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The Rapid Development Of Transparent LED


1. Introduction


In the last few years, major cities worldwide have increased outdoor advertising reorganization, including the LED display. Thus, many outdoor LED screens have become environmental protection victims in a wave of rectification.

However, the transparent LED display has ushered in the development opportunity to clean up the LED outdoor screen gradually. Among them, SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO., LTD seizes the chance of LED display development and becomes one of the fast-growing LED display companies.

Transparent LED
Transparent LED

In YUCHIP, we feel the rigorous work style and passionate spirit of struggle. We have engaged in the research and development of transparent LED displays for more than six years.

It has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of LED display and their markets. Eric said, the sales manager of YUCHIP,

There were only a few transparent LED displays manufactured before five or six years ago, and now there are more than 50 in Shenzhen. The development of transparent LED displays is speedy, the market scale continues to increase, and new companies are everywhere.

In the next two or three years, a company’s transparent LED display may appear in the industry. Can the fine LED display create a robust listed company? Is this language not astonishing die endlessly? We need time to verify.

In our perspective, the transparent screen entry barrier is shallow; the basic technical application is on the conventional LED display. Hence, the fine LED screen just made some application changes.


2. Transparent LED Few Features


See Through LED
See Through LED

YUCHIP transparent LED display uses a side sticker, and direct-lit LED panel. Its advantage is high brightness and high light transmittance and has higher impact resistance than edge-lit LED delegation.

Most importantly, it can be customized and is adaptable to the environment.

We know that transparent screens are now widely used in storefront window advertisements (chain stores) and many other establishments. That’s why YUCHIP products include different standards pixel pitches, as small as 2.5mm, as large as 31.25mm.

Simultaneously, we can customize multiple pixel pitch products of 2.5mm or more according to their requirements. We can adjust the brightness of the consequences from 1800nits to 8000nits according to different project scenarios.

YUCHIP’s transparent LED light transmittance is more than 5% than the products of the exact specifications.

Our customers recognize our product strengths and can withstand the test of the market. Thus, it has established a good reputation in the industry.


3. See-Through LED Rapid Development


Adhesive Transparent LED Display
Adhesive Transparent LED Display

The transparent LED screen still has different characteristics from the conventional LED array. Its most prominent feature is the high light transmittance compared with the traditional LED display.

We thought the transparent LED display is an improvement from the conventional LED curtain display. But, Eric said,

Koreans originally proposed transparent screen LED, but it was the first time that Chinese LED display companies realized it and began to widely use them in various fields.

A transparent LED screen and curtain LED screen to have a little relationship. In the process, the current fine screen mainly has three manifestations. Namely, the side sticker direct-lit LED panel, the SMT edge-lit LED panel, and the cheerful stickers direct-lit LED delegation.

These three kinds of patching methods have their strengths and limitations.


4. YUCHIP Along With The LED Screen Development


See Through LED Screen
See Through LED Screen

YUCHIP pursues the ultimate thin, light, economical, and stable LED screens.

For this reason, YUCHIP has continuously been striving to innovate and optimize product design. According to Eric, sales manager, YUCHIP will introduce this new product with hidden line connection technology.

Nowadays, horizontal competition has been more fierce than ever, so many companies emphasize innovation. However, we emphasize that experience turns out to be exceptionally vital in LED displays since there is no significant technical problem.

We have an experienced team on the LED display cases, among which employees with more than five years’ work experience are no fewer than 10. This professional team may give rise to the rapid development and public praise on products’ stability.

Thanks to its abundant experience, YUCHIP can respond to the market as quickly as possible, and our production lead time can be far and away shorter than our peers.

Meanwhile, disparking the OEM, we will spare no effort to polish our products in a gesture to provide our customers with better visual enjoyment and higher commercial value.

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