The Future Trends Of Outdoor LED Display

1. Introduction


Outdoor LED screens are the most used digital devices of today. You’ll see them almost anywhere, especially if you live in crowded areas like cities and urban. They are first known to us as advertising signs, then used in various applications later on.

Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED displays, perhaps, have graced many events in our lives. Firstly, these digital signs are the most-rated effective tool for getting more clients and customers into a business. Apart from that, outdoor LED screens have also helped us leverage our events for small groups or high-end events such as summits and international affairs.

Meanwhile, we can imagine how we will utilize outdoor LED screens in the future.


2. The Future Of Outdoor LED Screens


With the change of outdoor advertising forms, to attract more advertising owners/audiences, large LED screens pay more attention to new ways of publicity and interaction. And to get a more significant adverting effect means higher demands for LED displays in the future.

Outdoor Rental Video Wall
Outdoor Rental Video Wall

YUCHIP, therefore, designed and ran the LED display mass control technology. We work on the powerful functions of intelligent broadcasting, publicity, advertisement detecting, and safety broadcast. And innovative interactive areas and some ways of breakthroughs in the future.

Manufacturers have incredible attention and cooperation when choosing LED display products—similar product prices decline annually.

Each manufacturer forms a more considerable variation in supporting steel structure design. Thus, it could also meet the demand for differentiation of design.

Now the design model for outdoor LED displays has not enough innovation. Advertisers who need an eye-catching product do not only consider a large screen and brightness.

Outdoor LED Panel
Outdoor LED Panel

Besides, design for media companies needs to consider advantages such as how to save electricity.

LED display business must be driven by low voltage scanning and reduce power consumption and long life span. High brightness, low power consumption, IP65 to IP68 waterproof, and extensive viewing distance are the needs of future outdoor LED displays.

Moreover, with the LED display market’s development in second and third-tier cities, the market demands would be more significant and extensive. The global economic recovery could also increase the international markets. So, it would embark on betterment for the LED display business.

From the previous CRT to LCD, television has developed a narrow view of the current broad perspective, low brightness to high brightness and SD to HD.

There might also be such development and pursuit of high density for outdoor LED display instead of meeting full outdoor color LED display.


3. What Are The Right Levels Of An Outdoor LED Screen’s Contrast, Refresh Rate, And Viewing Distance?


  • Contrast Rate

You can measure the contrast in LED screens by comparing the brightest white and darkest black pixel on LED outdoor display screens. The difference is often expressed as a ratio of X:1 (1000:1, 1300:1, 1600:1). If you want better imaging for your LED screen display outdoor, a 5000:1 contrast ratio is typically used.

You can also find high-quality outside LED screens that use black printed circuit boards and black solder masks to provide outstanding contrast. Higher contrast makes your display easier to recognize, but it also reduces the risk of having eye strain.

Outdoor Billboard
Outdoor Billboard
  • Refresh Rate

For a good, flicker-free screen display, your screen refresh rate must be at least 1000 Hz. Anything higher than this rate is considered a high refresh rate. The refresh rate of your LED screen display tells you how fast your screen is. This is usually measured in Hertz, which is abbreviated as Hz.’

A refresh rate of 1000Hz means the image is refreshed 1000 times per second. Do not confuse refresh rate with the frame rate (fps or frames per second), referring to the speed and frequency rate at which consecutive images are displayed.

  • Minimum Viewing Distance

The minimum viewing distance of an outdoor LED display depends on the pixel pitch of the LED screen. You can calculate the minimum viewing distance by multiplying 10 feet for every 1.0 mm pitch.

For instance, an LED screen with a 3mm pixel pitch has a minimum viewing distance of 3 meters, while a screen with a 10mm pitch has a minimum viewing distance of 10 meters.

Outdoor Digital Sign
Outdoor Digital Sign
  • Maximum Viewing Distance

The maximum viewing distance of an outdoor LED display depends on the height of the LED screen display. You can calculate the maximum viewing distance by multiplying the size of the LED screen by 30.

For instance, an LED screen with a height of 3 meters has a maximum viewing distance of 90meters.


4. Why Are Outdoor LED Displays Prevalent Today?


One of the most topping answers to this question would be because the outdoor LED screens are EFFECTIVE. Effective in many ways, adaptive and cost-saving investments.

Outdoor LED Display Screen
Outdoor LED Display Screen

If you’re a business owner trying to pave a start-up establishment or brand, utilizing an LED screen right away is undoubtedly an expensive choice. However, later on, you’ll realize how it eases your advertising, how engaging your content can be, and how it’ll impact your target audience.

Meanwhile, if you own an event-styling or event-organizing firm, outdoor LED screens are assets to your business. They may be a little pricey, yet the advantages they can give in making your event a big boom are underlying. Also, we’ll see later on, in the coming years, outdoor LED screens will become more and more relevant and will continue to evolve.


5. Conclusion


LED Display Screen Outdoor
LED Display Screen Outdoor

Outdoor LED screens, undeniably, are efficient instruments in making your business or event-styling journey more manageable and smoother.

In the past years, it continued to develop and soon, we’re sure that it’ll have more advantages to bring you. Thanks to our technologists and LED screen enthusiast who continue to discover and unfold the many ways you can use outdoor LED screens.

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