Stadium LED Screen Romania | LED Perimeter Board P8

Stadium LED Screen In Romania: A YUCHIP Project


1. What Is A Stadium LED Screen?


Stadium LED Screen Romania
Stadium LED Screen in Romania

A stadium LED screen, such as the stadium LED screen Romania, is designed to cater to various sporting needs of different sports and venues. In the 21st century, stadium LED screen also evolved significantly and now has an all-around application.

A stadium LED screen is widespread because it excels every sporting venue to become more viewer-friendly, entertaining, comfortable, digital, and fun. It exceeds every spectator’s experience more and more. Also, it is a probable cause why digital screens such as LED displays continue to progress.

Stadium LED screens serve a sporting venue in various ways, such as perimeter board, scoreboard, timeclock, stadium ribbon board, and advertising and information screen.

A stadium or an arena is relatively large because of the number of seats. That’s why it is undeniable that many spectators may not have a great experience during the Live match. However, with a stadium LED screen P8, everyone can see the special status of the game, advertisements, information, and so on.


2. Stadium LED Screen Romania Project Details


LED Stadium Screen
LED Stadium Screen

YUCHIP’s stadium LED screen is everywhere in various countries in the world.

One of our project highlights is the giant cricket stadium screen in India. Also, we have the Ice Hockey stadium screen in Hungary, FINA World 2017 Championship, the football stadium screen in Budapest, and a lot more.

Furthermore, we’ll lay down the details of our recent project in Romania. Romania is perhaps a southeastern European country.

It is known for its rich sculptures, the Carpathian mountains, and the Black Sea.

  • The project utilized a stadium LED screen P8 that, when connected, makes up a perimeter board with a length of 220 meters and a height of 0.96 meters.
  • An LED Perimeter Board P8 is ideal for various football and soccer stadiums because it has a balanced resolution for short and long-distance viewing.
  • Its cabinet is waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, and is sturdy enough not to be broken from players’ accidental kicks and the like.
  • You can easily dismantle the cabinets to create a large-sized billboard, an advertising screen, or a scoreboard. In a narrow sense, the stadium LED screen P8 uses is flexible.

Our client received the product and is satisfied with the excellent service. Above all, a rich and satisfying customer experience is our utmost mission.


3. Why Is An LED Perimeter Board Important In A Game?


LED Perimeter Board plays a vital role in a Live match and games. Sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cricket, and tennis often utilize an LED perimeter board for some reason. Here are a few.

LED Perimeter Board P8
LED Perimeter Board P8 in Romania
  • Easy Access For Emergency Exits

Besides beautifying the sporting venue, perimeter boards also play a vital role in giving easy access to emergency exits when uncertain situations occur.

It is firmly attached to the ground through a mechanical system. However, you may quickly dismount and give way to let rescue teams get in or out of the open floor.

  • Entertaining

LED perimeter boards playing various animations and videos make up great entertainment during a match.

Organizers may pop out information and acknowledge sponsors during timeout and prep time.

  • Advertisements 

Advertising is for large billboards in cities and perimeter LED boards in stadiums and arenas.

Advertising is earning and is a feasible way of raising funds for various teams playing locally or internationally.

Stadium LED screen in Romania is consequently applicable to almost all stadium needs. YUCHIP takes pride in this another milestone.


4. YUCHIP LED Perimeter Board In The World



If you’re reading this post, then you’re on the very right page and team to rely on your stadium and perimeter board needs.

We are YUCHIP, started in 2004, and have 17-year experience providing various LED displays and solutions to multiple clients and countries worldwide.

Our stadium LED screen is popular in Romania, Hungary, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, India, and other countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Also, we have an excellent track record of our complete projects, which are totally in awe and of outstanding achievements.

We’ve received various awards positive feedback with our highly reliable products and services.

Should you be from Romania or other parts of the world and needs a stadium LED screen, please message us at

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