Solutions For LED Display Chromatic Aberration


There are inevitably some LED displays left during selling. As these products come from different batches, the luminance is different. Therefore, the point-by-point calibration technology has to be applied to improve the low display after assembly.


LED Display Chromatic Aberration

Point-by-point correction is a technology used to enhance LED electronic screens’ luminance uniformity and fidelity of color.

The process is acquiring data of each pixel on the LED display, calibrating the coefficient matrices, and then sending feedback to the display control system. The purpose is to achieve the differential drive of pixels and reduce the difference in brightness and color.

This technique can stitch different LED-tailed gear batches and display beautiful and pure pictures with natural color. According to the different applied situations, there are two forms of point-by-point correction systems:


  • Single LED Cabinet Point-by-point Correction

The system will rectify the cabinets on the production line to ensure that the completed cabinets achieve a high homogeneity degree.

  • Scene Screen Point-by-point Correction

The full-color LED large screen display scene chooses the appropriate views during on-site calibration.

The point-by-point correction has two kinds of systems. These are Point-by-point Correction Chromaticity and Brightness Adjustment.

  1. The brightness correction is LED Luminous intensity correction. Due to some
    correction machines, it cannot accurately measure the luminous intensity. However, the devices can not accurately measure the color deviation.
  2. Color correction refers to a way that uses a metering instrument with color distinguishability. This way can measure the brightness and chroma value of LED.


Why Is LED Display Chromatic Abberation Important?


The use of different batches of the same wavelength shift LED Displays. It is necessary for luminance and chrominance correction. It can ensure the LED electric display screen brightness consistency and present a typical color picture. Tail gear products are generally more prominent than the market price file.

LED Display Chromatic Aberration
Point-by-point Correction

The different batches of tail files can play a normal function through point-by-point correction technology. Additionally, it improves the use valve of the LED Display products and saves costs for our customers.

YUCHIP is a professional LED Display manufacturer with more than hundreds of clients. Along with our products, we also provide point-by-point calibration services.

If you have any problems with LED Display, please feel free to contact us.

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