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YUCHIP LED Display Products And Solutions At SGI DUBAI 2020


1. Introduction


YUCHIP was significantly presented at SGI DUBAI 2020 with a creative LED Display to LED Screen Dubai market.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates; it ranked ninth in its first-tier cities by GaWC in 2018. And Dubai is a central global transport hub for passengers and cargo.

Initially, oil revenue helped accelerate Dubai’s development, but today less than 5% of the emirate’s income comes from oil. Most people are unaware that Dubai’s economy relies on trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.

LED Screen Dubai
YUCHIP At SGI Dubai 2020

As the Middle East (Dubai) International Advertising Signs and Image Technology Equipment Exhibition, SGI Dubai is the giant sign, image, and digital advertising exhibition in the Middle East.

Such a critical LED Screen Dubai trade show brought together more than 300 exhibitors from over 30 countries, including UAE, China, UK, Germany, South Korea,  Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, East Africa, etc.

Furthermore, these three days exhibitions successfully interacted with more than 19,000 professional visitors from 70 countries worldwide. There are 120 Chinese companies, which fully proves that Chinese manufacturing plays an essential role in developing the Middle East and North Africa market.

As a leading LED Screen China Manufacturer, YUCHIP exhibited 3D LED fan, LED PostAir P2.5, transparent LED screen, and an interactive LED dance floor.


2. 3D LED Fan Display In SGI DUBAI 2020


3D Hologram Fan
Hologram 3D Fan

3D LED fan display plays 3D video with realistic effects and is easy to install and use. YUCHIP 3D fan LED display caught overseas customers’ attention because of its high resolution and high brightness. It also creates a hologram figure that looks floating.

Our exhibited fan LED display diameter is 70cm; the resolution is 1024×1024 pixels, and brightness is 2000nits.

During the three-day trade show, 3D LED fans attracted many Dubai LED Display customers visiting. Because of that, one of our Saudi Arabia customers bought the exhibited samples for SGI Dubai and profoundly communicated on chain store cases.

Many other customers also signed contracts on LED fan displays purchase.


2. P2.5 LED PostAir  In SGI 2020


PostAir LED Screen SGI Dubai
LED PostAir

YUCHIP LED PostAir is the star product at SGI Dubai.

As the 3rd generation LED Poster, the YUCHIP digital LED poster is unique in the market. Generally, our LED PostAir has an ultra-slim frame, anti-collision glass, hanging up, wall-mounted, and movable-based installation.

You can control LED PostAir by phone and computer, through  USB, Wifi, Cloud and 4G, etc. You may also learn the cascading process by following this post or watch our demo video on our youtube channel.

At the end of the exhibition, we got more than 150 PostAir orders from the LED Screen Dubai market.

LED posters are in trade shows, hotels, supermarkets, chain stores, money exchange, etc., in Europe. Nowadays, the emerging demand for digital LED signs comes from all over the world.


3. Transparent LED Display For SGI LED Screen Dubai Market


LED Transparent Display
LED Transparent Display

By Dubai regulations and restrictions, some outdoor buildings are not allowed to install classical LED displays. Because the classical LED display blocks natural light from entering glass buildings, the LED Screen Dubai market prefers curtain LED display and mesh LED screens.

A transparent LED screen is see-through and has up to 85% light transmittance. Furthermore, fine LED display reached higher resolution than curtain LED video wall.

YUCHIP provides a wide range of transparent LED screens from P2.8, P3.9, P7.8, P10.42, to P16. Besides this, we customize fine LED display resolution and size for any space according to your preference.


4. Rental LED Display And Interactive Dance Floor


Interactive LED Dance Floor SGI Dubai 2020
Interactive LED Dance Floor

Rental LED screens have always been the best-selling product in various activities, and our cabinets are continually optimized. For example, we showed customers around corner protection design in SGI Dubai 2020, which is highly useful when shipping and building rental LED displays.

Meanwhile, we recommend customers 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet mixed-use to save cost. Also, YUCHIP rental LED curved screen design, portable control box with easy maintenance, modular LED modules design won feedback from Dubai LED display customers.

The floor screen is also an innovative product. We have redesigned and improved its cabinet; it can support 2000kg per square meter. In terms of interaction, we have added a sensor and a special customized video of the software.

Hence, the soft module is flexible enough to be installed on a cylinder, such as places with arcs, which is creative for more installation sites.


5. Conclusion


At SGI Dubai 2020, we have achieved outstanding results. As always, we listen to customers’ needs and work together to provide the best LED Display solution for the Middle East advertising and events market.

After the exhibition, we continued visiting local customers and friends. Our team is proud to receive customers’ thanks and appreciation that YUCHIP keeps providing high-quality LED displays and quick service, which are very important for their local development.

Meanwhile, we know that it’s our responsibility to support customers’ market expansion, serious business, and friends’ trust.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with us. Contact us through the following:

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