besides, the Nationstar company is home to about seven hundred (700) dedicated and professional technicians and engineers who positively contribute to the company’s research and development endeavors.

Thus, the company prides itself on pioneering a deployment strategy that focuses on high-tech sophistication, market internationalization, and scale production. Also, Nationstar firmly believes that this action plan has been giving the company success and a bright future.


3. What Is The Specialization Of Nationstar LED And Its Goal As An LED Company?


Nationstar LED Module
Nationstar LED Screen Panel

Indeed, several companies produce and manufacture LED displays nowadays. As a result,  the competition in the LED market is becoming more and more strict.

Thus, to gain some advantage, every LED enterprise markets its brand differently.

On the other hand, some companies specialize in a particular product or LED component and use it as their edge against their competitors.

Additionally, Nationstar has an expert reputation when it comes to LED processes. Also, a large number of highly-skilled, trained workforce and the firm’s excellent knowledge in the field make it easy for the company to meet the ever-changing and growing demands of the LED market.

Meanwhile, it allows Nationstar to provide its customers with a modern, current, and comprehensive range of LED display products and services for almost any application.

Hence, the company’s commitment to advancing its knowledge and producing exceptional and world-class LED components has given them a good reputation and credibility in the LED world.


4. What Nationstar LED Offers Other LED Products And Services?


Nationstar offers a complete array of LED components for display and lighting needs.

Also, they have a series of LED chips, LED display components, lighting components, modules, and of course, LED lights.

Nationstar LED
Nationstar LED
LED Chips.

Nationstar has a full line and mass-producing GaN LED chips for backlight, lighting, and display applications sold nationwide.

Nationstar LED Chips Products: Vertical LED Chips, Flip-Chips, and Lateral LED Chips.

LED Display Components.

LED components are essential parts of the LED video display industry. Nationstar produces and supplies high-quality SMD LEDs both for indoor and outdoor video displays. Besides, they have the RGB LED business division to supervise the production of LED packages.


Nationstar LED Component Products
IMD SeriesIMD-M096T and IMD-F15
Fine Pitch ApplicationFC-B0808RGT-HF, FC-B1010RGBT-HG, and NH-B1010RGBT-HF
Outdoor ApplicationFM-B1921RGBA-SH, FM-Z1921RGBA-SH, FM-Z2727RGBA-SH, NH-Z1921RGBA-SG, NH-Z2727RGBA-SG, and NH-Z3535RGBW-SG
Indoor ApplicationFM-B2020RGBA-HG, NH-B1515RGBA-HF, NH-B2020RGBA-HF


Side View ApplicationFM-3510RGBA-SH


LED Lighting Components.

Nationstar offers white LED packages that have adopted advanced technologies in thermal dissipation, phosphor mixing, and coating. Also, their white LED boxes are widely used in many applications like TV backlights, lighting fixtures, and illuminates.


Nationstar Lighting Component Products
Top LED2016 Series, 3014 Series, 4014 Series, SP3528 Series, VP3030 Series, P3528 Series, T3528 Series, TP3528 Series, T5050 Series, and Grow-light P3528 Series.


Power LEDEMC3030 Series, Ceramic PCB 3535 Series, and Infrared 3535 Series
COB LEDH215 series, P1313 Series, P1919 series, P2828 series, and LED filament



LED Modules.

LED display modules for various electronic devices, signages, and billboards are also offered by Nationstar. Their LED modules have automatic backlight-lens mounting and high-speed SMT lines.


Nationstar LED Module Products
Display ModulesPattern Display Module / Numeric Display Module
BacklightSmall Size LCD backlight
Light BarsELED Light Bar / DLED Light Bar


LED Lightings.

Nationstar also manufactures LED lighting products for commercial and residential uses, which are also exported overseas.


Nationstar LED Lighting Products
BattenLED Batten T8 / LED Batten T5


TubeLED Tube-T8 ½ AL / LED Tube T8 Glas


PanelVARI-PANEL Super, VARI-PANEL Premium, VARI-PANEL Standard, Basic Panel, Eco Panel, CCT Adjustable Panel, Up/Down Panel Light, and Frameless Panel
StripNon-waterproof LED Strip, IP20 LED Strip, IP65 LED Strip, IP67 LED Strip, NS-SA3528XX30-24, NS-SD5050RGB15-24, and NS-SA5050RGB15-24/NS-A3535RGB60-24


For a complete list of products and overseas services, you may log on to their official website.


5. What Are The Advantages Of Nationstar LED Over Other LED Display Suppliers In China?


Nationstar Gold Wire LED
Nationstar Gold Wire LED

Every LED company offers different advantages. For some, it’s their complete range of LED products, reliable customer services, proven dependability for urgent events and needs, depth of field knowledge, or a combination of some or all of the above.

Nationstar Product Range. Nationstar LED Screen has a great deal of LED products for your decoration, residential, and commercial needs.

They are also into mass production of LED products and components. Nationstar can cater to a large volume of orders at once.

In-depth Knowledge of LED Processes. Nationstar employs well-educated and highly skilled personnel. We can also equate the company’s many years in the LED business to years of devotion to research and development.

This factor has helped Nationstar remains one of China’s leading LED components manufacturers for more than 45 years.

Overseas Service. Nationstar’s customers and clients are located in many different countries including, the USA, Mexica, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, to name a few.

Impressive Portfolio. Other than the company’s d certifications, the best way to scrutinize its credibility is by looking at its portfolio or list of completed projects.

And Nationstar does not lack in this department. Besides, you may check out their official website to learn more about the projects they have embarked upon throughout the years.


6. What Are Some Of The Most Significant Projects Nationstar Has Completed?


Here are some of the impressive projects that Nationstar and its subsidiaries had accomplished recently. These are just a few of their already long list of accomplishments. Visit their website to know more.

Nationstar LED Chip
2018 Jakarta Asian Games
  • 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. The core components of LED displays were provided by the RGB division of Nationstar LED company.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 2. Some of the LED displays you can find in terminal two of this airport are Nationstar (i.e., LED displays in arrival and departure halls, airports’ cultural squares, and transfer zone).
  • 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The core LED components of LED displays are Nationstar provided.
  • Jihua Road Channel in Foshan, Bank of Macao, Coca Cola Factory in Russia, Las Vegas Hotel in the USA, and Qingdao North Station. The LED lightings used in these establishments are provided by Natiostar as well.


7. Conclusion


Nationstar SMD LED
Nationstar SMD LED

Generally, LED is now considered one of the most valuable elements of today’s modern technology. LEDs are utilized significantly in almost every digital and electronic device we use or see in our surroundings. Also, the Chinese LED market is known for its abundant production of quality LED screens and components.

Aside from Nationstar LED Screen, which is well-known as one of China’s trusted manufacturers and suppliers of LED components here and abroad, other competing companies like Kinglight LED, Epistar LED, etc., are also known for their contributions to the LED industry.

Above all, choosing an LED company for your LED needs can be a tedious task. Nevertheless, you always choose a supplier that offers a high-quality product and first-rate solutions and shows genuine care about your needs and concerns.

Thus, if you have questions about this post or us, YUCHIP, please do not hesitate to leave us a message. We have various products and solutions to choose from (i.e., transparent screen, LED posters, flexible screens, outdoor and indoor rentals, trade show display, airport/transportation, theater, 3D LED, etc.). We will be more than happy to hear from you and serve you.

Also, below are links you may check if you want to know more about our partner brands in the market.

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