YUCHIP Street Pole LED Poster In The Middle East

Along with upcoming 5G technology applications, the world set off a craze of building smart cities. Thus, street pole LED display (street pole LED poster) plays a crucial role in environmental monitoring and information distribution.

Recently, YUCHIP just completed the production and aging test of 200 sets of street pole LED posters, ready for shipment to the Middle East. The whole project needs 2000 sets of street pole LED displays.

Thus, an elegant street light pole will be the city’s central nerve to transmit information to build a smart city.

A report issued by the United States Wireless Communications and International Network Association (CTIA) in 2017 pointed out that urban street lights will be an essential infrastructure in the 5G era.

World Smart City Building Plan

For example, in Barcelona, Spain, a European intelligent city model, its pre-plans for smart cities have started since 2008.

Street pole LED Display
Street Pole LED Display

Thus, many Asian countries have further constructed the blueprint for the development of “smart cities” through information development-related policies, such as South Korea’s “u-City Smart City,” Japan’s “i-Japan Smart City” project, and Malaysia’s MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor), Singapore’s “Smart Nation,” etc.

As a new generation of city information infrastructure, smart street light pole includes charging piles, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, and street pole LED posters.

Besides, the street LED poster uses an LED display panel to realize multi-functions.

Environmental monitoring and display:
  • Temperature and humidity, so it fits various weather and seasons.
  • PM2.5, thus, making a more precise visual display, vivid and vibrant
Information release:
  • Advertising, so, businesses can use them to reach out to target audience;
  • Traffic and road conditions,
  • Danger warning.
Wireless network:
  • Broadband access for facilities along the route,
  • Wireless AP,
  • Crowd gathering monitoring.
Light Pole LED Display
Light Pole LED Display

So, as a professional LED display manufacturer since 2004, YUCHIP technical experts developed outstanding LED poster products with top-notch technology and equipment.

The street pole LED main poster advantages are:

  • The excellent visual effect; so people can see it even from a distance;
  • Working highly stable;
  • Automatic brightness adjustment (high brightness in the day time); thus, you can easily customize it;
  • Low intelligence in night time);
  • Massive control; thus, by sitting in the office, you can remotely control 100 to 1000pcs LED poster simultaneously);
  • Synchronous playback;
  • Multiple security measures, so, no need to worry about street wreckers.

YUCHIP accepts customized LED posters and LED control software functions. Apart from the LED sign, we specialize in manufacturing and exporting energy-saving outdoor LED displays, transparent LED screens. Stage LED screens, flexible LED screens, and more.

If you’re looking for LED poster providers in China, here’s a link to guide you.

Should you have inquiries and questions, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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