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What Is A Road LED Display?


New Member Of The Smart City


The road LED display is a carrier of advertising media that emerged from the information age. Thus, it’s a new LED display applied to a street light pole. It’s an informational digital platform that you can use for publishing media ads.

The application of various smart city construction hardware and software infrastructure helped in the development with the advancement of smart city construction. Hence, it creates and gives you more opportunities to advertise, share information and make information accessible to everyone.

Road LED Display
Road LED Display

The LED display industry has been the consensus of many companies that start new positioning, product line, and adjustment of marketing for catering to the wave of smart city construction.

As an essential category of smart city terminals, street pole advertising has many advantages, such as comprehensive and robust product performance, combining high value with commercial and people’s livelihood services, ease of operation, etc.

Therefore, it gets more popular among outdoor advertising operation companies, commercial complex operators, public administration departments and is used in some project construction.

“One-pole multi-purpose” is the most prominent feature of the bright street light pole LED display.

A professor at the Industrialization Research Center said:

” An intelligent light pole, including the function of nearly ten kinds of road poles, solves the chaos of the pole body.” It can also effectively save urban ground and space resources, and it is also a manifestation of the refined development of urban management.”

Besides, the intelligent lamp pole advertising LED display also has a multi-faceted impact on urban construction.


Road LED Display Advantages


New Advertising Methods.

It impacts traditional light pole signage because of the extensive range of intelligent light pole LED display applications.

Compared with conventional light pole signage, it gets more audience cause it has the advantages of both front and rear display and a variety of playback formats.

Besides, with mature technologies such as naked-eye 3D and VR\AR, these smart street light pole LED displays will give people a more vivid and realistic presentation, which will make the advertising performance more vivid.


Smart City Light Pole
Smart City Light Pole

Information Sharing.

Road LED Display can not only play multimedia content such as audio, video, text. It could also monitor road video information and display environmental data.

At the same time, it can also broadcast information such as convenience services to realize business value and people’s livelihood service functions.

People can pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment promptly and make corresponding life and production responses.

So nowadays, smart street light pole LED displays have begun their presence in the market. Thus, it has a unique advantage over other information publishing products on-road guidance, road conditions, information release, etc. It is because the intelligent street light pole LED display connects via a network.

With the further upgrade of LED display technology, the brilliant street light pole LED display will be perfect, adding to the smart city’s construction.


Lamp Post LED Display
Lamp Post LED Display

Multiple Control Methods.

Road LED Display supports WIFI, 3G, LAN, etc., control methods, making it easier to customize the content, play, upload, etc.


Multi-screen Broadcasting.

All road LED displays could play the same content in the whole street to bring excellent publicity. It could also play different content compatible with more information dissemination channels. Also, it does not affect street lighting, and you could change any ads need right away. Meanwhile, you can also auto-adjust brightness according to the change of environment.


Street Light Display
Street Light Display

High IP Level.

Road LED displays have IP65 waterproof; therefore, they could meet the standard use requirements of various outdoor weather conditions. Also, it supports front and rear side maintenance to suit more installation places.


Wide Applicability.

Road LED display has a wide application possibility. You can install them along pedestrian streets, city roads, outside the commercial buildings, and establishments. You may also opt to use them in urban areas in displaying various vital data for daily usage, etc.

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