Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection


On April 15th, 2019, the Notre Dame de Paris fire has recently attracted significant news media attention. Notre Dame de Paris is a business card of France.

Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection
Notre Dame de Paris Fire on April 15th, 2019

The 800-year history is dying out, the ruin of human civilization. Thus, the tragedy has also sounded the alarm for global cultural relics’ work, and it has also caused discussion and attention on cultural relics protection.

With the constant maturity of the outdoor LED billboard technology, the outdoor LED screen has become more widely used in security monitoring.


Global Cultural Relics Protection


Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection
Cultural Heritage LED Display

First, it is necessary to establish a connection between the management offices where the cultural relics are, using the LED display as the display terminal.

The cultural relics’ management office can post messages through the LED display to tell what visitors are forbidden to carry and how visitors should behave.

Thus, they can also establish personal protection and supervision through the LED screen terminal.

With the advent of big data, we can combine the LED screen with the Cultural Relics Management Office.

Thus, through the LED display, adequate protection can establish the connection between the cultural relic protection department and the fire department.

Besides, the fire department can monitor the local cultural office’s temperature environment.

Simultaneously, the place where the cultural relics are must also cooperate with the fire department to refine and optimize the actual situation plan.


LED Screen Towards Cultural Heritage Protection


The cultural relics we have inherited are very precious; many legal elements cherish these precious cultural relics. Thus, strict monitoring and establishing a corresponding alarm mechanism through the LED display and the general security department is vital.

Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection
Canadian Science and Technology Museum

The Canadian Science and Technology Museum’s main entrance uses an outdoor LED billboard product, fully customized to match the museum‘s roof. The Cultural Relics Management Office, the public security, and fire departments connect and play a role in resource inter-operability. Thus, the LED screen must first exert its traditional advantages to innovate cultural relics exhibitions.

Cultural relics are often subject to varying degrees of damage during the handling process; cultural relics protection is diverse, LED display as a carrier of terminal information, and exploring a new type of protection.

In the museum, you can’t carefully view some paintings through the showcase. So, by combining with LED display, visitors can learn more about the cultural relics more automatically. With the continuous development of LED screens, visitors can also zoom in and out of the paintings. As a result, the exhibition experience is more participatory than the traditional one.

Notre Dame Fire And Global Cultural Relics Protection
Visualized LED Setup in Cultural Offices

Thus, the digitalization of the LED screen terminal has made a qualitative leap in the inheritance and protection of cultural relics. With the continuous breakthrough of the LED display industry, we will explore more cultural protection methods in the future.

Significantly, the LED screen has occupied its place with its unique advantages. Although its application is extensive, we should pay attention to daily maintenance and some usages of it.

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