Differences Between Indoor LED Display And Outdoor LED Display


1. Introduction


Outdoor LED display has fuller color, and higher brightness than indoor LED display. Bright sunlight can affect the visibility of your screen display. Hence outdoor LED screens are power-packed with many LEDs in one pixel that give it ultra-high brightness.

Outdoor And Indoor LED Display
Outdoor And Indoor LED Display

On the other hand, an indoor LED screen has a higher resolution since the distance between the screen display and your viewers is short. You can see that outdoor LED screens are used in stadiums or open field events.

You can also see this being used as billboards or store signs by many businesses. Meanwhile, you can use an indoor LED screen in events held in venues like churches, malls, social halls, hotels, etc.

Furthermore, this article will help you understand the differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays, additional information, etc.


2. Differences Between Indoor LED Display And Outdoor LED Display


Shenzhen YUCHIP Lighting Co., Ltd, a leading LED display manufacturer in China, will explain the differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays.

The most crucial distinction between indoor and outdoor LED displays is the difference in brightness. Indoor screen brightness is several times lower than the brightness of the pure outdoor screen.

Indoor LED Outdoor LED
Indoor LED Screen

The indoor screen placed outdoor is like the TV set outdoor in which brightness is not enough. Therefore, you must put the outdoor screen to use ultra-high brightness LEDs. Also, to improve the intelligence and increase the visual range, there is a need to package several brightness LEDs in one pixel.

  • Functions

The outdoor screen has waterproof, anti sunlight, dust-proof, anti-high temperature, wind, anti lightning, etc. And this kind of display is a pure outdoor display; between the indoor LED screen and the pure outdoor LED screen is a semi-outdoor screen. It’s in the eaves, open hall, outdoor canopy, or beneath a sunlight roof.

It needs to utilize the same ultra-high brightness outdoor LEDs in a robust environment in such a rugged environment. However, the screen itself does not prevent (rain) water, wind, or lightning.

In addition to the differences in brightness and protection levels, the pixel pitch is not the same.

The indoor screen pixel pitch needs to be closed; however, the outdoor screen pixel pitch has low requirements. The frame structure is not the same; the indoor screen is not waterproof while the outdoor is.

Outdoor LED Video Wall
Outdoor LED Video Wall
  • Structure Design

Ultra-high brightness and grand full-color large screen projects use an outdoor LED display screen.

Its screen mainly adopts modular structure design and VLSI design technology. Also, ultra grayscale control technology improves the display system’s stability, reliability, and play.

  • Color

Indoor full color LED display, three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color is better, color saturation is high, and the whole faces are shining, so the color is uniform.

  • Service Life

The power supply is separated, power consumption is low, and fast heat dissipation extends the service life effectively and high reliability.


3. Can I Use An Indoor LED As An Outdoor LED Screen?


Yes, you may use an indoor LED screen as an outdoor LED screen, but it will compromise your display’s visibility among your audience or viewers. Indoor LED screens are typically manufactured to be less bright because it is intended to view from a short distance. Thus, indoor screens have higher resolution.

Indoor LED Display
Indoor LED Display

Outdoor LED screens are usually larger and ten times brighter than indoor LED screens to keep your display visible from a great distance, even under bright sunlight. Indoor LED screens are best used in restaurants, conference halls, retail outlets, corporate offices, shopping malls, and other indoor celebrations.


4. How To Clean An Outdoor LED Screen?


It would help if you made sure that you cleaned your outdoor LED screens regularly. Here are some steps in cleaning your outdoor LED screen:

Outdoor LED Screen
Outdoor LED Screen

First, you need to dust the dirt off that masks the screen’s surface.

Second, use a cleaning cloth and solution to wipe the surface quickly; do it in one direction only. It would help if you did not spray a cleaning solution directly on the screen. It is best to use a non-abrasive cleaning solution diluted in distilled water. Cleaning your screen with water alone is not a good idea.

Third, you may vacuum clean the sides and edges to remove dust that hides between gaps. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush.

Lastly, you may opt to spray the surface with a can of compressed air to blast away stubborn dust or debris for an extra added measure. Cleaning LED screens require intensive cleaning. It is always safer to seek help from a professional cleaning team.


5. How To Maintain An Indoor LED Screen?


Indoor Digital LED Sign
Indoor Digital LED Sign

Proper maintenance of your indoor LED screen display will help you make the most of your LED display. To ensure that your video wall or digital display will last and function properly, make sure to follow these simple maintenance guides:

Make sure to install your indoor LED display in a place with good ventilation and air circulation. Do not scrap your indoor video wall. As much as possible, use a soft cloth when cleaning your screen and avoid water intrusion, especially on the circuit board.

Avoid complex objects colliding with your LED display screen.

This may cause dents and other damages that may affect your audience’s viewing experience.

Regularly dust your LED screen to maintain the desired display effect. Keep your indoor LED screens dry.

Keep it out of moisture that may erode small components inside your LED screens.


6. Conclusion


It is easy to distinguish the widespread differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays, but there are deeper reasons why they are manufactured in these ways. Apart from the applications, these are also designed to cater to your needs in a given environment, situation and endeavor.

Outdoor LED Digital Signage
Outdoor LED Digital Signage

Above all, we hope this article enlightens and brings you lots of learnings about indoor and outdoor LED displays.

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