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Advantages Of LED Screen Advertising: Indoor And Outdoor Applications


1. What Is LED Screen Advertising?


An LED Screen Advertising is digital signage or digital display with the sole purpose of advertising. Besides, LED Screen advertising can be of any kind, installation, size, and pixel pitches. It can be either indoor or outdoor, fixed or rental, billboard, or average height and may vary from P4 to P56.

LED Screen Advertising
LED Screen Advertising

Since it is for advertising, its content is generally for product and brand awareness. Also, it is one of the marketing strategies that continued to flourish throughout the years. And the evidence is prevalent as to why its demand keeps on increasing significantly.

Going back when technology isn’t pervasive yet, advertising comes in many ways. It can be through paper posters, magazines, radio and television broadcasting, newspapers and flyers, brochures, and tarpaulins. Today, as the advancement urges rapidly, the so-called traditional advertising is diminishing gradually in the market.

However, because more and more people switched to digital technology, companies also seek ways to go right behind their audience to promote market value and leverage product familiarity.


2. What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor LED Screen Advertising?


Generally, the outdoor LED display could be seen everywhere in our lives and is not strange to us. Thus, they’re around in big cities and urbanized areas for outdoor activities, large-scale sports events, squares, stadiums, etc. Outdoor LED displays are essential in our lives because of their broad benefits and application. Besides, it grows businesses, attracts the audience, and gives color and blend to events.

Outdoor Fixed LED Display Advantages
Outdoor LEDs In Different Applications

  • Low Power Consumption.

LED Screen Advertising can do energy conservation, environmental protection, and all-weather operations. Since it consumes very little power and electricity, you can reduce a significant amount of energy for an extended period. Thus, it can completely adapt to various and severe environments. In addition, it is waterproof, dampproof, has lightning protection and anti-knock, etc. Also, it is highly cost-effective and has the best display performance.

  • Computer Operated.

Generally, LED Screen Advertising is connected to a computer monitor through cable or wireless communication to run. Hence, it can display contents conveniently and promptly.

  • Customized Content.

Advertising operators and publishers can update advertising content anytime. So, you need to control the computer and run a series of software and programs. Also, external conditions do not restrict the update process. Besides, it supports various video and file formats, so it’s way easier to upload and customize content.

  • Wide Visibility.

Outdoor advertising screen has vivid brightness, so images and videos are seen clearly from a distance. Also, because of its size, it offers more comprehensive visibility. And while considering your large audience, an outdoor advertising screen can adjust to that.


3. What Are The Advantages Of Indoor LED Screen Advertising?


Indoor displays for advertising can either come in a fixed installation or rental and with a more excellent resolution, displaying advertising is way more exciting and entertaining. While an outdoor advertising screen caters to large audiences, indoor advertising generally creates a more promising indoor ambiance.

Here are a few advantages of indoor advertising display.

Because most indoor LED utilizes a smaller pixel pitch than outdoor ones, it has a better and more precise resolution. In addition to the high brightness, high refresh rate, indoor advertising will surely bring entertainment, digital appreciation, and excitement to your viewers.

Indoor LED Screen Advertising
Indoor LED Screen Advertising
  • Wide Applicability.

Advertising can be and maybe everywhere. Hence, you may use the indoor advertising screen in shopping malls, retail stores, cafes, spas, hotels and bars, restaurants, nightclubs, bazaars, and many more locations. While you opt for an indoor rental advertising screen, it has easier installation features enabling you to save costs and effort in advertising in various locations.

  • Multifunctional.

Also, along with using indoor LED for advertising, you may also consider using it as an informative display where you can display guides, promos, traffic updates, weather reports. These things may also be vital to your viewers and may help them in many ways.

  • Low Maintenance.

Indoor LED advertising screens do not experience extreme heat and uncertain circumstances. That’s why it may require little to no maintenance and has high reliability. While if you opt to do maintenance, the front and rear sides may be serviceable.


4. What Advertising LED Screen Does YUCHIP have?


YUCHIP is your best partner in achieving your advertising goals. Thus, if you’re having a hard time picking the best advertising screen for your project, we will help you realize it and customize it. Below is a glimpse of the LED Screen Advertising we provide and have provided to our clients over the years.


LED Screen Advertising varies in size and installation. Such as the examples above, advertising screens benefited our clients a hundredfold, and consider it a worthwhile investment for their business. Also, we believe that there will be more broad space for developing LED displays in the future. Hence, technology is dynamic; thus, it will continue to evolve in time.

YUCHIP is a professional manufacturer of LED screens and has 17 years of manufacturing experience. As a result, our products are the best choice for clients because of their high stability and cost-effectiveness.

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