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Novastar LED Controller: System, Features, And Advantages


1. What Is An LED Control System?


LED control system is a network of intelligent control system solutions that facilitates the communication between the source inputs and digital display output devices using a single computing device.

Also, the LED display control system is responsible for receiving images and audio video files from the digital visual interface and other computer serial communication interfaces or serial ports.

The control system is the one that shows the information in the frame memory and tells apart LED screen display data partitions to have access and direct control over screen displays.

Novastar LED Controller
Novastar LED Controller

To make it simple, the LED control system is in charge of scanning your different media files and displaying them on your digital screen for your audience to see.

The control systems are widely used for indoor and outdoor LED screen displays- commercial or personal use.

Besides, the LED control systems can be subdivided into two (2) classifications: synchronous LED display control system and asynchronous LED display control system.

In addition, the synchronous card controller, otherwise known as a live or real-time controller, gives you the power to showcase and manage your LED displays or videos in real-time with the use of your computer monitor.

Oppositely, the asynchronous LED control system works by utilizing the memory storage function of your LED display using memory cards and connection wires and ports. Thus, you can quickly download and play saved videos or pictures. This type of control system is also called an offline control system.


2. What Is The Novastar LED Controller?


(NovaLCT Screen Configuration and Novastudio Software Instructions)

The Novastar LED Controller is a leading global LED display control solution for commercial and industrial applications such as digital LED display signages and other lighting displays.

Novastar is known internationally for its high-quality and performance-oriented LED controllers. Besides, they provide efficient and user-friendly hardware and software systems that let their users achieve their LED display and lighting display goals.

Novastar Lct Download
Novastar LED Controller

This company specializes in designing and developing bespoke LED control system solutions, which is why it is patronized worldwide, serving over 10,000 businesses and corporations worldwide.

Novastar is also known for introducing the all-in-one processor solution that allows thousands of users to display high-definition digital display signages without the need to resort to expensive and lengthy programming. This innovation is well-received and favored in the LED industry.

The Novastar LED Controller is available in synchronous and asynchronous types, so customers can freely choose what they want for their LED signs and lighting displays.

Novastar has a wide range of products and LED accessories as well. They provide PCB materials, card controllers, and accessories such as multi-function LED cards, ambient temperature, brightness sensors, monitoring cards, and fiber converters.


3. What Are The Its Features?


Display System Controller

The LED control system is an essential component of any LED display video screen. The control system makes it possible for you to transmit input signals from your PC, laptop, and other computing devices to your LED display screen panels.

The Novastar LED Controller is a popular control system used mainly in the LED industry. The main features of the Novastar LED Controller and the reasons why this is the most favored control system are as follows:

Novastar LED
Novastar LED Video Process
    1. The Novastar LED Controller offers a comprehensive LED display status monitoring function to let you manage and operate your digital display more effectively and efficiently.
    2. The Novastar control system can support all LED driver ICs and conventional and high-resolution displays.
    3. Novastar LED Controllers can function even on a very low voltage (as low as three (3) volts).
    4. Novastar control system offers better engineering and architecture, guaranteeing excellent performance for higher reliability.
    5. The Novastar control system offers one of the best colors and brightness calibration. This is ideal for regular LED monitors and irregularly-shaved or arced or curved LED screen displays.
    6. The Novastar control system does not compromise your LED display performance and quality.


Novastar LED Sending Card

An LED sending card is one of the critical components of any LED display system. This card is the one that is in control of translating the source input signal into a format or form that your LED video screen can read.

Since most LED video screens and lighting displays are made out of individual LED pixels, they require a specific communication system that will send them the data that will allow them to perform their function accordingly. The sending card is the one that does this particular job for you.

The key features and characteristics of the Novastar sending card are:

Novastar Mctrl660 Pro
The Novastar Mctrl660 Pro
  1. Novastar LED sending card supports pictures, audio, and video file formats.
  2. A single Novastar LED sending card can also support various screen resolutions, including 1024 × 1200, 1280 × 1024, 1600 × 848, 1920 × 712, and 2048 × 668.
  3. It includes one (1) DVI input port, one (1) audio input port, and two (2) ethernet outputs.
  4. Novastar LED has a USB host controller interface that can be cascaded for uniform management.
  5. It has one (1) intelligent light sensor IC.
  6. For your full-color LED screen display, the Novastar MSD600 is one of the best recommendations.


Novastar LED Receiving Card


Novastar Mrv210
The Novastar Mrv210

The receiving card is another critical component of the LED display control system. This card distributes the picture, and video data to the individual LED pixels used in your LED screen to make one complete image or video display.

The receiving cards are found inside your digital LED screen. They are connected to the LED modules, and they can send information to these LED boards or modules.

Some of the best features of Novastar receiving cards include the following:

  1. The Novastar LED receiving card has single card outputs of 16, 20, and 64-groups of RGB and serial data.
  2. A single Novastar receiving card can support a screen resolution of 256 x 226.
  3. It can store calibration factors and module information and read back the configuration of different files.
  4. It is equipped with a temperature monitoring feature.
  5. The Novastar LED receiving card can detect and display the power supply voltage.
  6. It can display the ethernet communication status.
  7. To meet your display requirements, it allows you to calibrate pixel by pixel screen brightness and chromaticity coordinates.
  8. The Novastar receiving cards are the EU RoHs and CE-EMC standards-compliant.
  9. The Novastar MRV560 series is the most recommended for a full-color LED video display.


4. How Does Novastar Software Synchronous LED Control System Work?


Novastar 4k Processor
Novastar 4k Processor

The Novastar synchronous LED control system is the most used control system for outdoor and indoor LED video displays of any size- big or small.

A simple illustration of the synchronous control system would be a computer monitor directly connected to your LED screen monitor. Also, you will need a graphic card and the receiving and sending cards to do this. By using this control system, your LED screen equals your PC or computing device monitor.

It has a point-to-point connection and shows a real-time display with a frame rate equal to or less than sixty (60) every second. Whatever is happening on your computer screen is shown in your LED screen display.

Here is the complete list of materials you will need to make a Synchronous Control System for your LED display signs:
  • LED Module
  • Computer cables or wires
  • Novastar receiving card
  • Novastar sending card
  • Power supply
Steps to set up your LED display screen using Novastar Synchronous LED Screen Display.
Novastar LED Wall Software
Novastar LED Wall Software
  1. Download the Novastar synchronous software (NovaLCT or NovaStudio and Novastar ViPlex). Also, you may download this through their official website.
  2. Configure the debug file. Before receiving your control system, the RCG file is already sent and configured on your receiver card.
  3. Look for the User option on the upper right of the taskbar and choose the synchronous user.
  4. After that, you will have access to a control panel to do screen configuration, calibrations, and monitoring.


Advantages Of Novastar Synchronous LED Control System
Novastar Mctrl R5
Novastar Mctrl R5
  1. Real-time Display. The Novastar synchronous control system will allow you to display your content “live.” Exhibition and updating of LED display content happen in real-time.
  2. Fast Transmission. The number one advantage of using the synchronous system for your LED display is the immediate transmission of data and file information. With minimal to zero latency, you can display programs and content such as images and videos from various input sources into your LED video screen display.
  3. Huge Data Volume. When using the synchronous control system, you may opt to transmit a massive data volume with no delays. It gives you almost zero limitation in showcasing any multimedia formats and size.
  4. Wide Application. The Novastar synchronous LED control system applies to all sorts of LED displays. You can use it to manage your indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, and rental LED display. Thus, it is suitable for media advertising LED screens, live broadcast video screens, and LED displays for other occasions.


5. How Does Asynchronous LED Control System Work?


The Novastar asynchronous LED control system is used to display messages, static and moving images, and audio-video files that have been saved on the LED screen control card.

Novastar LED Processor
Novastar LED Process

This means that whatever is on your computer monitor will not appear directly on your LED screen display.

Using the asynchronous control system, you may opt to edit your content or media files on your computer and then send it to the receiving card for playing for a later time.

Also, there is no need for you to keep a computer open all the time. Though there is a restriction with the asynchronous control system for the file size you will display. You can only display content that matches the device’s memory capacity.


Here is the complete list of materials you will need to set up the asynchronous control system for your LED display:


Steps to setup your LED display screen using Novastar Asynchronous LED Screen display:
  1. Open your computer and download the NovaLCT and ViPlex Express software. You may download them through their official website.
  2. In NovaLCT, look for the User option on the taskbar’s upper right and choose the Media Player Login.
  3. Open the ViPlex Express. Look for network configuration and connect your home or office network.
  4. You will have access to a control panel to screen configuration, calibrations, and monitoring. Do the necessary designs.
  5. After that, click the screen configuration and look for the receiving card tab.
  6. Read back the file by clicking the ‘read from receiving the card.’ Send it to the LED screen and click ‘save.’


Advantages of Novastar Asynchronous LED Control System
Novastar Msd300 Software Download
Novastar Msd300
  1. Space friendly. There is no need for a spacious computer station to manage and operate your LED screen.
  2. Remote Management. You do not have to be in the exact location where your LED screen is located. You can send your content via Wi-Fi, 4g connection, and others. At the same time, you may also store your media file on a memory card or flash drive.
  3. Ideal for Playback / Repeated Content. The asynchronous LED control system is ideal for promotion, ad content, or any content that has a short playback time. So, the asynchronous controller is recommended for digital display content that needs to be repeated the entire day or for a long time.
  4. Less costly materials and equipment. The asynchronous control system does not require a computer that requires additional costing.


6. What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Novastar LED Control Display System?


Novastar LED Controller helps you efficiently deliver your LED display message and other content to your audiences. Here is a list that contains some of the reasons why many LED display manufacturers and providers like us chooses Novastar control system:

  1. The Novastar control system utilizes camera calibration technology that enables users like you to attain precise color brightness and measurement.
  2. This control system can unify and sync diversified LED lights’ brightness and colors from different manufacturing batches.
  3. The Novastar LED Controller is applicable for your LED display that has an irregular shape. Some control systems cannot support LED screen displays that are curved or arched.
  4. If you need to replace one or two LED modules from your LED screen, the Novastar has automatic calibration so you can maintain uniformity in your LED display.
  5. Novastar control systems can correct boundary differences among the participants of your LED screen. Because of this, you can have smooth partitions transitions.
  6. You will not need an additional power supply for your Novastar LED Controller. The minor complication and less cost.
  7. You can have multiple controllers for your LED screen that are super; indeed, the Novastar control system is a reliable controller for almost every LED display project that you may have.


7. What Are The Safety Precautions In Using The Novastar LED Controller?


Novastar A4s
Novastar AT Series

Use these devices and equipment according to set regulations and safety precautions to ensure that you will get the full benefit out of your Novastar LED video display control system. These will help you avoid potential hazards and the risk of breakage.

  1. You shall operate the Novastar control system under the prescribed operating voltage. There is a high risk of electrical hazards if powered with unsuitable voltage. The operating voltage usually is 100 – 240V AC. Check the label first before powering your unit.
  2. Keep the controller away from magnetic materials, other electrical machines and motors, and transformers to avoid electromagnetic interference.
  3. If you are using a ground wire power supply, make sure that there is good grounding.
  4. Always keep the device dry. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture intrusions. Also, if there is any water immersion, immediately unplug the device from the wall socket or power source.
  5. Also, please keep the device away from any flammable substances and other dangerous goods.
  6. Prevent obtrusion of any solid and liquid fragments into your device to avoid breakage and related accidents.
  7. Do not open the device without the guidance or help of a professional. Call your LED provider for repair or replacement in case of any damage.
  8. Handle the device with care at all times.


8. Why Is Novastar A Reliable Manufacturer Of Control Systems For LED Video Walls?


Novastar has been a leading LED control system solution provider since 2008. They offer quality products and tech solutions to various industries that need LED lights and displays.

Some of the reasons why the Novastar LED Controller is the preferred choice of many:

Novastar Software
Novastar Software
  1. Trusted Brand. Novastar is known for its part and contribution to the LED industry. It is one of the most trusted brands for control system controllers. Many companies around the world choose Novastar because of its product reliability.
  2. High-Quality Products. Novastar takes pride in the quality products they provide to their customers worldwide. Also, they are a trusted control system provider for a reason. Hence, no company will have a good reputation or be known globally if not for their excellent products and services.
  3. Wide Range of Products. If you are looking for options, you can rely on Novastar. Thus, they have several choices for a particular product. You can choose the one that matches your requirements and needs. They are a one-stop-shop. They recently released their 3rd generation control system that is believed to be better than the previous version.
  4. End-to-end Services. Novastar offers tech support and other related services to its clients. Moreover, they also customized control system solutions according to the unique requirements of their clients and customers.


9. How to Make an RCFGX File?


This video introduces you to how to make an RCFGX file. It uses P5 LED Panel to configure.

The video includes two main parts: The first is how to connect P5 LED Panel with Novastar receiving card, TB2 control card, laptop, etc. The second is how to make an RCFGX file by NovaLCT smart settings. As China leading LED display manufacturer, we are glad to start technical shares. If you are interested to know more, please feel free to contact us.


Novastar RCFG File For A P2.5 LED Panel





Novastar is one of the most trusted solution providers in the industry for your LED control system requirements. Therefore, it is one of the to-go brands of many LED display users and providers.

Above all, YUCHIP makes sure that we only use high-grade materials and control systems of the highest standard. As a result, most of YUCHIP’s LED display utilizes a Novastar control system to ensure that our LED products have superb performance. Our LED products and solutions include flexible, transparent, theater, school signs, posters, hospitality, transportation, 3D LED, etc.

Hence, we ensure that our clients and LED users will enjoy LED displays created using carefully selected LED materials and components.

Contact us to learn more about our LED display products and services.

Also, here are links you may visit to know more about our products’ partner brands.

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