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Transparent LED Panel And Digital Poster Screen Setbacks

1. Introduction


Transparent LED Panel
Transparent LED Panel

In recent years, the traditional LED display development and the dated appearance and structure gradually fell. Also, the demolition of illegal outdoor advertisement boards happened worldwide, especially in big cities.

This phenomenon went particularly prominent in the last few years. Outdoor LED screens with various sizes highly grab people’s attention; however, the fact that they also bring disorder to the original integrative cityscape is also a controversial issue.

The public has reported the negative impact of outdoor LED screens caused by intense light, known as light pollution. Hence, it has unavoidably become one of the essential tasks in urban reconstruction and renovation.


2. How Did The Transparent LED Recover?


Best Outdoor Ads
Outdoor Transparent LED

Based on all issues mentioned above, the outdoor LED display industry does experience a devastating strike. But from another perspective, this may also be a profound awakening.

Currently, advertising and media companies are afraid to purchase new LEDs and plague to disassemble LEDs. Outdoor advertising LED display manufacturers cannot stand still but take some necessary measures to find a way to survive.

In the meantime, global advertising expenditure will grow 4.3%, and the outdoor advertising market share will continually increase to 6.3%.

Given all the above circumstances, developing more competitive products that meet market demands is a matter of great urgency to all LED display manufacturers. After all, wherever there is a pain point, there is an opportunity.

There are more and more advertising display projects with creative solutions on the outdoor advertising market. The demanded amount is large, and the products precisely meet the market demand.


3. Transparent LED Panel Features


We believe that LED advertising poster has a promising development, and they will replace LCD screens sooner or later.

As we mentioned above, due to the multiple limitations of light pollution, the development of the outdoor LED display reaches a plateau. However, the transparent LED display can completely solve this problem. Indoor installation with outdoor viewing, brightness adjustable, avoiding all outdoor advertising approval processes, quick installation, customization available, etc.

Here are some brief characteristics of transparent LED glass:

Transparent LED Panel Innovations
Transparent Glass LED Display
  • Ultra-Transparency

Permeability is 60% -90%, and translucent ventilation does not affect the lighting and sightline. It’s very suitable for installing glass walls.

  • Thin And Light

There is no need for a steel structure: directly attached to the wall installation, thus saving space and installation costs.

  • Indoor Installation

Easy maintenance needs fewer approval processes than outdoor advertising.

  • Customization Available

Transparent LEDs have complex structures; however, the standard cabinet couldn’t meet all projects’ needs. However, we can customize the best product solution according to an actual situation; to ensure the permeability of transparent LED video wall, completeness of display, and consistency.

Energy-saving and cool down faster than other outdoor LEDs.


4. Digital Poster Screen: Setting the New Fashion


Transparent LED panels and Digital Poster screens are the most favorable commercial LED displays in recent years. Here we’d like to introduce some main characteristics of these two:

Digital Poster Screen
Digital Poster Screen

Based on several pain points of the existing LED display, YUCHIP develops a new type of LED poster. It is ideal for various occasions such as small events, auto shows, product launches, stage performances, concerts, etc. Below are its key points.

  • Digital Poster Screen has no complicated setup.  It has an easy connection, WiFi, RJ45, USB input. Both synchronous and asynchronous control is available.
  • It has an ultra-high-definition image quality display; the refresh rate can reach up to 3840Hz.
  • Digital Poster Screen is the perfect alternative to LCD advertising. Both indoor and outdoor with high brightness locations are available for you.
  • It has front maintenance that is significantly improving.
  • Various installation methods include hanging, standing, splicing display, creative oblique installation, and other shapes.


5. Best Outdoor Ads Innovations and Solutions


LED Board Poster
Digital Poster Screen

To sum up, it is easy to figure out why these two products have become the advertising industry’s new fashion in recent years. Solving the current issues coming from the market and customers and continuously optimizing the products are things an LED display manufacturer should deal with.

Besides the innovations of the transparent screen and digital poster screens, the LED manufacturers bring all their skills to fulfill the increasingly important end demand for targeted advertising, professional intelligence, and best outdoor ads.

According to the latest industrial exhibitions status, this year it leads to LED technology software upgrades and innovative and interactive technology integration.

Hence, more and more outdoor advertising LED screens to integrate touch, infrared sensors, VR, and face recognition technology into the interactive experience. It may be between outdoor screen and audiences and is a significant milestone in the quest to make the outdoor screen more vivid.


6. Conclusion


In the meantime, outdoor media shows a fresh new development tendency, which stimulates continuous improvement of LED outdoor advertising screen manufacturing, increasingly focusing on promoting technology.

With various high-grade, precision, and advanced technologies, we have good reasons to believe that more and more LED screen products would break through technical barriers and fully fulfill the advertising industry’s demand. The best outdoor ads mediums and social development will make an appearance in the coming days.

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