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Saudi Arabia LED Screen: What You Need To Know



Saudi Arabia LED Screen
Saudi Arabia LED Screen

Saudi Arabia is a country in Western Asia that occupies most of the Arab Peninsula.

It is known for its natural resource-based economy, which is almost based entirely on oil since they have a rich and prolific reserve of it.

Consequently, it makes them one of the largest producers and exporters of oil and petroleum in the world.

But in the last decade, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has pledged to diversify its economy by also focusing on digital innovations and transformation.

Meanwhile, to achieve this, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has launched a strategic digital framework called Vision 2030.

شاشة ليد سكرين
شاشة ليد سكرين

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, KSA’s sovereign state government and other institutional enterprises have evolved. Hence, they have already gone digital to achieve efficiency and excellence in providing services and doing business.

In addition, in 2006, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed a national strategy for digital transformation with the ultimate aim of attaining a digital economy, digital society, and digital nation to serve its citizens better and ensure business continuity.

Additionally, KSA’s robust digital innovation, development, and infrastructure are the reasons why Saudi Arabia has been listed as one of the top ten most developed countries in the world.


1. What Is The Current Status Of LED Display Technology In Saudi Arabia?


As KSA continues to strive to become an ambitious nation with a digital society, they keep on utilizing various digital technologies.

Besides, these electronic tools and devices have been playing a significant role in achieving any country’s technological goals.

Hence, replacing manual and traditional processes with digital processes and using or replacing older technologies with newer ones are two of the first steps towards digital transformation. Also, more advanced technologies are fundamental in changing how the government and businesses operate and deliver.

Additionally, LED display technology is one of the most used technologies in digitizing any organization, enterprise, or nation. Also, screen display and lighting technologies are applied vastly in countless electronic and electrical products and services in the market.

The LED displays became well-known and patronized worldwide because of their ability to deliver high-definition, high-quality, and polished lights and images. LED screens provide good contrast and reflect high brightness but consume less energy and power.

Besides, LED screen displays are now standard and seen in Saudi Arabia. So, you can find many LED screens in airports, shopping centers, stadiums, and other public places where information is delivered effortlessly to the crowd or audience in no time. These screens aid the KSA to realize its Vision 2030.


2. How LED Displays Play An Important Role In Improving Saudi’s Economy And Image?


LED Screen Billboard
LED Screen Billboard

LED screen displays have helped the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia show how technologically competent and competitive they are as a nation.

  1. It enables government and business enterprises to provide and integrate products and services more effectively. Due to the availability of LED screen billboards and technology, it becomes easier for many government and private sectors to put several of their business operations into digital platforms. This digital transition has helped the government and businesses to reach their residents, and it has transformed the way companies engage with their customers.
  2. It provides a new platform for establishments and the state to introduce and promote new business entities, spur creativeness and innovation. LED screens are applied significantly across KSA to modernize its place and keep up with the world.
  3. LED displays and signages have created new avenues for applications in retail and transportation. There is a forecast that due to wide application in these industries, retail and transportation will soon hold a remarkable market share. LED screens are powerful tools to attract customers and are found useful in airports and metro and railway stations.
  4. LED displays have made business operations more cost-effective. Many businesses and companies have claimed that digitalization has positively impacted their revenue, profits, and brand image. It also created a new platform and creative freedom for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services.
  5. It has helped Saudi Arabia with its goal to diversify its economy by promoting a knowledge-based and technology-based economy instead of just a resource-based economy. Though it is the country’s digital policy framework that brought this development into their economy, the LED display solutions and software have served as the tools to succeed in this venture.


3. What Are Some Of The Spectacular LED Displays Found In Saudi Arabia?


  1. King’s Road Tower Media Facade.
King's Road Tower Media Facade
King’s Road Tower Media Facade

Citiled has turned its building’s west, north, and south sides into a giant LED screen. This 34-story tower is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2010 it was inaugurated as the world’s largest functional LED screen.

Currently, it is still the largest in the Middle east.  It has also become the most extensive advertising LED screen display with almost 10,000 sqm of full-height, curved, and customized LED video wall system.

This enormous media facade has instantly become a famous landmark in Saudi Arabia.

(Image Source:


  1. Kingdom Center Tower or Center Point.
Kingdom Center Tower or Center Point
Kingdom Center Tower or Center Point

This tower is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. It is a 99-story skyscraper that is 302.3 meters tall, well-known for its unique design and architecture that symbolizes the city of Riyadh.

Generally, it has a captivating triangular opening on its top powered with an LED lighting system that makes it visible from almost anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

 (Image Source:


  1. World’s Largest Control Room.

Saudi Arabia will soon become home to one of the largest LED display control rooms in the world.

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has inked an agreement with Japanese LED display manufacturer NEC Display Solutions to supply and install 216 LED video wall units in several meeting room screen displays and other smaller LED solutions.

This agreement happened during the last quarter of 2019.  Thus, the STC is excited to see how this project will help them provide world-class services to their customers.


4. Who Are The Top LED Display Solutions Providers In Saudi Arabia?


Here are some of the top LED solutions providers in KSA:


  1. TopScreens

Topscrens is an LED screens and electronic system solution provider in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, they are an expert in LED video, digital signage, LED scoreboards, and other IT solutions. Also, they offer state-of-the-art and modern LED screen displays and signages. Topscreens provides custom-made solutions to their customers.

Their products have wide-range applications. They provide LED solutions for indoor/outdoor LED commercial advertisements, product presentations, marketing events and announcements, exhibitions, and transportation.

TopScreens Product Series – Indoor LED Video Displays, Outdoor LED Video Displays, Digital Signages, LED Scoreboard Displays, LED Digital Clocks, DMS Displays, and Kiosks.


  1. ProSigns Global

ProSigns is another known LED digital signage provider company in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, they specialize in customizing LED screens and creating interactive LED displays, LED signages, and wayfinding solutions.

Also, they offer a complete set of products and services for your commercial and communication needs. Thus, they take pride in their world-class LED solutions, which have been utilized across Saudi Arabia already.

ProSigns Product Series – LED Display Screens, LED Advertising Screens, LED Scoreboards, Digital Menu Boards, LED Video Wall Screens, Indoor LED Display Screen, Outdoor LED Screen, Digital Kiosks, etc.

  1. Bits Arabia

Bits Arabia is a provider of robust digital signage solutions for displaying videos, digital images, streaming media, etc.

Thus, some of the advantages of Bits Arabia’s LED digital signages include easy-to-use software, multi-screen support, and superb delivery performance.

Besides, they are one of the top LED signage providers in many hospitals, hotels, resorts, and other residential properties in Saudi Arabia.

Aside from LED digital signage software and solutions, they also offer other digital technologies like IP Telephony, audio-video solutions, access control, GRMS solutions, etc.

Four Square, Techknow, CMT Technologies, and Display Square are some of the other LED solution providers in Saudi Arabia that you may check.




LED technology is one of the most well-accepted digital technologies globally because of its vast applications and flexibility. Thus, it has served many nations with many purposes that aid them to achieve their technological, business, and economic goals.

The numerous LED suppliers found in Saudi Arabia are two indications of how technologically and competitive they are. Hence, they have obtained their reputation of being a well-developed country because of their effort to innovate their society.

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Also, you may check the following links for more updates on the LED display market in various locations in the world.

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