Differences Between Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display

LED display has wide use in various industries. Therefore, with the development of the market economy, the application of LED display continues to expand.

LED display screen has a robust real-time dynamic data display and visual display function.

It becomes the first choice of large-screen information display applications due to its long-life characteristics, low power consumption, and high brightness.

Differences Between Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display

Differences Between Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display

SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO., LTD, a leading LED Display manufacturer from China, would explain to you the differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays.

  • Brightness

The most crucial distinction between indoor and outdoor LED displays is the difference in brightness. Indoor screen brightness is several times lower than the brightness of the pure outdoor screen.

The indoor screen placed outdoor is like the TV set outdoor in which brightness is not enough. Therefore, the outdoor screen must put to use ultra-high brightness LEDs.

Also, to improve the brightness and increase the visual range, there is a need to package several brightness LEDs in one pixel.

  • Functions

The outdoor screen has waterproof, anti sunlight, dust-proof, anti-high temperature, wind, anti lightning, etc.

And this kind of display is a pure outdoor display; between the indoor LED screen and the pure outdoor LED screen is a semi-outdoor screen. It’s in the eaves, open hall, outdoor canopy, or beneath sunlight roof.

In such a robust environment, it needs to utilize the same ultra-high brightness outdoor LEDs. However, the screen itself does not prevent (rain) water, wind, lightning.

  • Pixel Pitch

In addition to the differences in brightness and protection levels, the pixel pitch is also not the same.

The indoor screen pixel pitch needs to be closed; however, the outdoor screen pixel pitch has low requirements. The frame structure is not the same; the indoor screen is not waterproof while the outdoor is.

  • Structure Design

Ultra-high brightness and grand full-color large screen projects use an Outdoor LED display screen.

Its screen mainly adopts modular structure design and VLSI design technology. Also, ultra grayscale control technology improves the stability, reliability, and play of the display system.

  • Color

Indoor full color LED display, three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color is better, color saturation is high, and the whole faces are shining, so the color is uniform.

  • Service Life

The power supply is separated, power consumption is low, and fast heat dissipation extends the service life effectively and high reliability.

You might ask before, how do these two LED types differ? In this post, SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO., LTD gave you several points to help you distinguish between indoor and outdoor LED displays.

You can observe the appearance. The larger screen is the outdoor model, while the display with TV-type brightness is then the indoor screen.

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